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.“I’ll keep a close eye on her.” Bryson put his hand on her back, the contact sending heat through her entire body.“We’ll take my truck instead of the horses, and I’ll drive slow.”“Oh, all right,” Dafne said with a sigh.“I guess someone should be outside enjoying this nice day.”Rosaline gripped Bryson’s arm and started for the door.“Thanks, love ya, bye.”***Rosaline sat on the tailgate of Bryson’s truck, swinging her legs.Bryson tossed the supplies into the bed of the truck—they clanged together, making a racket that vibrated through her eardrums—then boosted himself next to her, making the truck dip.“So, that’s fixing fence, huh?” She leaned back on her hands, tipping her face to the sky and took a deep breath of earthy-smelling air.“I bet you’re so glad I was here to help.”“You helped,” Bryson said.She gave him a sidelong glance.“Every time I tried to, you told me I should take it easy, like I’m a grandma or something.”“No, like you were in a wreck two days ago”—he raised a mocking eyebrow—“or something.Besides, now you know the basics.Next time, I’ll put you to work.Then we’ll see how well you were paying attention.”She laughed.“Guess I should’ve taken notes.”For a moment, they sat in peaceful silence, her legs still occasionally swinging through the air.Bryson took a drink from his water bottle and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.“Been meaning to ask how the phone call with your parents went yesterday.”“It was…okay.We don’t agree on anything, as usual, but they didn’t yell like I thought they would.” Instead they’re trying to uproot my life again.If she told Bryson they’d talked about her going back to Verona, would he push her away again? Would he be sad? Maybe his reaction would tell her if she was being stupid for wanting to stay to be with him.His phone rang, scattering her thoughts.He dug it out, glanced at the display, then answered.“Yeah?”His eyebrows lowered further and further with whatever the person on the other line was telling him.“What a waste.” He exhaled.“No, I get it.” Pause.“I’ll pack and get over there.”He ended the call and slid off the back of the truck.“Apparently the manager in Wichita—the one I just helped train, up and quit today.I’ve got to go fix the mess and make sure she didn’t take any money on the way out.”Reality sunk in, shoving out all the carefree, happy vibes.“Which means you’re flying to Kansas.”“Winslow booked me on a flight tonight so I could be there first thing tomorrow.Looks like I get to work all weekend.” He put his hands on the sides of her waist and helped her down.Her pulse quickened, and the world got a little spinny.She looked into his eyes, trying to get up the courage to tell him she wanted more.I should just kiss him.Only after I kiss guys, they ignore me.“I wish you didn’t have to go.” Okay, so it was the wussy version of what she wanted to say, but at least it was something.“I’ll be back in a couple days—a week at most.”Right now, with everything up in the air between them, that seemed like forever.***Bryson dragged his suitcase down the stairs.He rolled it toward the office, planning on telling the girls goodbye—he wanted to see Rosaline once more before he left.Finally things felt right between them.Like maybe she felt the same way.There were hints, but he almost didn’t want to believe it.Because if he was wrong…He blew out his breath, trying to send his nervousness out with it.It didn’t work.As he neared the office, he caught sight of Rosaline, a vase of flowers in her hand.“They’re from Sam.He said he heard about the wreck, he hopes I get well soon and…” She lowered the card.“And that’s pretty much it.” Her too-high guilty tone said that wasn’t it.He’d written something more.Bastard.Sending flowers with a love note.“I wonder how he even knew about the wreck,” Rosaline said.“I haven’t talked to him since we had lunch.”“In Lowell, news spreads faster than wildfire,” Dafne said.“Right.I learned that when I was eating lunch with him.Everyone was telling me that I was dating ‘their Sam.’ Like he belonged to the town.And one old lady pretty much threatened me not to hurt him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]