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.“Can’t.I have to do some chores around here in the morning.I can do lunch though.”Dime smiled.“Lunch it is.”“You sure can do breakfast and lunch a lot to have a day job.”“Part-time, remember.”Amp stood up off of the car, unfolding his arms.“I need to get a cell phone and a couple outfits tomorrow, so let’s eat somewhere close to the mall.”“Okay.”Amp gave Dime an authentic but slightly uncomfortable hug and walked toward the house.It had been a while since he had been so close to a woman that he was kind of feeling.Private dances at the club were the only up close and personal interaction Amp had received in a while, and none of those women kept his attention beyond the dollar bills they were dropping.Amp had been a free spirit before he went to prison.Back then he’d dated plenty of girls, but he was never looking for anything serious, just a drama-free good time.He could see that with Dime, things were different.She wasn’t the type that a man could have a casual relationship with.She was the kind of chick a man made his woman.He wondered if he was ready for that kind of grown-man, “Barack and Michelle” kind of love and commitment.Amp was really contemplating the idea, though.Dime had proven to have brains plus beauty, and above all she had his back—not because he was “breaking her back” but because she seemed to genuinely care for his wellbeing.She could really be the one.“See you tomorrow,” Amp said, grinning.“Good night,” Dime said as she watched him walk up the steps onto the porch.Amp turned and waved then went inside.It had been a long day.He went straight up to his bedroom, took a hot shower, and then got into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly.Snoring deeply, Amp began to dream, but it wasn’t his usual nightmare.Instead, this dream was about Dime, and she was calling him Black Magic over and over and over again.Just the sound of Amp’s stage name rolling off her tongue excited Dime as every inch of him was inside of her.The same way Amp was rough around the edges in everyday life, he was rough when it came to sexing her up, and she loved it.Her legs bounced in the air with each pounding thrust.Amp let out a moan that reflected both pleasure and pain, like he was mad at the world and was taking it out on her kitten.But it hurt so good for Dime, as she purred contentedly with each and every stroke.Pouring with sweat, Amp raised up over her on his arms like he was doing push-ups.His upper body remained stiff and hard as he worked his lower part deep into her.Unashamed, Dime called out his name repeatedly as she tried to keep up with him and throw her hips right back at him.It was useless; she couldn’t keep up.He was releasing years of pent-up sexual energy, and she was glad to be on the receiving end.She rested her bottom on the bed and let Amp do what he did, which was hit every sweet spot inside her sugar walls.As she ran her hands up and down his back, she could feel every muscle popping out of his back.Every so often Amp would become gentle, slowly pulling himself out of her, and then he’d ram himself inside again, then hold it there.He knew that was the spot from the way her nails sliced at his back.He was giving it to her like he loved her and hated her at the same time, and she loved it.Dime opened wide and wrapped her long, sexy legs around him.Being inside her felt so good to Amp that it almost hurt.Propped up on the pillow, Dime looked over Amp’s shoulders and watched his ass while he went in and out of her.The simple fact that he was still wearing the same black military boots that he danced in made her cum.Her lady muscle tightened around Amp as she released, then relaxed her muscle, ready for him to get her off again.The way he was going at it, she knew he wasn’t done.A sensation aroused in Dime that she had never experienced before as she not only climaxed a second time, but she squirted.Her eyes shot open toward the ceiling because for a minute there she thought she was peeing.That’s just how crazy it felt.It was almost like an out of body experience.She didn’t even know her kitten was capable of squirting milk.She closed her eyes as Amp reached his climax.As his legs shook and his core muscle tensed up with every release, Amp awoke to discover that he had been dreaming.His first thought was, I like her.He turned over and went back to sleep, hoping that there would be a second act to that dream.The next morning, Amp was sweeping the sidewalk and cleaning up the front yard when Paul came out of the house to talk to him.“How’s it going?” Paul asked.“It’s going,” Amp replied as he bent over to pick up a smashed McDonald’s cup off the sidewalk.He placed it in the bag he’d been using to collect trash and twigs then continued to sweep.“Just curious.You’re a free man in about six weeks.What are you going to do then?”Amp stopped sweeping and gave Paul his attention.“Not sure yet.I’ve been putting money up and looking at some apartments.”“You got any family around here?” The only thing Paul knew about Amp was what was in his file, which made no mention of his family.The two had never sat down and had a personal conversation.“Some.But they pretty much turned their backs on me.They stopped taking my calls when I went to prison.”“I’ll make some calls and see if I can help with your apartment search.If there’s anything else you need help with, let me know.”“I will.Thank you.”As Amp went back to his cleanup work, he reflected on how grateful he was for the people God had sent into his life.Although there were a lot of challenges for him to overcome, he felt he was finally headed in the right direction.Everything would be all right [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]