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.“You’d better not snore.” He threatened.I giggled, sneaking a peak at his tanned, muscular, glorious perfection of a body as he undressed.I had never been so attracted to someone before, it was beyond my very limited experience to want someone so badly.I wished I could take back my promise of just sleep as Grey crawled into my bed in nothing but his boxers, pulling the blanket over his taut form.“I don’t snore, but I am a kicker.” I warned him with a sigh.“In that case, I’d better keep you close to me.” He grinned, and his strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me closely against his hard body.I couldn’t help but smile as he held me tightly, his warmth and his smell enveloping me, making me feel warm and cozy and safe.I snuggled into him, lacing my fingers through his and kissing his hand.“I haven’t been to bed this early since I was eight.” I laughed.“Me either.” Grey admitted from behind me.I didn’t feel tired, but with his strong arms around me, I was perfectly content.With my free hand, I reached over and clicked off the lamp.Darkness blanketed the room, adding to my cocoon of total serenity.“Goodnight, Grey.” I whispered into the blackness.“Goodnight, Mackenzie.”CHAPTER 33The week went by way too quickly.I had to share Grey during the day, with work and his constant band practices, but at night he was all mine.We would hole up in my room and get high and just … be together.There were no distractions, no interruptions—just Grey and I, hanging out, having fun.With every moment I spent with him, I dreaded his leaving that much more.I was happy when the guys decided to cancel their usual Saturday night gig at the Aurora, even happier when Grey chose to spend that free time at home with me.Don’t get me wrong, I loved to party, nothing cheered me up faster than a night out on the town.But I loved being alone with Grey even more.Presently he leaned across my bed, handing me the railed up mirror carefully.I bent over and snorted the blow, pulling back on my forehead as I sniffed in.“That’s good.” I commented, sniffing the drugs deep into my sinuses.I could feel their effects almost immediately.I smiled shakily and took a drag of my cigarette, aware of Grey’s eyes on me.Ever since the overdose, he’d been extra cautious when it came to my coke use … how much I did, how often I did it.I didn’t mind though.The bruises covering my legs had just begun to heal, but they were still a little sore.If Grey’s concern would keep me from having a seizure again, I was all for it.“Your turn.” I passed him the mirror and fidgeted with my smoke, crossing and re-crossing my legs, smiling at the warm energy that permeated my being.He took the mirror from me and sniffed back the lines of soft, chalky powder.I studied him closely, taking in his every feature and committing them to memory so I could easily recall his gorgeous face when he was gone.His cheeks were tan and covered in coarse, dark stubble; his eyes of the most beautiful blue, his lips full and curved into the usual smirk.His dark hair was short and messy, sticking out from under his ball cap.The shirt he wore was plain and black, he had leather-studded bracelets upon his right wrist; his arms were just as dark, just as tan as the rest of him, and they were muscular and strong.“What?” He chuckled when he noticed me staring.I shook my head, biting my lip, pulling my fingers absently through the long, dark hair hanging loose around my shoulders.“Nothing.I’m just going to miss you, that’s all.”“It’s only for a month … or so, but it’ll go by faster than you can imagine.”“Yeah.” I nodded, though I didn’t believe him.I knew the time was going to drag by; at least, it would for me.I chewed my nails.“Promise you won’t forget me?”“You mean, while I’m off making myself famous?”“Rich and famous.” I corrected.“Right.I forgot you were spoiled.” Grey teased.“Can’t forget rich.”“Shut up.” I slapped him playfully.His fist clenched tightly around the offending wrist and pinned it back against the bed.I tried to fight him with the other hand, but it suffered the same fate as the first, trapped in an iron grip against the mattress.Laughing, I lay back, pinioned by him as he leaned overtop of me.“Grey … Grey … stop ….” I choked out between laughs.“… I’m serious ….”“If you’re so serious, then why are you laughing?” His voice was suddenly thick, his eyes heady as they scanned my face.His face hung just inches from mine.“I’m not.” I whispered, the last traces of mirth disappearing from my voice.I smiled at him pleadingly.“Grey, promise me.”“Promise you what?” Grey bent and kissed my collarbone, just below my neck, sending a shiver of pure heat through me.Then his lips moved slowly, achingly down my breastbone, beyond my ribs, gliding across the smooth skin of my stomach.He let go of my wrists but I didn’t move them.My heart was beating loudly in my throat; my breath was shaky, faster.“Promise that you won’t forget me.” I pleaded.“Forget you? I could never.”Grey stopped his trail of kisses just above the waistband of my jeans.His lips curved into a smile as he looked up at me, his blue eyes gleaming wickedly.“What about you? Would you forget me?”I shook my head, breathless.“You won’t after this.”We were still entwined the next morning when I awoke.It took me a few minutes to come too, a few minutes to assimilate the heavy weight of Grey’s arm around my waist.Once I understood, a smile curved my lips and I snuggled against the hard form behind me.We still hadn’t had sex.I mean, we had done many other things … wonderful things … things that sent a quick blush of heat to my cheeks at just the thought of them.We’d spent the most amazing night together.But still, Grey had stopped us before we could go the final distance, and I just didn’t understand it.I was actually starting to get a complex about the whole thing.I mean, we’d had plenty of opportunity, plenty of chances to do it, but we just … didn’t.He didn’t want to, for some reason.I couldn’t help but think it had something to do with me.Grey stirred.It was early in the morning, the sun was doing its damndest to sneak through the Venetian blinds on the window, peaking around the edges and filtering through the cracks.We’d been awakened by the sound of the radio coming through my alarm clock [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]



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