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.He had the overwhelming need to apologize and step out.But he couldn’t.Her blue eyes widened in puzzlement.“Who…are you?” she asked.His gaze shot from the shock on her face to her belly—a belly swollen with child.“Damn!” he muttered.He spotted Donald through a window moving toward the back door.His mind created an image of what Donald would do to the pregnant lady.The bird hitting the windshield flashed in his mind; then he remembered Freddy and how he’d known the man might get offed and hadn’t done anything to stop it.It was decision time.Joey guessed he had about two seconds to decide which side of the fence he was on: the killing side, or the possibly-being-killed side for not killing.He met the blonde’s eyes and reached for his gun.Luke watched Kathy snatch her hand off his zipper, and if the situation weren’t so damn serious, he would have laughed.He met her wide-eyed gaze again, a sure sign of shock.“Kathy, I need you to take some deep breaths and think.Who could be at your house?”“I don’t know.Maybe it’s either Sue or Lacy.”“Do they have keys to your place?” When she reached for the phone, he held it out of reach and repeated, “Do they have keys to your place?”“Yes,” she snapped.Shit.Anyone in Kathy’s house was in danger.“Do they use those keys? Do they let themselves into your place?”“No.But they’re the only ones who have a key.”He let go of his fear that one of Kathy’s friends was mixed up in this.Chances were the caller was one of Lorenzo’s men.Had they had time to get to Kathy’s and find her cell number? He mentally tallied up the time and realized that, hell yeah, they might have.If they had someone working with the authorities, a phone call would have gotten them all the intel they needed.“Give it to me.” She motioned to her phone.“I’ll call and find out.”“No,” he said in a calm voice.“The phone can be traced.” He switched his focus back to the road.He heard her say something.Her words bounced around his head, but instead of listening, his mind chewed on the consequences of Lorenzo’s people tracing the phone.She tried again to snag it.“Stop, Kathy.” He shut the phone off and pressed a little harder on the gas.“It’s my phone,” she said, as if he didn’t know.She folded her arms over her chest and glared at him.Her hazel eyes shot fire, her mouth pinched, and the haughty way she tilted her head spoke volumes about her mood.“I know it’s your phone, but considering they already have the number, they could have also gotten a trace on it.”Her expression hardened even more.“You used it a few minutes ago.”“And maybe I shouldn’t have.” He glanced back at the phone and then focused on her.“If they’ve got your number, chances are they got a trace on it.They could have someone on their way right now to find us.” The thought had him speeding up the van.Maybe he should even reconsider an attempt to get them out of town.But, again, he knew that’s what they would expect him to do.His mind raced.He’d purposely driven the back roads—less traffic, less chance of being spotted—but if Lorenzo’s men knew their location, it would also be easier for them to be taken out with no witnesses.“Please!” Kathy rolled her eyes.“A trace on my phone? That’s…that’s ridiculous.”She seemed to be thinking clearer, even if she was wrong.Good, he needed her clearheaded.“It’s not ridiculous.”“I want my phone.”“Sorry,” he said.He watched her fall back in her seat and glare out the window.Let her get mad, he told himself, you need to concentrate on getting her out of this mess.Damn, she doesn’t deserve this.For the last few years she’d been the one joy in his life here.When he’d accepted the job to go undercover in Lorenzo’s operation, he’d said yes because at the time he thought there wasn’t anything to live for.In less than two years his dad had died, his sister and her kids were in a fatal car crash that he could have prevented if he’d gone with them as they’d asked.Top that off with learning his wife had aborted his child and, when he confronted her, filed for divorce…well, he’d lost everyone he loved.His life sucked.Going undercover had seemed like a way to escape.Looking back, in the beginning he hadn’t been too concerned if he lived or died.When he’d gotten out alive with proof that could put an end to the operation, Lorenzo’s men were taking out witnesses left and right.The top dogs working the case decided to place him in protective custody.But there was no way in hell that Luke was going to be babysat for months on end.So there was only one other option: temporarily placing him in WitSec.Most people hated walking away from their lives.Luke hadn’t flinched.He hadn’t thought he had a life to go back to.It wasn’t as if he’d be missed.The few friends he’d had, he’d walked away from while trying to deal with his grief [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]