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.You set me up.”“Are you happy that I did?”“Are you joking? I’m beyond happy.I’ve been fighting for this for months.What made you give in?”“Love,” I said.“That and lost time.But mostly love.I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Tank.Why wait any longer?”* * *Later that night, when we returned to his apartment after a terrific meal of burgers, fries, and onion rings, Tank swiped the key through the lock, opened the door for me, and said, “Welcome to your new home.”When I stepped inside, I pulled my shirt over my head, dropped it to the floor, and looked over my shoulder.“Join me in the bedroom?” I asked.With one fluid motion, his shirt was also on the floor.“You’re so efficient,” I said.“Former Marine.”“What other skills did they teach you?”“Do you really want to know?”I was only joking, but there was a reason he’d asked.Obviously, he had something in mind.And was that a trace of humor in his voice? I was fairly certain it was.“OK….”“Good.Let me show you not only what I learned from the Marines, but also from my friends in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.In some way or another, all of us follow the same creed, and all of us follow mottos that can be applied even in situations such as this.Sounds crazy, but you’ll see what I mean.In fact, I think you’ll be pleased with the results.”He stopped me in the middle of the bedroom, where the only light came from the city lights beyond the wall of windows to my left.He turned me so my back faced him, and with one deft move, flung my bra across the room.I felt his lips press against the nape of my neck, and then his tongue ran down the length of my spine, stopping just above my buttocks, which sent shivers of anticipation through me.As he stood, his tongue traveled up the length of me again, stopping just behind my right ear, which made me want to scream with pleasure.“For instance,” he said, reaching around to pinch my aroused nipples.“There’s ‘excellence in all that we do’.”I closed my eyes and leaned against him while he lowered his hands, unfastened my jeans, and allowed me to step out of them as he stepped out of his.Both of us removed our underwear, and then Tank was behind me again, his cock pressed firmly against my ass, immediately making me wet.“There’s also ‘service before self,’” he said, turning me around and kissing me deeply on the mouth.Then, he was on his knees, his mouth pressed between my legs.He curled his tongue around my moist folds, and then gently slipped it inside of me, tasting me.Wrecking me.Destroying me.Each lick sending me farther over the edge.I had to hold on to his shoulders to steady myself against the unexpected intensity of what he was doing.I wanted to cry out, but I didn’t want him to think that it was because I was feeling vulnerable, so I bit my lip and let him continue to make love to me with his mouth while I shuddered with pleasure.“Oh, my God,” I said.“Tank—”“Excellence in all we do,” he said, sinking his tongue in farther.“I’m close.”“Service before self.”When he spoke, he did it in such a way that his lips brushed against my clit.And when they did, I came.He went deeper, which just made me come again.And again.Somehow, each orgasm made the barely-lit room grow even darker.I threw my hands over my face while he continued to pulse his tongue inside of me.I felt as if I was aloft, not part of my body at all.I was hovering just outside of myself, which made no sense because I was holding on to him fiercely for support.My grip was so firm on his shoulders that physically I felt one with him, though my head, my heart, and my body were in the ether.Without exhaustion, his tongue licked and fluttered and danced in and around me.“It’s too much,” I said.“Is it?”“Yes and no.”“Then how about this?” He finished, stood, and said in my ear, “Have you heard of ‘The Striking Ninth’?”Again, I could hear the humor in his voice.Though I was too breathless to laugh, I couldn’t help a smile.He’d never been this playful before.He knew he was being silly and corny—this was the Tank nobody saw—and I loved him for it.He was skillfully keeping the situation at once light and intense.“I’ve certainly felt yours,” I said.In a husky voice that was barely above a whisper, he said, “I know you have.And you’re about to feel it again.But just so you know, it also refers to the 9th Marine Regiment.Not that you care much about that now.You’re thinking of something else.And I want you to think about that.In fact, I want you to feel that.”He started to grow hard against me.“Can you feel it?”“Who couldn’t feel that?”“Do you want it in you?”“Is that even a question?”“You’ll have to wait,” he said.“Because I’m going to work over your entire body, Lisa.Before I take you, I’m going to show you what ‘second to none’ really means.I’m going to use all of those skills to make this a night you won’t forget.”Without warning, he swiftly lifted me into his arms, and then laid me down onto the bed.Before he entered me, he put his hands on either side of me, and then looked down at me with an expression that was far more serious than I was expecting.Just a moment ago, he was being playful and teasing.But now? All of that was gone.“All fun aside, here’s what matters most to me,” he said.“Being ‘always faithful’.That’s what the Marines taught me, and that’s what I promise you as your fiancé, and, one day, as your husband.I’ll always be faithful to you, Lisa.I hope that you know that.”When he entered me and we made love that night, it was perhaps our truest, most heartfelt connection yet.CHAPTER TWENTY-THREEThe next morning, Jennifer and I met at Blackwell’s office at nine sharp just as we’d conspired to do the day before.Neither of us was late—we were armed with a plan, and this particular plan was too important to screw up.When we first stuck our heads inside Blackwell’s office door, she looked up at us and immediately got out of her chair to come over and hug me.“Look at you,” she said.“Positively glowing.It’s as if Bernie just had his way with you.What have you done with yourself?”“Burgers and one hot night of sex,” I said.“Come again?”“Oh, Barbara—and again and again.”She held up her hand.“Enough! You know I don’t tolerate talk about sex.”“Oh, come on! Celebrate it with me.Tank and I had a night of burgers and hours of blissful, unrelenting sex.Couple that with the fact that I finally feel ready to get on with my life, and you can consider me the Lisa you once knew.”“A tawdry tart?”“I am hardly a tart, and you know it.”“Hmmm,” she said, and then held me out at arm’s length to study me.“Let’s see the new tooth.”I smiled widely for her.“It’s seamless, but you’ve lost weight.”“A bit.”“You were my perfect size zero, but I can’t have you go all sub-zero on me—it isn’t healthy.Right now, my skeletal ancestors are probably rolling in their slim-fitting graves after hearing me say that, but I’m still going to reinforce it—you need to eat.”“I’m getting there.”“Let’s hope you are.But do me a favor—have a few more burgers.You need them, and you’ve got a man in your life who wouldn’t mind eating them each night of the week if he could.So count your blessings.” She looked behind me at Jennifer.“What are you doing here?”“Well, good morning to you, too, Barbara.”“What’s good about it?”“Seeing Lisa for one.”“Well,” she said.“I can agree to that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]