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.There are people standing around, but no one is doing anything.I get angry cause some people just prefer to look the other way and not get involved, but I fly in head first to that car.I climb the passenger side and look through the shattered window.Empty.What the fuck?“Mo, there’s no one in here.” I say as I climb back down.I turn to look at the people standing in the roadway looking like a deer caught in headlights.“Who was in this car?” I ask.No one speaks, they just look at each other like they have no clue.“WHO.THE.FUCK.WAS.IN.THIS.CAR?” Mo screams as he flashes his badge at the crowd of people.“Umm…” A faint female voice speaks from the back.“It was a man and a woman, they climbed out and ran that way.” She said, pointing towards the side of the road.“The man pulled the woman over the wall and they disappeared, sir.It.umm, it looked like the woman was handcuffed, sir.” She said, fear radiating out of her eyes.“She also looked scared and was bleeding.The man finally picked her up and carried her away.”“SHIT!” Mo yells as we both run for the side of the road, looking over the median wall down about what looks like a fifteen foot drop.“No, sir.Over there.” she points down a bit.“They jumped into the grassy area and ran that way.He was pulling her behind him.She kept falling, but he’d drag her back up.He pulled out a gun sir, and held it to her head before he picked her up and carried her away.I called 911, but no one has gotten here yet, sir.No one except you, sir.”She was nervous and stuttering, but she was giving us information that we needed.I scanned the area and saw an auto repair shop about a half a mile off of the interstate, the direction that the young woman said they ran towards.I ducked back to the car, grabbing the radio.“Dispatch, this is Agent Gabe Torres, FBI.I need units at the auto repair shop on Ridge Road, right off of I65 and I need them yesterday.“Sir? Agent who?” The dispatcher responded.Shit, I forgot the FBI doesn’t know me yet.Mo reaches in and grabs the radio from my hand, glaring at me.“This is Special Agent Jason Morrison, do what Agent Torres said, please.We need all available units and SWAT at that mechanics shop NOW!”“Yes Agent Morrison.Units are in route now.”He slams the radio down and turns a circle in the road, looking for an exit to get down to Ridge Road.“Shit, damn access road.I’m better off on foot, Gabe.” He says as he tosses me the keys.“I’m headed over there, you take the car, turn around and get there as soon as possible.”And he’s gone, leaving me standing there holding the keys.“NOW TORRES!” Mo screams at me as he runs towards the grassy median.SydneyThe car is hauling ass down the highway, I’m face down in the back seat, cause it hurts to lay on my back.I can’t see out the window, but I can tell we are speeding.Good, maybe he’ll get pulled over by the police and this will all be over.I close my eyes and wait, cause that’s all I can do.I feel the car move rapidly from lane to lane, and I try and lift my head to look out.“Head down bitch!” The guy screams at me.My brother, shit.Maybe I can get him talking and he’ll lose his train of thought.“How are you my brother? What’s your name?” I ask quietly and calmly from the back seat.“What a question? I would assume that our father deposited his sperm in one of his wenches and out I came, that’s typically how it happens.Now, no more questions.” He says as the car swerves to the side.Well that went over well.“What’s your name?” I ask again, a little bit more determination in my voice.“NO MORE QUESTIONS! SHUT UP AND LAY DOWN!”I slam my head down on to the seat, pain shooting up the back of my neck.No no no, now is not the time for a migraine.I take a few deep breaths and close my eyes, but before I can relax the car spins out and rolls, throwing my body throughout the car, limp and lifeless.Without my hands free, I can’t brace myself for impact.The car rolls side to side so many times I lose count.I hear myself screaming and I hear him screaming as well, but his is an angry scream.Mine is full of fear, my vision in slow motion as my life flashes before my eyes.I see light, then dark, then light again.The crunching sound of metal and the shattering of glass explodes across my face.When the car finally comes to a rest, I’m on my side against the door, my head on concrete through broken window glass.I feel warmth trailing down the back of my head, the smell of blood filling the car and I try to fight off the darkness that wants to consume me.I realize then that I want this to end now, one way or the other.I’m done fighting the darkness that consumes me.I had a brief flash of light that filled me as I think of Gabe, but now the darkness is back, stronger than ever.I can’t live this way anymore.I won’t.I close my eyes and pray to die, right here and right now.I feel my body go limp and my head presses harder against the concrete under me.My hands still bound behind my back and pain shoots through my shoulder.I blink open my eyes and glance to my side, seeing that my shoulder is dislocated and my arm is hanging limp.It’s bent at the elbow, but I can’t move it.Before I can register what is happening, I’m lifted through the open door above me.“Gabe.” I whisper, no strength in my voice.“You wish, bitch.Now get up!” My brother yells, “NOW!” And I’m jerked up right and pulled through the open door, carelessly set on my feet.My legs wobble and the world spins around me.“You didn’t think I’d leave you here to die did you?” He laughs.“No, you will die a slow and painful death, at my hands.” He whispers in my ear, “But I plan to have some fun first.”And he tugs me behind him towards the side of the road.I hear people yelling behind us, trying to get us to stop running.I plant my feet firmly on the ground, because I decide right then and there that I am not going with him.But he’s too strong and he pulls me forward, my knees going down and scraping against the blacktop of the highway.He drags me forward, ripping the skin off of my knees and exposing my flesh [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]