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.The hot air felt good.I let it hit my face before I worked on drying my shirt and then my pants as best as I could.I let Kyle help dry my back off with it also since it was hard to do it on my own.My wig was a mess; this was the first time I had gotten it wet.Were they supposed to get wet? I put the soaking wet wig back on since the best way I knew how to dry hair was when it was actually on my head.Taking the hairdryer back from Kyle, I began drying it while combing it with my fingers.The hair was a bit tangled, but I managed to get it under control and dry before long.Kyle had started to use the hand dryer to dry his shirt.It didn’t work as well.“How do you plan to dry your pants with that thing?” I teased, shutting off the hairdryer.“I have my ways.” He winked with a mischievous grin.I looked at him curiously when his hands went to his belt buckle, and then I realized what he meant.Heat rose to my face again.“You can use this,” I blurted out, practically throwing the hairdryer at him.He released a deep chuckle and took it from me.Would I have enjoyed watching him take his pants off? Yes.Would that have been majorly awkward? Double yes.I wasn’t used to handling mostly naked guys, especially ones I had just kissed for the first time, although it had been a majorly overdue kiss.We were in that bathroom for a while.Luckily, no one tried to come in because it would have been interesting to try to explain.Once we were as dry as we could get, we left the bathroom together hand in hand.I didn’t take it for granted; I loved every nanosecond of him holding my hand.With as much as I wanted him and how my feelings had only grown since we met, I couldn’t believe he actually wanted me back.I really hoped this wasn’t a dream, because if I woke up from it, my heart would shatter.This was the best day ever, and it was worth everything I’d gone through in the hospital.Worth surviving.CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVEIt stopped raining shortly after we left the bathroom, so it was safe to leave the law firm.He dressed me in his jacket and my new helmet again before we rode off.We managed to make it back to his driveway without it raining on us, but the rain didn’t look like it was going to hold off for long.I didn’t want to go home yet.I wasn’t ready for this day to end, but it looked like it was.Grudgingly, I let go of my firm grip around his waist and got off his bike.He swiftly got off after me, and I barely had time to remove the helmet before he grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward his door.“I’m making you dinner,” he announced without giving me a choice.He didn’t want this day to end either, and he was going to cook for me.This day just kept getting better.“You cook?” I asked as he put the key in the door and opened it.I followed him inside and shut the door behind me.No one else was here; it would just be us.His father had gone to some golf thing a few hours away for the weekend.“Don’t get too excited.Nothing fancy, but I do grill a mean burger,” he boasted.I had never been a huge meat eater, but burgers were my weakness.I watched him as he shrugged off his jacket and washed his hands before he went to work.He pulled out a package of hamburger and made patties on a cutting board.Then pulled out some seasoning and sprinkled some on each side of the four patties.I wasn’t sure how many burgers he expected me to eat, but I wouldn’t be able to eat more than one, so I hoped he planned on eating three.When he finished prepping the patties, he grabbed a bag of hamburger rolls and headed for his back door.“You are actually grilling outside? It could rain again,” I asked, having assumed when he said grill he meant on the stove.He shook his head.“It’s not the same on the stove.My back porch has a roof, so it will be fine,” he assured me.“Okay…” I said, still not sure.“Don’t worry.If you get wet, I’ll dry you off again.” He winked, opening the door and stepping out onto the back porch, which I had never been on before.I resisted telling him that wouldn’t be necessary since my house was across the street this time.I just enjoyed the fact that he wanted to dry me off anyways instead.The back porch was more like a deck.It was a large rectangle with a roof fashioned above it, held up by wooden poles.The grill was also large and hung out near the end of the porch.My eyes found the worn green and white porch swing, and a smile spread across my face.Once I saw it, I didn’t waste time to make myself comfortable on it.I had always wanted a porch swing, but we didn’t have a great porch to have one on.I sat down on the soft cushion and rocked in it.The freshly cut grass, which could still be smelled, ran to the ends of the property, where the shrubbery stood, and it was a nice view.It would have been even more gorgeous if there were gardens, but men lived here, so I understood the lack of them.The breeze picked up a little, and I was glad that I’d kept Kyle’s jacket on.I retreated farther into it to stay warm.“Cold?” he asked with a chuckle.Apparently he had been watching me.“A little,” I admitted, smiling sheepishly.“You can hang out inside,” he said with concern.“No, I’m fine.I like it out here,” I told him, smiling [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]