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.She looked hurt.“I do things.”“Sorry,” I replied, “I didn’t mean it that way.”“Yes, you did,” she shot back.“And you’re right.I don’t do anything exciting.But at least I get laid on a regular basis.” She laughed and said, “See you tomorrow.”CHAPTER SIXTEENI WOKE TO the smell of coffee.The dark roasted promise lured me from my cozy cocoon.The sun was bright.I reached for my phone.Almost nine.Six hours of sleep was a record for me this week.I glanced around Rick’s spartan spare bedroom.No pictures or knickknacks, but the mattress was perfect and the high thread count sheets were luxurious.Probably his mother’s doing.I hadn’t noticed much last night as I zombie-walked into the room and fell face down on the bed.I do remember taking the time to change into an old flannel shirt of Rick’s before passing out.My phone rang.I didn’t recognize the number, but it was local so I answered it.“Git me outta here,” a mumbled voice demanded.“Granddaddy?” I asked.“I can barely understand you.”“’Cause they stole my dad-burn teeth,” he said.“Now git me outta here!” he demanded.“You can’t leave until the doctor says it’s okay,” I soothed.“But I’ll be there soon.”I could hear Anne in the background ordering him off the phone.“I need some jerky,” he whispered like a junkie to his dealer.“Please, for the love of Pete, bring your Granddaddy some jerky.And don’t tell Anne.”I wasn’t sure how he was going to eat jerky with no teeth, but I didn’t want to disappoint him.“Will do,” I promised.“I’ll see you in an hour or so.”There was a knock at my door.I glanced around for something else to put on and then thought what the hell.It’s not like he hasn’t seen me dressed in less before.Rick handed me a steaming cup of coffee with plenty of cream and just a touch of sugar.“You remembered,” I said with a smile.“Of course,” he replied.“How’d you sleep?”“Great! The best sleep I’ve had in days,” I said sipping on the coffee.“I’m making some breakfast,” he said.“Any requests?”“Bacon,” I said suddenly starving, “I would love some bacon.”“Wow,” he chuckled, “bacon gets you that excited.I may have to trade in my cologne for some bacon grease.” He leaned in to grab me around the waist.This could get dangerous.I dodged him.“Not so fast,” I said.“I need to get ready to go to the hospital and you’re making breakfast.No one said anything about any other activities.”He sighed and put his hands up.I grabbed my clothes and purse and headed for the bathroom.Once inside, I leaned against the door.Close one, I thought.I was feeling vulnerable, and horny.A bad combination.I glanced around the bathroom.Tiled floor, large glass shower, soaking tub.Sweet.“You’ve done an amazing job on this place,” I called.“Thanks,” he said from the kitchen.“Been working on it nonstop since I got back.”The two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow situated at the back of Rick’s parents' potato farm used to belong to the farm manager.When he retired, the Ellis’ hired a manager who already had a home, so the house sat vacant for a couple of years.I had never been inside before, but it had looked rustic and outdated from the outside.I put my hair up in a ponytail and took a quick shower.I had enough toiletries in my purse to make me presentable.Too bad I was stuck wearing my clothes from last night.Stage-wear didn’t look so great the morning after.The black pants looked fine, but the gold blouse was done for.I put Rick’s flannel shirt back on and tied the tails in a knot at my waist.After a swipe of lip gloss and some eyeliner, I was ready to face another day in this wacky week.The smell of bacon wafted through the air as I walked down the short hallway to the combination great room and kitchen.A cheery fire blazed in the large, stone fireplace.The refinished hardwood floors and pine paneling made me feel like I was in a secluded mountain hideaway instead of four miles from Dover, Delaware.“That smells wonderful,” I said leaning over the breakfast bar and trying to swipe a piece of bacon.Rick swatted at my hand with the spatula [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]