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.76The Shawnees situation quite grim, the women s hearts fell to the ground, butChiungulla rose before his very frightened townsfolk to deliver a stirring speech  in a very sonorous manner.  Demeaning the Kentuckians as inept, he remindedhis small circle of guardians that they were Shawnees,   men & Warriors  whohad to stand strong against those who   had invaded their firesides.  By the closeof his address, spirits had rallied, and the people chorused their assent   ye-aw,ye-aw, ye-aw, ye-aw   to his exhortations.77With daylight s unfurrowing an hour later, the fog burned off, and the firefighterupted anew, with the determined and focused Shawnees holding off theirattackers for hours, doing appreciable damage to them in the process.78 About9:00 a.m., Bowman rode up (200 yards behind the lines, where he was safe) toorder a retreat, not realizing that the Shawnees (through their English-speakingadoptees within the council house) had understood the order.Several Shawneemen raced out, firing on the departing detachment, but, in the lull while theShawnees reloaded, some militiamen escaped.79Now the Shawnees attempted a ruse to scare the militia off their premises.AnAfrican adoptee, at great peril to herself, rushed out of the council house, pre-tending to defect to the militia.Had the militiamen thought for a moment, theywould have realized that no sane African would trade the freedom of Nativeadoption for the torture of Kentucky slavery, but these being knee-jerk partisans,they listened to her.She assured them that Katepakomen (  Simon Girty  ), thesettler-feared Wyandot War Chief, was but eight miles away, at Piqua, comingsoon with 100 Iroquoian men.Though the officers suspected a trick, havingalready found Katepakomen s   scarlet vest & rifle  and therefore believing him tohave been in the council house at the time, the mass of men responded asexpected, spreading the rumor among their skittish ranks, the size of Katepa-komen s force increasing with each retelling.While the panic spread, the Africanwoman stole away from the inattentive militia.80Around 10:00 a.m., given the many Innocents inside the council house,Chiungulla shouted out a proposition to Bowman that the warriors of both sidesmeet to settle the battle in the woods outside of town.Bowman acceded to theproposition, ordering his men to regroup outside town, but three-fourths ofthem refused to obey, some firing, instead, on a dozen evacuated homes on theeast side of town while others fled into the cornfields surrounding the LittleChillicothe, shedding their puncheons (backpacks) for speed.Those remainingin the deserted town looted the empty houses, finding considerable booty:strouds (trade blankets); leggings and other clothes, including one fancy shirtcontaining   1100 brooches  (stitches); a   great variety of English goods  ; a largecache of silver ornaments; and a dozen small pouches of gunpowder.The corn-field stragglers now joining the looters, they stripped the houses of everything The Ohio Campaigns of 1779 1781 121movable, afterward using the gunpowder to set the dozen homes ablaze.Next,Bowman had his southern division race to round up as many as 600 Shawneehorses.81While three-fourths of the militia were busy looting, the remaining fourth thatmarched out haphazardly to face Chiungulla soon felt it was folly to fight alone,even though it had seventy well-armed men to Chiungulla s forty barely armedmen.Turning tail, the remnants of the militia ran to join Bowman s looting party,leaving Bowman s second, Major George M.Bedinger, in de facto command ofno one but himself and   not a little mortified at the needless consternation thatseemed to pervade the troops.  82Bedinger eventually gave up too, found his horse, and raced off.Rediscoveringthe militiamen about 11:00 a.m., lurching off from the village under the burdenof their booty, Bedinger attempted to form lines to fight in the British manner,but he could not locate any Shawnees to fire upon.The militia then began amarching retreat, nervously noticing the Shawnees following behind.As theheavily laden militia entered a small prairie near a stream it needed to cross, theShawnees entered the same prairie from the opposite direction, spreading outand laying low in the tall grasses, waiting for the militia to enter the water.In themiddle of the stream, the militia suddenly found itself surrounded by the fortyShawnees and responded by encircling itself with the stolen horses, to use themas shields [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]