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.”“I know, but things change, people come into your life and you have to grab what you can whilst you can, live life to the max is my motto and one that serves me well, look got to go my fellas waiting for me downstairs see you next week and remember grab chances when they come.” I smiled what was she on about, that was the most she’d ever spoken to me in, well, forever? Off she went in all her finery, smiling at me again strangely.Out into the arms of her chap.I couldn’t see who it was, we were three floors up and the windows needed a good clean, I just presumed it was Sam.Oh bollocks, this night had done a straight turn around, yes it seems it could get worse, because he had now left the building.I hung up my cardi.“We are not stopping in here all night.” I said to the mirror, the music was playing, a foxtrot, so what now? Do I make a complete idiot of myself in there half of the old year five mob were in there watching.Where is my band of buds, when I need them most? Onward Christian Soldier was now playing in my ever-filling brain, complete with big bass drum, forward into battle, so come on Michelle let battle commence.The lights were low mirror ball was sparkling and whilst walking the dreaded walk to my waiting seat why did it feel like the spotlight was on me?I hoped this night would hurry up and finish, this lot would hate it and next week would go back to normal, the next dance a tango.The music started.Looking down at my lovely new shoes, I was oblivious to the voices and chattering going on around me.I could hear the sniggers and hushed whispered voices, I couldn’t figure what, if anything had sparked the kerfuffle exactly, but had I been room watching as I normally did, I would have seen him.I looked up to see what the fuss was, Sam was there and his hand was held out stretched to me.“I’m thinking you still owe me that dance Michelle?” Oh my days, in that moment the world stood still and there it felt like wasn’t another soul in it, it was just him and me.I switched to autopilot, shuffling out of my seat and into his strong waiting arms and wow all before I realised what was happening to me was real.The sniggers were still there, but the talking had stopped.The music started, the tango my favourite dance, the dance of love, romance and if done correctly exuded a strange and sexual feeling in a room, oh hell we were really doing this and it was there the chemistry for exuding that there sexual crap, yeahh be still my beating heart and watch out wonky knees…Shit stop it and snap out of it Michelle.I knew I was dancing because my legs were moving.I could smell him, feel him, his heart along with mine was racing, and we were holding each other close.Yes, I’ve died and here I am in heaven, was I dreaming if so pinch me? My head was a mass of thoughts and present, imaginary helpful advisers.This was really happening wasn’t it? He was talking to me I think, this snapped me suddenly out of my daydream.“You dance well, Michelle and smell really nice.” He took a deep breath in and smiled as he spoke.Speak Michelle come across looking like the gawking girl, you really are.“Thank you, it's Leggy Lana’s she sprayed it on me as she passed me on her way out, it does smell nice, I may even buy my own bottle.” She hadn’t been meeting Sam after all, he was here with me, and my heart skipped a beat.“Leggy Lana’s?” He was laughing at me.“Does she know you call her that?”“Umm I don’t think so and it’s nothing, compared to what the others call her, she’d not like what the others call her.” Shit, shit, shit I’d said that aloud.“Oh and that is what then?” Blushing I spill.“Loose-Legs-Lana, Lay-Over-Lana, Leg-Over-Lana, take your pick the girls don’t like her much, because she’s so pretty and they would kill to look like her.”“Do you like her?” I blush no because you dance with her and you have fun with her.“I do, I think she dances well, she dresses so beautifully, and her hair is lord, to die for what I wouldn’t give to be like her.” Liar, liar pants on fire Welles.“Why? Your hair is nice, though today it looks different, nice different Michelle, don’t do something stupid to it, because it’s lovely and it suits you.” I umm and then realise he’s looking down into my eyes again and smiling.He laughed and pulled me closer.We didn’t stop for what seemed like an age.He didn’t speak, he just stared at me and yes, I stared back.Lord, he was so nice to hold, I could feel his arm muscles beneath his shirt, his chest was firm and the hairs on it just tantalisingly visible from the button he had left undone, he is teasing me with what’s under the other buttons [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]



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