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.” I shot him a coy look.“I’m distracted but it has nothing to do with golf.Why don’t we grab a drink and take in the view.”“Ryder, the slough does not have a view.”“You will be my view.Maybe we can find some of those lost duffers floating in the water,” Ryder joked.“That’s kind of sick, but I’ll take you up on it.”We grabbed drink.As we walked away from the concession stand, we heard the man mumble, “Golf instructor my ass.”It was a successful lesson and I drove back to Leach Hall.Chapter SixI woke up Monday morning reminiscing about my day of golf with Ryder on Saturday just like I had Sunday morning.I had my pink golf bag propped up against the wall where I could see it.His initials were not visible but I knew they were there.I had Sex Ed.class, which I could not miss.I had both Ryder and Max on my case.I had to get my head out of my ass and attend class.I was at school to learn and I could not afford to skate by as a result of a romance.Although at the time, it was foremost on my mind.I was feeling upbeat and it was a hot day so I threw on some white jeans and a yellow tank layered with a black one.I took the time to dry my hair and wear it down, forgoing the ponytail.I looked like a sunflower but I approved of the positive look.I was happy and it showed.Professor Curran would notice me quickly.I thought it would be fun to tempt him and see how he reacted.My phone chimed.“Yes Max,” I answered.“Are you going to be a no-show again?”“Nope, I will meet you inside.Save me a seat.I will be a couple of minutes late.Kelly is not here this morning and I want to leave the room clean or at least tidy.”“Where is Kelly?” Max asked.“Why do care where Kelly is Max?”“Just curious.See you in class.”Max disconnected and I smiled.The fact that Max was curious was a start.I was playing cupid and it was time to sharpen my arrow.I swiped on some lipstick and I was ready to go.My phone chimed again, just in time because I was ready to switch off my ringer.I saw the golf ball, Ryder’s symbol, and answered.“You are going to be late for class.Why are you calling me?”“Wanted to make sure you were going.Been doing your stretches?”“Yes, I think I pulled a muscle in my ass.”“Good, I’ll rub it for you.”Jesus.I laughed nervously.“I will see you in a bit Professor Curran.”I ended the call and slammed the door behind me.I was off to class.****Max saved me a seat near the front of class.It was obviously a seat selection made with me in mind.In the row ahead of us were Rozi with the perfectly arranged messy ponytail and Rosemary.She was in desperate need of a dye job.I would have to look at her roots for the next hour.“Thought you were going to be late.You got here before Professor Curran.I wonder what’s keeping him.He’s usually on time,” Max said.“Not sure Max.Are you on a fishing exhibition to find out what is going on with Ryder and me?”“Ah ha! So you admit that something is going on.”“Max, I clearly recall you saying that you would allow me some space when it comes to Ryder.”“Babe, it’s me, Max.I won’t tell a soul.”“Ick.Don’t call me babe.”“What does Ryder call you? Does he call you lover yet?”“Max, Ryder, I mean Professor Curran is hear.Shut the hell up.” I gave him a harsh look that he knew well.“Greetings all.Give me a show of hands.Who had fun inflating the condoms I gave out at the last class? Even better, any one make water balloons? For those of you who used them for the purpose for which they exist, I hope you used them correctly.”Ryder noticed me quickly and nodded in my direction.He was especially alluring as he strutted across the stage.He was wearing khakis and an oxford with a navy South Carolina tie.Embroidered on his tie were tiny gamecocks.He looked more like a student than a professor.He had on glasses, which I didn’t know he had.It just contributed to the list of things I didn’t know about Ryder.“Jenna,” Max whispered.“Are you able to separate Ryder the professor from the guy you blew?”I nudged Max hard.“Ouch.I am just curious because it is a very unique situation.”“Max shut up before Ryder hears you or anyone else for that matter.”Ryder had continued with his lecture, which was focused on the use of diaphragms.There were several diaphragms displayed on a table.I was interested because I had never used one.“The use of a diaphragm is declining but I hope you have all have considered this method of birth-control.As always, raise your hand if you have any questions while I am speaking.As you can see, it is a pliable silicone cup.It is inserted into the vagina, all the way up so that it covers the cervix.Yes, I see a question.”“Does the male partner feel it?”“Probably not, unless it is inserted improperly.In some cases a large penis will go all of the way up and touch it.Unusually hard thrusting may also cause the penis to encounter the device,” Ryder answered and the crowd erupted.“Bull-shit.I can feel the thing.”“I believe him and he doesn’t even have a big dick.”“How do you know the size of his cock?”“I know a chick that got pregnant using a diaphragm, twice.”“Okay guys.I welcome the hearty conversation but it’s time to move on.There are many advantages,” Ryder continued.“See what you’ve been missing Jenna.This class rocks.He must be a pro in the bedroom,” Max said.“Shut up Max.”“I think the guy should pay for the diaphragm.Don’t you?” Max asked and raised his hand.“Professor Curran [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]