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.Get over it.It's almost like you never saw the damn movies,” Gunny Usher snarled as he passed them.------*------“What the hell! Is this some kind of drill?” Professor Hinkley said, coming out of the office he and Evan had been using to work on the wormhole equations.“No! Something escaped!” Evan said.“I don't remember them being in the cages the last time I was here,” he said, frowning in bewilderment as he looked about.Maggie and Ducky came out of a nearby room at a run.“They aren't ours! We're not that stupid!” Maggie snarled.“They are raptors! Get back in that room and stay there until someone tells you it's all clear!” She said.“Oh my,” Evan said as Ducky pushed them back into the room and barred the door.Security, robots, and volunteers chased the remaining flock outside.Those with weapons shot after them into the dark.The remaining animals oriented on the north and then broke into a sprint.They darted under vehicles for cover, then hopped the interior pasture fence.Phyllis ran after them in time to see them glide through the gaps in the fence and off into the forest.She also saw and heard the delayed reaction from the computer as it set off the lights, sirens, and sonic weapons, giving the intruders a harsh send-off.“Shit,” Phyllis said, hands over her ears.She tried to shut it off but couldn't be heard over the distant noise.Mitch cut it off with his tablet from where he was at.“Well, now we know we have to fix that,” Mitch snarled.He watched as Phyllis, both gunny's and the chief ordered a sweep of the base.The older Gunny Usher had been limping but he seemed game.“Definitely,” Sandra said, looking over his shoulder.He turned and wrapped her in his arms.She shivered, hugging him tightly.“Come on, we've got work to do.And people to reassure,” Mitch said.She opened her mouth to protest but he swept Tucker up, grabbed a shirt and then yanked open the door.“Well? Coming?” He demanded.She wordlessly followed.------*------“Computer, casualties?” Mitch demanded as they gathered in the courtyard.Janet winced, expecting a grim toll.“No human fatalities at this time,” the AI reported.“Well, that's a relief,” Phyllis murmured.Brian nodded.“I've got to go,” Sandra said, kissing his her husband.He nodded as she handed Tucker off to Ester and then went to work on a limping Gunny Usher.Fortunately no humans were killed, but several people had been bitten or clawed, and many were obviously terrified out of their wits.Janet sobbed.“So much for being safe and secure.”“We took it for granted and let our guard down.Obviously we were wrong.I was wrong,” Mitch said.He wrapped his arm around the woman's shoulders and hugged her.He winced when she hugged him back but didn't protest.“Boss, I'm in charge of security,” Phyllis said.“If there is any fault, it's on me.You did pass on that warning.”“No, I should have.” Mitch sighed when he saw the set expression.“I'm making excuses for you, is that it?”“In a word, yes,” Phyllis said stiffly.“We need to find out where they came in and plug the hole.Obviously we need to put nets up or something,” she said.Mitch nodded.“And people.Someone not just watching monitors, but running patrols,” Gunny Usher said, rubbing his jaw.Mitch nodded again.“Day and night.”Mitch turned to Phyllis.“Get on it.Create a duty roster.Anyone not busy can keep an eye out.We've been complacent.If anyone has a problem with it, let me know.You're going to have your hands full in a couple weeks when people start getting complacent again,” Mitch said.Phyllis nodded grimly.“Leave that to me.A few surprise inspections and a drill or two should keep people on their toes and not sleeping on the job.”“Roger that,” Gunny Usher said with a curt nod.Chapter 56Brian tried to fill in for Vance by working out how the animals got in and how to keep them from getting in.By day it was easy to track where they'd come in.They accessed the computer's files and grimly watched the intrusion unfold.They took notes and then worked out how to overhaul the computer program and its timing.“It boils down to we need eyes on this.Physical eyes, people.We need someone checking the perimeter every minute.”“A bit much don't you think, Phyllis?” Brian said, aghast.“We don't have the manpower,” he said shaking his head.“The price of liberty is ever vigilance.Or in this case, the price of survival is vigilance.We'll have to figure it out somehow,” She said.He looked at her and then nodded.------*------Bob wasn't happy about the raptor intrusion.It had scared the piss out of him; he freely admitted that to himself.What he'd thought was the safest fortress on the wretched planet was turning out to be a sieve.Sure, no one had been killed, but they'd gotten lucky.He was reluctant to go outside but was forced to when he noted a problem with the hydrogen farm [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]