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.Elora’s brother, Alexander.“Jesus Christ, you gotta be kidding me.” I growl as anger wells up within me.Of all the possible bad fucking timing.I’m shutting this shit down.Immediately.In a menacing tone I say, “Take one more step, my man, and I’ll wipe up the entryway with your smug face.That’s no lie.”Alreck goes rigid but remains silent and watchful.The passenger door flies open and Elora is running toward me as well, face white as a sheet.What the fuck?Something’s not right.The brother starts in a rush of frantic words, “Elora’s friend has been taken.She said that bikers took her.I only brought her here instead of going to the police because they attempted to snatch Elora off the street along with her friend, and I want you to tell me what the bloody hell is going on? Why is my sister now involved with people who want to kidnap her?”A white hot shot of pain lances straight through my chest.The agony is so forceful I nearly sway into Alreck.I feel my stomach lurch and twist into a painful knot.My worst nightmare has just sprung to life.My blood begins to pump so hard inside my head, it feels like a monsoon is pounding on it.Just before the fear begins to creep in and take over, an inner voice speaks low and calm, Lock it down.You’ll never save her if you lose your shit, you know that.Elora runs over and is trembling so hard her teeth are fucking chattering as she stammers out, “W-we were jogging together, not a block from Alexander’s office.A black van pulled up to the curb, and the door slid open.Oh God, Mikkel, two men were on us before we could blink.They threw Lisetta in first.Her screaming attracted a couple who began yelling and hitting the man who had me.Somehow his hold loosened and I shoved my thumb in his eye.He released me and the van took off.You have to hurry, Mikkel! I’m terrified for her! It was them, the Hellraisers.I saw the badge on the back of the man’s jacket as he jumped into the van.We have to do something!”“You tell the cops anything yet?”“No, Mikkel, we came straight here.”“Stop right there, Elora.I want details about this crazed situation and I want them right now,” Alexander says.I ignore him.I know there’s little time.When a man goes to the extremes of abducting a woman, he’s not planning to fucking play a game of tennis with her.I glance at Bern, who has been listening from a distance.He’s shaking with rage as I call out, “Keep your shit tight, brother.Grab your gear.We’re heading out.”I race to the office to grab my keys and leather jacket.As we’re making a beeline to the SUV, Alexander gets in my face.“I’m coming along.”I growl low, having not an ounce of patience … or time.“You fucking are not.”“I’m an excellent shot.I’ve hunted since I was a child.Besides, I owe it to my sister.I’m not losing her.”“Get in the truck.”I glance over at Elora, who is so wired with fear that she looks like she’s about to black out.My eyes fly to Alreck’s.“What’s your hotel and room number?”“Oslo Mark Hotel, 309.”I grab her shoulders and give her a shake.“Elora, baby, listen to me.Use the phone in the office to call for a taxi.Here’s some money.I want you to go to Vail’s hotel room, lock down tight and wait there for me.Can’t have you going back to your place … too risky.Don’t worry about Lisetta.We’ll get her back, I promise.Now do as I say.”I want to hold her but there’s no time and we both know it.“Please be careful,” she whispers before racing to the office.I sprint hard for my truck.I keep seeing the sand trickling down a fucking hourglass with Lisetta’s name etched into it.I’m laser-focused, refusing to acknowledge my fears for her safety.When I get her back, I will leave behind nothing but fucking ashes.That’s a promise.Nobody fucks with my family and gets away with it.We load up inside of two minutes, and as we tear out of the lot in the Durango, Alexander says, “Perhaps we should make a quick stop at the bank.I can get funds, you know, in case they want to negotiate for her release.”“No,” I reply, hard as ice, “they don’t want money.Besides, there’s no fucking time.Now belt up.”He sounds confused, asking, “What do they want then?”“Retribution.”Chapter FifteenLisetta’s Monster“Tell me you’ve always wanted me.Admit it, Lisetta.”“Go screw yourself!” My rage is palpable, shockingly outweighing the fear I should rightfully be feeling.Why do the worst monsters come neatly disguised in pretty packages?He lowers his tall frame down to sit on the end of the low bed.My legs are free and I twist to get as far away from him as possible.The cold, abrasive concrete of the wall allows me to go no farther, but it’s still better than his vile touch.Just the nearness of him makes me sick.His hand reaches out to run across my left calf—thankfully covered by my Lycra running pants.I gasp as he suddenly clamps down in a painful hold.Still smiling, he leans in, watching me with those cruel blue eyes of his that are so very cold and sinister.His rhythmic voice is just above a whisper, “Oh you will tell me, Lisetta, and you’ll make me believe you or you’ll regret it.” He digs deeper with his strong fingers, and despite my best efforts, I can’t help but cry out in pain.“Isn’t that right, my little sweet girl?”With tears threatening to spill over, I grate out, “Fuck.You.Dag!”He releases my leg and busts out into a full laugh.Oh my God, he’s crazy.He slaps a hand down on his jean-clad thigh and stands up, manic amusement distorting his handsome features.“I’ll tell you what.You do as I say and I won’t send the boys over to the Oslo Mark Hotel for a little pick-up.”“What?” My already overloaded brain tries to process what in the hell he’s talking about.“Your friend Vail is in room 309 right now.I can have her here within the hour.Then it will really be a party, don’t you think? Hmm, come to think of it, maybe when I’m through with you I’ll have her next.”His cruel taunts enrage me further, and I start to struggle wildly against my restraints.Both my wrists are tethered above my head to the narrow slats of a wooden headboard.The hard plastic of the zip ties has already cut into my skin, and blood is seeping out of the cuts, running down my arms, staining the baby blue sleeves of my shirt.“Now I’m going to cut those ties, and you’re going to be my good, sweet little girl.I’m right, am I not, Lisetta?”I narrow my eyes, wanting nothing more than to leap on him and squeeze his throat until he chokes, but I simply grind out, “Fine.”“Excellent.I knew that I could bring that fire of yours to heel for me.See, Lisetta, it just took the right man.I’ve always known what’s best for you.Unlike that stupid boy you chose over me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]