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. Fuck! Dane threw his head back and screamed, his body shaking violently assavored the tingling sensation, the delicious feel of Steele s jaw muscles sucking himfervently.Gripping Steele s cock, he pulled the throbbing muscle to his mouth, eagerlytaking him inside.As he cupped and squeezed Steele s balls, the two men pleasured eachother, sucking and licking as their bodies entwined in a dance of sheer ecstasy.Sucking in a fury Steele pressed the tip of his finger into Dane s ass.He pushed it allthe way inside in an unforgiving manner, driving into the man with first one finger andthen another.The pain was blinding and for several seconds Dane could do nothing but pant as hisheart raced rom the agony that sent a series of dazzling colors clouding his field of vision.Just as he thought he couldn t take the tremendous pain, something incredible happened asDane s body accepted the intense invasion.His ass muscles gripped around Steele s fingers,forcing him deeper inside and Dane followed suit, pressing his fingers inside Steele s tightass.Steele grunted and groaned, sucking harder and together they brought each otherinto a wild savage state of frenzy, sucking and thrusting.As the white-hot heat seared his senses, sending a series of electric jolts thrashingtrough his system, Dane clenched his eyes shut, the climax racing from his swollen balls.Barely able to concentrate, he could no long move as the blasting orgasm ripped through his system.His body shaking violently, he erupted inside Steele s mouth just seconds beforeSteele came, jetting his hot cum into the back of Dane s throat. Mmmmmm&  Steele screamed around Dane s cock, his body thrashing back andforth as he came.He pressed another finger inside Dane s ass, now driving into him in abarbaric manner.The effect forced another climax scuttling from the base of Dane s shaft.Never hadhe cum in this manner and as his body tingled and his blood pulsed as Dane felt the perfectmoment of ecstasy envelop his body.Moments later they lay exhausted, panting.Steele disengaged his legs and moved upbeside his lover.Pressing his arm over his chest, he leaned over and kissed his lips softly.Dane bristled and had no idea why.He d just experienced the best sex he d felt inyears and at that moment, he could only think about how utterly embarrasses he felt.Steele sensed his discomfort and drew back, brushing his finger down the shimmerof Dane s cheek. You didn t enjoy? It s not that. Then what is it?Dane clenched his eyes closed. I just don t know if I can do this.Steele chuckled and then moved back further. Your desire really bothers you.Why? Because I never knew I wanted this.No, I never wanted this.I&  Unable to figureout what the problem was, he shook his head. It was wonderful.Don t get me wrong. You just don t want to have a male lover. I haven t had any lovers since my wife died, Dane whispered, his voice crackling.Steele darted his eyes back and forth across his. I understand.I won t push you.Justso you understand, this wasn t about just sex for me.I never bring anyone here. Then why me?Steele chuckled. I honestly don t know.**** Dane drove through the darkened streets slowly, enjoying the feeling of windwhipping past him.He was exhausted and somehow sated, yet the emotional feelings rodehim hard.Even though he was well aware of what might happen if he lost any of the boxingmatches, there was a part of him that denied the possibility.For him to not only engage inthe act willingly but hunger to the point of need burned into his soul.Admitting that he dfelt the cravings for another for years shocked him.As he pulled into the garage and turned off the bike, he remained still, thinkingabout Steele.The man was a completely different animal than he originally thought.Couldthe man really be a killer? His instincts marred, he climbed off the bike and sauntered intothe house, his heart heavy.He stood in his kitchen, hands in his pocket and thought aboutBritta.Would she be angry with him for fucking another man?Bone weary, he knew damn good and well sleep wouldn t come [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]