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.When you use the ball with a sitter, always, alwaysremember your phraseology and think before you speak.It salso true that for you the colour yellow may becomesynonymous with something completely different such as thechakra emotions of self-purpose, will-power and mentalawareness.Once you have practised a few times with the ball and once youhave found that the energies flow well, then you can try havinga sitter with you.Make sure they don t touch the ball in any wayand again be clear about the fact that you may not receivemuch information.If you feel that you are having little success,you could always offer them an auric reading or psychometryinstead.394950DD82C-D6BE-418D-8CB5-CE4CA4A470C5 psychic powers text 05 13/5/05 10:16 am Page 395CRYSTAL BALLSAlways remember to cleanse properly after every session.When you have finished closing down and protecting yourself,carefully wipe your ball clean with the cloth and then wrap itand place it away safely.With crystal ball work, you will encounter the area of fortune-telling in a much stronger light.People will expect you todiscuss their future and make predictions.They are likely to askthe usual questions about whether they will marry, change jobsor have children.Dealing with this area requires a certain tactand a definite honesty.It s suggested you put it something likethis: Although I may see possibilities of future events during my work, Imust also stress that no one can predict anyone s future with absolutecertainty.The reason is because each person has their own free will.Even if it is ordained somewhere on a higher plane that you do acertain something in your life, you actually have the choice to changeany pattern at any time.People do it constantly.So although I mightsay there is a possibility of something happening, it is the way youbehave and react that determines whether it will happen or not.Your sitter may want to question that further and it may leadto a discussion for several minutes, but it s important that youdon t mislead anyone.Possibilities are not the same ascertainties.Never offer false hopes; never predict upsettingoutcomes.Neither are set in stone.This same rule applies for the next area we re going to look at:the Tarot cards.395950DD82C-D6BE-418D-8CB5-CE4CA4A470C5 psychic powers text 05 13/5/05 10:16 am Page 396950DD82C-D6BE-418D-8CB5-CE4CA4A470C5 psychic powers text 05 13/5/05 10:16 am Page 397CHAPTER TWENTY ONETHE TAROT CARDSThe using of cards for divination purposes (cartomancy) hasbecome an increasingly popular practice during the twentiethcentury.Of all the cards available, Tarot are certainly the bestknown and most commonly used.It has become morecomplicated during the last thirty years because an enormousinflux of new Tarot cards has come onto the market, makingchoice extremely difficult.We ll look at the different types ofpacks that are available a little later.Have you ever seen a Tarot card or studied one? Most of ushave seen or used Tarot cards at some time during our life.Some people have a negative reaction because of their strongimages; others immediately identify with them and want toknow more.Dependent upon your response, Tarot can beanother very powerful tool in psychic development.Thedetailed and thought-provoking visual images are capable ofopening your mind into the realms of higher consciousness.They are often described as the gateway to the soul or a meansof uniting the body and soul.As with every psychic tool, somepeople respond more favourably than others.The uncertainty concerning their origins only adds to theTarot s innate sense of the mystical.There are so many theories397950DD82C-D6BE-418D-8CB5-CE4CA4A470C5 psychic powers text 05 13/5/05 10:16 am Page 398DISCOVER YOUR PSYCHIC POWERSabout the beginnings of Tarot.Some believe they originatedfrom ancient Egypt through the writings of a mystic, HermesTrismegistus.However, there are also very strong linksconnecting Tarot and the Cabbala, a form of ancient divinationaccessed through the Hebrew alphabet.Tarot is also said tohave come from the Romany gypsies who spread theirknowledge in their journeys from North Africa to Europe; theHungarian gypsy word  Tar means card.Others pose theoriesinvolving Tantra (an Indian spiritual movement), medievalCeltic traditions, masters of Atlantis, or Chaldean astrologicalbeliefs.It s also known that, during the Middle Ages,involvement in any form of non-religious meditation orspiritual belief was dangerous; it s thought that the Tarot was asafer way to allow divine knowledge to be passed on, as wordswere not necessary.As no one knows the truth for certain, onecan relate the deeply mystical power of the Tarot to almost anyfield of spiritual enlightenment.Of course, this is also whatmakes the Tarot so intriguing.What is not disputed is the earliest known Tarot in existence.These date back to 1392 but only seventeen remain from thefull deck.To find the first full pack of Tarot one has to goforward to Italy in the 1420s.An Italian artist, BonifacioBembo, was commissioned by the Visconti family of Milan topaint a complete set of Tarot.They were a wedding gift for themarriage between the Sforza and Visconti families.Today, the Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards.Each card iscalled an  arcanum which translates as  mystery or  secret.Thepack of cards consists of two parts: the twenty-two trump cardsknown as the Major Arcana and a set of four suits called theMinor Arcana.398950DD82C-D6BE-418D-8CB5-CE4CA4A470C5 psychic powers text 05 13/5/05 10:16 am Page 399THE TAROT CARDSThe Major Arcana is a series of strong pictorial images, eachgiven an individual name and number.Generally, they are saidto symbolize the journey of a soul from its birth toenlightenment.Many see the distinctive Fool at the inceptionand follow through to the final arcanum depicting The World.Each of these twenty-two cards is intended to be a meditativetool to unlock the subconscious and awaken a deepunderstanding about different aspects of life.Look briefly atthe names of these cards:Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Pope, Lovers,Chariot, Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, HangedMan, Death, Temperance, Devil, Tower, Star, Moon, Sun,Judgement and The World.Don t some of the words on their own make your thoughtsspiral onto other levels? When used in conjunction with vividimages, it s easy to see how Tarot becomes a powerful tool.Originally, the Major Arcana were considered the mostimportant part of Tarot and their meanings and significancewere relied upon heavily in readings [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]