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., 4Roosevelt, Theodore, 22Quayle, Dan, 79 Rough Riders, 22Rumsfeld, Donald, as Secretary ofracism Defense, 85and Jim Crow laws, 28Powell experiencing, 28, 34 35 San Juan Hill, blacks fighting inand Powell in command of First battle of, 22Battalion of Second Infantry Sandanistas, and Iran ContraDivision in South Korea, scandal, 55 56, 6242 43 Saudi Arabia, and Persian Gulfin U.S.Army, 19 22, 24.War, 74 75, 77See also civil rights movement Schwarzkopf, H.Norman, andRandolph, A.Philip, 26 Persian Gulf War, 77Rangers, Powell receiving training second lieutenant, Powell as, 28 29for, 29 Secretary of StateReagan, Ronald Christopher as, 84and Carlucci as National Security Powell as first black, 9, 84 90Council adviser, 57 and Powell declining Clinton sand civil rights movement, 60, offer, 84, 8566 Shultz as, 62, 63 64, 67and Grenada invasion, 51 52 Secretary s Award, Powell receiving,and Iran Contra scandal, 52 56, 6762 Senate, and approval of Powelland Powell as deputy national as chairman of Joint Chiefs ofsecurity adviser, 58, 59 60 Staff, 7and Powell as National Security September 11, 2001 terroristCouncil adviser, 5, 60 67 attack, and Powell involved withand Powell as senior military Afghanistan war, 86assistant to defense secretary, sergeant, in U.S.Army, 2951 54 Service League of Morris Highas president, 46 School, Powell as treasurer of, 15and summit meetings with Shaw, Robert Gould, 21Gorbachev, 65 67 Shultz, Georgeand Weinberger s resignation as and Iran Contra scandal, 54, 56defense secretary, 61 as Secretary of State, 62, 63 64, 67Reese, James, Europe American Sickser s, Powell working at, 15Legion Post, 66 slaves, in militias, 19 21 104INDEXSoldier s Medal, Powell receiving, United Nations (UN)37 38 and Persian Gulf War, 75, 77,South Africa, Powell at Mandela s 78inauguration in, 84 and Powell urging support forSouth Korea, Powell in command war against Iraq, 87 88, 89of First Battalion of Second U.S.Army, units in, 29 30Infantry Division in, 42 43 U.S.Army, blacks in, 7, 20 26Soviet Union and American Revolution, 20and Reagan s summits with in Army hierarchy, 23 24, 28 29Gorbachev, 65, 67 in Brownsville, Texas riots, 22and relations with United and Civil War, 21States, 8 and colonial period, 19 20Spanish American War, blacks and desegregation, 19, 26, 27fighting in, 22, 23 and discrimination, 19 22, 24squad, in U.S.Army, 29 30 in Persian Gulf War, 79and Powell in command of FirstTaliban, Powell involved in war Battalion of Second Infantryagainst, 86 Division in South Korea,10th Cavalry regiment, 22, 23, 80 42 4332nd Infantry Regiment, and Powell on, 80, 91Powell in command of First in Spanish American War, 22,Battalion of Second Infantry 23Division in South Korea, and state militias, 19 2142 43 and War of 1812, 21332nd Fighter Group, 25 26 in West, 22, 25, 80Thucydides, 73 and World War I, 23, 24Thurman, Maxwell R., 73 and World War II, 24 26.TOW (Tube-launched Optically- See also U.S.Army, Powell stracked Wire-guided) antitank career inmissiles, Powell involved with in U.S.Army, Powell s career inIran Contra affair, 53, 58 as assistant commander ofTower, John/Tower Commission Fourth Infantry Division atand Iran Contra scandal, 56 Fort Carson, 47 48and National Security Council, and attending Infantry Officers58, 61 Basic Training and AirborneTruman, Harry S., 26 and Ranger school, 2923rd Infantry Division, Powell as battalion adjutant at Fortas infantry battalion executive Devens, 29 30officer and assistant chief of as brigadier general, 46 47staff for in Vietnam, 36 38 as cadet colonel, 2824th Infantry regiment, 22 as colonel, 4325th Infantry regiment, 22 in Command and General Stafftwo-star general, Powell as, 51 College, 36 37 105INDEXand command of First Battalion, and Rumsfeld as secretary, 8532nd Infantry Division in watchdog over.See NationalSouth Korea, 42 43 Security Counciland command of Second and Weinberger as secretary,Brigade, 101st Airborne 46 47, 61, 63Division at Fort Campbell, U.S.Department of Defense,43 45 Powell inand command of U.S.Army V as assistant to deputy defenseCorps in Frankfurt, West secretary, 46 47Germany, 54, 57, 58 as chairman of Joint Chiefs ofas commander in chief of U.S.Staff, 1 9, 70 75, 77 83Forces Command at Fort and having Master of BusinessMcPherson, 68, 69 Administration degree, 38as deputy commander at Fort as military assistant in office ofLeavenworth, 48, 49 deputy secretary of defense,as first lieutenant, 29 30 45 46as four-star general, 5, 68 as operations research analystas lieutenant colonel, 29, 39 in office of assistant defenseas lieutenant general, 54 55 secretary, 43as major general, 51 U.S.Department of Energy, andin National War College, 43, 45 Powell as executive assistant toas platoon leader and rifle secretary of energy, 46company commander in U.S.Department of State.SeeWest Germany, 29 National Security Council;in Reserve Officers Training Secretary of StateCorps, 2, 18, 19, 27 28 U.S.Forces Command, Powell asas second lieutenant, 28 29 commander in chief of at Fortand training program at Fort McPherson, 68, 69Bragg, 28 U.S.Military Academy at Westas two-star general, 51.Point, blacks graduating from,See also U.S.Department of 23Defense, Powell in; Vietnam U.S.News and World Report, 78War, Powell serving in Urgent Fury, 52U.S.Army V Corps, Powell incommand of in Frankfurt, Vietnam War, 3Germany, 54, 57, 58 Vietnam War, Powell serving in, 5,U.S.Bureau of Colored Troops, 21 30 31, 36 38, 75U.S.Department of Defense as adviser to infantry battalion,and Carlucci as deputy defense 30 31secretary, 46 47 as infantry battalion executiveand Carlucci as secretary, 61, 62 officer and assistant chiefand Cheney as secretary, 1, 5 6, of staff, G-3, 23rd Infantry70, 71, 75, 79 Division, 36 38 106INDEXand leading combat unit, 31 Weinberger, Caspar W [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]