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.” Heather says as she comes up behind me.“Heather, put yourself in my shoes.If some rich, gorgeous man.wait, never mind.If some man comes into your life and does this, how would you react?” I know I am digging my own grave, but I need to try and get her to see things my way.“I would give him a chance, cause if I didn’t I would always wonder if he was the one that got away.Could you live with that if you realize he is the one, long after he’s gone?”As usual, Heather has a point.Heather always has a point, which is why I love her.She makes me think.I don’t always agree with her, but I’m pig headed and sometimes I need her to slap me down a few notches.“I’ll think about it.” I tell her, grabbing a new wine glass and filling it.“Right now I need to calm down and guzzle this wine.Tell me about your day.” Yes, I am trying to change the subject.“Nothing special.I don’t have near the excitement in my life as you do.” She snickers.“Not excitement.Annoyance, grief, frustration.shall I go on?” I snicker back.“Things just started to calm down.I just met Chase and he’s nice and I’d like to see him again.Maybe I can call him and change our date to Thursday night, but I guess I would have to explain to him why.no, I don’t.I don’t owe him explanations yet.We’ve only been on one date.” Heather just nodded her head in agreement.She may be talkative and nosy, but she knows when to keep quiet and let me think out loud.Most of the time anyway.“Tell me about Chase.”“Well, he’s tall.Black hair and light brown, almost amber eyes.A little scruffy in the face, but I don’t mind a little five o’clock shadow.He’s nice.Sad I know, that is all I can say to describe him.Oh, except that he obviously works out.When I slammed into him, it felt like I hit a wall.” I chuckle.“He seems more my type than Jackson is.Safe, maybe.I don’t know.Jackson doesn’t feel safe.He seems like the bad boy who's full of trouble.” Okay, now I’m rambling.But Heather doesn’t say anything.“See if you can change your date with Chase to Thursday, then go to New York on Friday.If things don’t work out, change your return ticket and come back Saturday.I’ll pick you up at the airport if you need me to.”“We’ll see.I have a few days to think about it.I think if I go, I am giving into Jackson and that is the last thing I want to do.If he really wants me, he’s going to have to work for it.I’m not handing anything over on a silver platter.Why did he have to show back up after all this time, just when I’m moving on?”“Maybe he knew you were moving on and decided he needed to get back here before you forgot all about him.” Heather says.“Is it possible he knew about your date with Chase?”“I doubt it.They don’t work in the same building, nor are they in the same line of work.In fact, I’m not even sure what Chase does, we never talked about that.Guess I should find out huh? Wouldn’t want to get too involved and then find out he’s a porno movie director or something.” I say sarcastically and Heather spews her wine all over me.Guess I should watch what I say when someone has a mouth full, huh?“Damn girl, too fucking funny! Yeah, I guess it’s not a bad idea to find out.Surely they aren’t connected somehow, but you’d better find out.That would really suck.” Heather comments as she’s grabbing a towel to wipe her face, and mine.She refills her drink and walks back to the living room, flopping on my sofa.“I’ll call Chase tomorrow and reschedule for Thursday.No, wait.Shit! I don’t know what to do!” I say, pulling my hair through my fingers.About that time my cell rings.“Who could that be?” I ask as I grab my purse and dig for my phone.It’s Chase.Wow.Talk about coincidence.“Hello?”“Ally, hey it’s Chase.Just wanted to make sure you made it home okay.”“Aww, thanks.That’s sweet.And yes, I made it home just fine.Thank you for dinner tonight, I enjoyed it.” I tell him, rolling my eyes at Heather.“Listen, I have to cancel this weekend, something at work has come up and I have to go out of town at the last minute.Can we try again when I get back?” He asks.“Sure thing.Where are they sending you?” I ask him,“Detroit.Something to do with GM and I have to go to corporate.Not exactly my favorite place to go, but hey, At least it ain’t winter, because it gets damn cold there.” He chuckles.“No problem.Just give me a call when you get back.Have a good trip.Bye Chase.”“No fucking way!” Heather boasts.“You need to find out if Jackson knows who this guy is, because this is too weird.You just left him an hour ago and NOW he suddenly has to cancel? Sounds fishy to me, Al.”“Yeah, no doubt.I wouldn’t think he would have even gone back to the office after dinner, so unless his boss.” I say,“Or Jackson.” Heather says.“Yep, I smell a rat for sure.How in the hell does he do this? He must be following me or having me followed or something [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]