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.” He punctuated the order with a slap to my thigh, stood and then strode off toward his bedroom.I struggled to my feet and wobbled into the kitchen.More punishment? My nipples hardened, cool air moving over my body, caressing my stinging ass and where the belt had rubbed my neck.Every inch of my skin thrummed with raw nerve endings.Even when Black wasn’t in the room, he owned my body.After mixing him a vodka and tonic, I returned to the living room to find him standing there wearing only a pair of linen drawstring pants.At first my attention was drawn to the lines of his toned body—the bulge of his biceps, the cleft between his pecs, rippling abs that led to a ridge of muscle over each hipbone—but then I noticed the device he held.“Put the drink on the side table.”I did as I was told, careful to place a coaster beneath the sweating glass.“What’s that?” I walked over to him and ran my fingertips along the mass of chains from which hung an oddly shaped dildo—a five- or six-inch-long cone that tapered to a cylinder with a curved narrow base.“This,” his lips twisted upward in a half-smile, half-smirk, “is your punishment.”Setting the contraption on the coffee table, he pulled a bottle of lubricant from his pocket.“Bend over.”I complied, leaning over the sofa and twisting my head around to watch what he was doing, but a swift slap to my face told me he didn’t intend for me to see.Gaze straight ahead, I waited for whatever he had in store for me.Cool lubricant dripped down my ass crack and then I realized what the strange dildo was for.It was a butt plug, one designed for extended wear.I braced myself, my asshole tense as he tried to push it inside me.“Relax or this will only hurt more.” He slipped two fingers into my anus, opening me with quick thrusts, then replaced his digits with the plug.Breathing through the initial burn and sting of my asshole stretching, I gritted my teeth.The chains tickled as he secured them around my waist then attached the nipple clamps to my breast.I gasped at the bite to the sensitive buds.“You may stand now.” He caressed my ass.At first I felt as though I couldn’t stand up straight.Every time I moved, the butt plug shifted and my breasts jiggled, intensifying the discomfort of both devices.Black picked up his now watery drink and frowned.“This needs freshening up.Do you mind?”He punctuated the request with a wolfish grin.Walking seemed an impossibility, but I took the glass and smiled sweetly.“It’d be my pleasure.”Settling onto the sofa, he fixed his gaze on me.After a deep breath, I took my first step.The plug slid out a little then thrust into me with the next step, the U-shaped base rubbing my clit.My breasts bounced and again the nipple clamps dug into the rosy buds.Legs trembling, cunt engorged and throbbing, I made my way to the kitchen.The trip was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.Every movement sent a ripple of pleasure and pain through me.I loved it.Chapter SixOnce I’d refreshed his drink, I gingerly returned to the living room.He patted the seat beside him.I winced at the thought of sitting down.“Come on.Join me.” He took the glass, then held my hand.With a sigh, I resigned myself to his command.Inching lower, I gripped his hand for support lest I plop onto the sofa and impale myself.Finally I came to rest, perched on the edge.The plug sank deeper inside my ass, the base crushing against my clitoris.Black took a sip of his drink then grinned at me.“Uncomfortable?”“A little.” I cleared my throat, sitting arrow straight.“Rock back and forth.”I did as he said, the shaft plunging farther into me, the base massaging me.Ecstasy coursed through my veins, heating my thighs, my asshole, my cunt.My entire body crackled with need.“Feels good?”“Oh yes.” I let my fingertips skim over the clamps at the tip of each breast, continuing to fuck myself.“Now stop.”With a groan, I ceased the rocking motion, though my labia throbbed, my heart pounding [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]