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.I Add -ing to the following verbsI Add -ing to the following verbs.Make all the necessary changes.play dofly makeread digswim haveII Complete the sentences with the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.1.Jessica _________ (talk) to Luke.2.A: What __________ (you/do)?B: I ________ (write) an email.3.Mark and Louise (not study) at the moment.4.A: What's that terrible smell?B: Steve ___________ (cook) pasta!5.We ________ (have) a great time.III Write questions and answers.example: they / study / Science at the moment? (x) EnglishAre they studying Science at the moment?No, they aren't.They're studying English.1.your sister / surf the net? (√)2.Dylan / listen to music? (x) (play computer games)3.you / watch / a good DVD? (√)4.they / have breakfast? (x) (sleep)5.she / take an exam at the moment (√)6.your mother / work now? (x) (visit my grandparents)IV Make positive sentences (√), negative sentences (x) or questions (?) in the present continuous.Use the verbs:play, have, make, fly, swim, read, dig, dothe children / in the garden (x)we / to New York (√)they / a morning paper (x)he / in the sea (?)we / our homework (x)mum / breakfast for us (√)the dog / a hole in the ground (?)I / lunch with friends in a restaurant (√)V Make questions so that the underlined parts of the sentences are the answers.1.They are playing golf.2.She is dancing with her boyfriend.3.We are talking now.4.My dog is eating quickly because he's hungry.5.We are meeting at 7:00 pm.6.We're flying to Rome.7.She's coming on Tuesday.8.Mary is calling Tom right now [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]