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.Other times, I don’t know.”“You still let him stay at home?”“In a separate room, but yes.We have enough room, Amara.I don’t have to see him if I don’t want to.You can always stay there, you know? That’s your house.”Amara shook her head.“I don’t want to see him.”Her mom’s eyes filled with tears.“I wish you didn’t feel that way about your father.”“Sometimes a girl only needs her mother,” she whispered.“A girl needs her father too.He wasn’t always like this,” her mother said as tears dripped down her cheeks.Amara caught them with her hands and wiped them.“I know.”“It’s a disease.”“I know.”“I almost think it’s worse than cancer,” her mom whispered, looking at her with sad eyes.Amara shrugged and let out a breath, looking away.“Cancer isn’t a choice.Gambling is.”“Sometimes it’s not a choice.”She looked at her mom sharply.“When you have a family, extracurricular activities become a choice.We’re not going to agree on this, Mom.You’re not going to convince me that he’s a good man, so let’s just drop it.The good thing is, you’re okay.I’m going to let you rest, though.I’ll be back later.”“Have you heard from.you know.”Amara bit down on her tongue and nodded, looking away again and focusing on the loose threads on the blanket over her mom’s legs.“I heard he’s engaged,” she whispered.“I’m sorry.”Her chest was beginning to hurt again.“It’s okay.I’m okay.”Her mom squeezed her hand.“Go get some rest, beautiful girl.Come back soon.”“I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” Amara promised.“Do you need anything?”Her mom’s eyes lit up.“Donuts.”Amara laughed.“Mom! Sugar feeds cancer!”“Oh, fuck cancer.Bring me the donuts,” her mom grumbled.She was laughing as Amara rained kisses over her face.“I love you.”When she got down to the lobby, the driver, David, was waiting to take her to her next destination.“Mr.Batiste asked me to take you to his place,” David said, looking at her through the rearview.She rolled her eyes.“Mr.Batiste can go fuck himself.I have my own place.And you can tell him I said that if you need to.”She was sick of him, sick of all of it.As she sat there, stuck in traffic, brewing, she decided that she would meet this “incentive,” Samuel spoke to her about and decide then whether or not she wanted to work with him.Everything seemed to be pointing in that direction, though.Everything told her to go with Samuel, and to trust him.Courtney trusted him, so she probably should too.Amara sat back and stretched her legs out in the roomy back seat of the car as they drove.It was only six o’clock in New York, but her body was telling her it was midnight.She was also exhausted from the flight and a little hungry.Still, she couldn’t keep her eyes closed.She was back in Manhattan! Back home! As soon as they pulled up to the front of her building, her phone started ringing.She looked at it and saw Philip’s name.She almost didn’t answer, but her finger slid over the screen and she picked up.“Hell—““Why are you going to your building?” Philip asked, interrupting her.She looked around frantically, trying to spot him.“Are you following me?”“You’re in the car I provided, Amara.I keep tabs.”“Oh.Well, I wanted to go home.I have a place to stay, I don’t need yours.”“Very well.Just a warning, your father stays there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.His lover stays there those days as well.”Her hands began to shake as she held the phone to her ear.He was such a bastard, her father.Such a bastard.“Where is your place?” she asked, her voice betraying the rage bubbling deep inside of her.“David will take you.”“Do you stay there?”“As much as I know you would enjoy staying under the same roof as me, no I do not.I have my own place outside of the city that I enjoy very much.”She let out a long breath.“So I’ll be alone?”“Yes.”“Fine.”She slid back in the car, trying not to cry as she was driven away from her apartment building.Trying to keep her emotions in check as she thought about stabbing her father in the heart repeatedly.She hated him, so, so much.Philip’s building wasn’t far from hers, but it was much closer to Colin’s place.She wondered if he still lived there, with Molly.The thought left a bitter taste in her mouth [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]