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."Aaaaaaghghh.ohhhohhh.ohhhhhhh," Melissa moaned; but for once, the sounding wasn't entirelyspawned by just the agony and the pain.Creagon's mouth came to kiss the nape of his sister's neck.Creagon still had Melissa's hands locked inthe middle of her back."It's good, baby," Creagon moaned, his voice choked with his swelling ecstasy."Jesus, it's.so.so.fucking good."But, Melissa fought with her own rising passions, continuing to tell herself that there was no possible waythis could be good.THERE WAS JUST NO POSSIBLE WAY! Yet, as Creagon's cock continued to throb deep within her ass hole, Melissa's lusting pleasures were onthe increase.More and more often, the ecstasy began to intrude upon Melissa's intentions to recognizenothing but the agony."Ohhhhhhh, God!" Melissa moaned uncontrollably as a sudden flooding of pure, unadulterated pleasurewashed over her, temporarily obliterating all the torment.Melissa's lower body began to bounce with more forceful movements.Melissa was beginning, despiteherself, to detect a certain thrilling to the way her brother's hardness was pistoning in and out of herrubbery ass hole, as well as in the way Creagon's blood-hardened cock was slipping and sliding alongthe slicking of moisture supplied by the cock secretions.Creagon's cock continued to enlarge and to balloon with arousal as it worked Melissa's rectum.Creagon could intuitively sense that his sister was finally beginning to enjoy-as he had always known shewould.His dreams were becoming the reality.Creagon fucked Melissa's narrow, tiny ass hole even harder.The battering of her quivering rectum wascausing more and more pleasure to fill his penis and be transmitted to his balls."It's good, isn't it, Melissa?" Creagon asked, still fucking, still not losing a beat.He knew his own ballswere getting ready for ejaculation; and, although he well knew his fucking wouldn't be over with the oneblasting, he wanted to hear his sister admit her resurrection here and now."It's good, isn't it? Tell me,baby.Tell your brother how damn good it really is.""Ohhhhhhhhh, Creagon," Melissa groaned noncommittally.How could she admit it? How could she? She had quite convinced herself all these years that sex was afilthy, degenerate thing, a hangover from more primitive times.It certainly wasn't pleasurable! Was it?Was it? Oh, Jesus, was it?"Come on, Melissa, tell me how you like it.Tell me.""Ohhhhhhh, Creagon," Melissa groaned again.And despite the fact that Melissa hadn't come right out and said as much, Creagon knew he had her.Hejust knew it.He was so confident that he released his hold on her wrists, freeing her arms.And, as hesuspected, Melissa made no move whatsoever to take advantage of her additional freedom to breakaway."Come on, sister," Creagon continued his verbal attempts to force an admission of enjoyment out ofMelissa."Who's to hear? Not the old man.He's dead and buried.Not the nuns in those sexlessschools.Only me.Only your brother.And, I knew all the time.I knew even when you didn't know.""Oh, yessssssss," Melissa mumbled, frightened by the fact that her admission had somehow just slippedunwittingly from her."Ohhhhhhhh, nooooo!""Come.on.baby," Creagon persisted."Don't deny it.You've already admitted it once.Admit itagain.Tell me.how.much.you.enjoy.fat.cock.up.your.ass.""Ohhhhhhhh, God, it's good!" Melissa grunted.And, why the hell deny it? Creagon, after all, was right.The old man was dead, wasn't he? There was no one left to stand Melissa in the corner.There wascertainly no one left to pack her off to one of those dismal convent schools.Melissa was her ownwoman now, answerable to no one but herself.Why had it taken her so long to realize that? Why had she so fought to protect herself from recalling what was so pleasurable? "OH, GOD, IT'S GOOD!""Yes.yes.yes," Creagon grunted, punctuating each inward thrust of his penis into the depths of hissister's rectum."Yes!" Melissa told him and told herself.Thank the Lord for her brother! Who else would have been able to rescue her from that dreary pathwayshe had set herself upon? Who, but the one person she had ever known sexual pleasure with, could haveforced her into remembering that there had indeed been pleasure with sex and that there still waspleasure to be had in sex?God, but she had been like an ostrich with its head in the sand!Melissa's verbal admission of pleasure only incensed Creagon all the more.He drove all the harder intoher.He ground his pelvis into her sensuously yielding ass cheeks.His breath came ragged and hot as hepanted."Fuck deeper!" Melissa commanded.Now that the plug on her emotions had finally been pulled, shewas no longer restrained.It was almost as if it were still that night fifteen years ago.Only then, of course,her brother had been screwing her cunt.But even then, fifteen years ago that seemed like just yesterday,Melissa had begged him to fuck her harder.fuck her faster.fuck her deeper."Screw me.ugh.screw me.ugh.harder.faster.GODDAMN IT, JAB MY GUTS!"Melissa was building to a frenzy that bordered on distraction.Her whole body shuddered with eachsinking of Creagon's cock up her ass hole to his cock hilt."More!" Melissa wailed, feeling a growing need for the pump.pump.pump of the hard cockstroking through her rubbery bowel."Fuck me more!"Both Melissa and Creagon were now caught up in the total insanity of their fucking.A tornado wasraging inside of their bodies as their naked lusts drove them on and on to further heights of ecstasy.For Creagon, his cock and Melissa's ass hole had become the very center of his universe.His fuckingprick was all that mattered.That hungry cock, Melissa's eating anus, and nothing else!And no matter how much of his cock Creagon gave, Melissa now seemed to want even more.Sheheaved her ass up off the floor to make it take every last fraction of Creagon's cock meat.She groundher ass cheeks hard against Creagon's belly, twisting his cock deep.deep.deep inside of her bowel.Melissa unmercifully writhed her body against Creagon's body, luxuriating in the feel of her brother'spumping cock within her guts.She was no longer afraid.She was no longer in pain.Nothing matteredexcept the enjoyment of her being filled with Creagon's solid penis, except the enjoyment of havingCreagon's cum-bulged testicles continually squashing against her ass.Melissa's rubbery anus sucked, squeezed, crushed, pressed, and milked Creagon's swelling prick.Melissa, herself, was on the verge of an earthshaking orgasm; and, she was unable to stop herself fromrunning closer and closer toward the brink.Uncontrollable fires of pleasure flared inside of her."I'm.ohhhh.I'm.going.to.cum!" Creagon gasped loudly in Melissa's ear."Yes, God.God.yes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]