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.You live your life as the adventure it is, not in aof failure so that you grow tense.A concern with failure also may occur"what if" or "if only" mode.Thanks to concentrated action, you don'tif the challenge you have set for yourself exceeds your capabilities.control your life but rather allow it to unfold, knowing that it was de-Since dropping your defenses about failure can trigger considerablesigned to work; you need only set your life on a course of your ownanxiety, you need to learn how to do this while remaining centered.Youchoosing and then focus attention on making small shifts and adjust-can do this by accepting your own anxiety and not trying to cover it up.ments in the tasks before you so as to keep your life on course.In learning to flow with feelings, you can differentiate anxiety and neg-It is very much the way you guide an airplane or steer a car.To turnative feelings from your basic self.in a small plane you need only concentrate your thoughts on turning inAdmitting to fear is often an effective tool for reducing it.Reducinga certain direction and you will gradually shift the control wheel to thatthe effort expended to hide fear effectively eliminates it.By concentrat-side.Similarly in a car, you are always making slight adjustments withing on how specific feelings feel, how long they last, and what thoughtsthe steering wheel even when no drastic or rapid movements to steerare associated with them, and taking responsibility for them, you canaround a curve or to make a left turn are required.Trusting your in-dissipate the fear and anxiety that come from trying to suppress feel-stincts, you are able to become one with the activity.You make smallings.Concentration, even on those things that cause fear, has a strongadjustments instinctively but spend little time thinking about how youeffect on reducing ambivalence, indecision, and weakened efforts.Itlook, or what the outcome will be.The same applies to trading fully incan be a great stress buster.the realm of concentrated action.You take your mind along for the ridebut you allow yourself to be with the experience.You become fully en-gaged in the moment, trading at the maximum level.What Happens When You Lose ConcentrationWhen you are distracted by tension, confusion, anxiety, self-consciousness,Where Do You Start?or boredom, it's natural to focus on trying to eliminate them.Unfortu-nately, when you do, you can lose your concentration and get ofFthe trackConcentrate on what you can do today.How can you improve your im-of the task at hand.mediate actions, your relations with others? What do you have to let goFaltering in your commitment to your vision, and slipping into neg-of to improve the quality of your trades? What grievances, opinions, at-ative thinking, self-justification, or denial can cause lapses in concentra-titudes, entitlements, grudges, expectations, and the like do you have totion.These lapses may manifest themselves as a failure to follow yourlet go of, so your life and your trades can just be?plan, an unwillingness to trust or empower others, a lack of concentra-In other words, focus on the means rather than the end.If you fo-tion on the details that need to be taken care of to make sure the tradecus on your efforts, the results will take care of themselves.takes place, and a failure to sustain responsibility for making the tradehappen.When there is a lapse in concentration, with a resulting failureto produce specific results, there is a tendency to deny it.Concentration and FearIf things have been moving along well and suddenly you start toslip, it may be that you have become bored with your trades, haveThe effort involved in keeping your defenses up can also keep you fromstopped engaging in them, or have stopped enrolling others in them.concentrating.Fearing failure, you may focus too much attention on re-Additionally, you may have failed to keep alive the intensity of involve-sults.Fear of failure will increase the chance of error by setting in mo-ment of others, or you may have moved toward dominating rather thantion a self-fulfilling prophecy where your expectation of failure leads toenrolling others.failure.This occurs either by reinforcing an inclination to quit before Concentration The Key to Preparation and Recovery 83TRAD I NG TO WI N82Do you enlist others in your trading, and then withdraw? Or do youQuestions to Ask When You Loseown a project and ensure that it stays on target even when you have del-egated important functions to others? Lapses in concentration occur1.What are the recurring issues that keep you from moving for-when you stop creating and begin to rest on your laurels.ward in your trading?When this happens, you can bolster your concentration by recom-2.What are you afraid of?mitting to your vision.Here it is useful to consider what else is possible,3.What is the life principle that gets in the way of action?rather than function with what you accept as immutable truths, which4.What is it that you think might happen that keeps you frombox you in.Be willing to recommit to your goals and be willing to dis-staying on track?cuss what is necessary to make things happen.Don't blame others for5.How does your personal history hold you back in your effortsyour failures.When things aren't going well, don't give up or resignto trade successfully?yourself to failure.Don't invalidate yourself or others [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]