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.But. Already tired of the adult-toy-store clerk identityshe d previously stolen, Aleaha had seized thechance to better herself, hiding the body and shiftingso that she was an exact match to Macy sappearance, thereby claiming the woman s life asher own.Only later had she learned that Macy had applied toAIR and been accepted.To back out would havelooked suspicious and changing identities yet againhadn t appealed.So she d done it.She d attendedthat first day, then the next.And the next.They dwatched her suspiciously, as if they knew the truth,but they had never accused her and she d realizedshe was probably paranoid.Soon they d evenrelaxed, accepting her as one of their own.Now,here she was, done with trials and on mission one.  must have been off, so I ll try this again, Mia said,cutting into her thoughts. Ten.Nine.Shit.She d missed the end of the first countdown?She was practically begging to be killed tonight.  Seven.Six.Oh, God.What if she did, in fact, die out here? Whatif she lost everything she d worked so hard to gain?Her gun hand shook.You have to stay calm, damnit.With bouts of extreme emotion, she shifted from oneidentity to another without any control. Four.Remember, guns set to stun and only stun.Her pyre-gun was already dialed to the propersetting, so she curled her index finger around thetrigger and swallowed the hard lump in her throat.Breathe in, breathe out.You do know how to fire aweapon, at least.A skill she d learned from her onlytrue friend, Bride McKells.A vampire, and herchampion.They d been separated more than adecade ago, chased apart by cops who d caughtthem breaking into homes for food, and Aleahahadn t been able to find her since.She d never stoplooking, though.  One.All the air in Aleaha s lungs escaped on a suddenrush, hot and blistering, burning her throat andmouth.She tensed, waiting.Waiting.And then it happened.Overhead, the gloomy darkness gave way tosparkling orange-pink flickers.The wind picked up,swirling leaves and beating limbs against eachother.Snow danced in every direction.Then.nothing.It was almost disappointing.Almost.The flickers died, leaving only the haze of stars.Thewind quieted, leaving only the rasp of humanbreathing.Gradually, she relaxed.Maybe the Schnhad decided to stay home.Maybe there d be a partytonight rather than a war, and she wouldn t have toworry about Commander? someone asked.  Hold, Mia replied. Hold steady.We ll stay here allnight if we have to.Easy for her to say.She was nestled inside thatwarm van.Several minutes ticked by in silence.Shudders ofcold began rocking through Aleaha, causing herteeth to chatter.This sucked.Much longer, and hergloved fingers would be frozen to her gun.If thathappened, growing a penis would be easier thanshooting. Cause, yeah, she could even become aman.And had, on several occasions.Hadn t been as funas she d assumed.Penises were weird.They werealsoOne second the circular clearing was empty, the nextit was bursting with hulking, black-clad warriors.And there were far more than the expected ten. What the hell? someone barked. Aleaha jolted in surprise, sizing the visitors up in onepanicked flash: living weapons.They were tall, well-muscled and radiated absolute power and authority.In the traitorous moonlight and snow, she could seethat their features were humanoid if you didn tcount their glowing, golden eyes, like twin sunscrashing through daybreak. Fuck! another of her teammates shouted. Theyaren t Schn, they re Rakans! What do we do?Rakans? The peace-lovers? Couldn t be.There wasno damn way these ready-for-combat warriors wouldbe waving a white flag. Do not kill, Mia commanded. I repeat, do not killthem.Continue with stun.I want to know why they rehere.Now go, go, go.Just as she was about to squeeze her gun s trigger,a honey-scented breeze wafted through the air,taunting, beckoning her to lassitude and.Howodd.Her nipples were beading, but not from the cold.Moisture was dampening her panties, her skintightening over her bones, and drugging heatpouring into her veins.Surely not.Surely the scent was not arousing her.Yet.Why shoot them when she could kiss them? Kissthem.yes.Naughty images saturated hermind.Images of naked, writhing bodies one of themgolden.Seeking, hungry mouths one of themgolden.Wandering, teasing hands again, a pair wasgolden.Satisfaction was only a heartbeat away, theanticipation of pleasure a consuming ache.All shehad to do was drop her weapon, stand, and strip.Strip? Seriously? What the hell was wrong with her?Was she the only one feeling this way? Like her, noone else had moved.  Beautiful, an agent said. Want, another moaned.Apparently not.The warriors remained unmoving, silent, as if theywere disoriented and needed to sober. Why are you just lying there, lusting after them? Didyou not hear me? I said stun them, damn it, thecommander growled.Forcing her mind to blank, one of the toughest thingsAleaha had ever done, she hammered at the triggerwith her index finger.Other agents followed suit, andmultiple blue stun-beams erupted in the night,blending with hers and charting a direct course to thealiens.Hit.Hit.Hit.As the beams made contact, the Rakans wererendered immobile, aware of their surroundings but now unable to move.But most remained untouched,their comrades having acted as their shields [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]