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. Let them.With that said, Barrett lowered her jeans down her legs and leftthe material right above her boots.When he stopped and studied herpanties, she closed her eyes and muttered a curse as mortificationwashed over her. Are those new, too? His amusement only embarrassed her Trio 75further.She thought by wearing her least sexy panties it would stop herfrom taking it this far, if by chance he came after her.And come afterher he did.And now here they were, her practically naked except forher boots and granny panties. Oh, damn it. She reached down to grab her pants and pull themup, but Barrett stopped her.She couldn t bring herself to look at him,the humiliation too much. I m sorry. Don t be. He then undid his pants and pulled them to his knees,revealing the kind of boxers only men married or otherwise notlooking to get laid wore. What do you think? Sexy, right?She laughed and looked up at him. I thought by wearing thesethat I d stop before I let it get this far. And I thought by wearing my grampy boxers I d definitely notbe stripping down tonight. Grampy boxers?Chris pulled his pants down to reveal a similar pair of baggyboxers. Grampy boxers.We all got them from GG every year forChristmas.Don t knock the name.She hid her smile.Sort of. Oh, I wouldn t think of it.They all stood there with their pants around their knees, and staredat each other for several seconds before bursting out in a fit of gigglesthat had them almost in tears. Sit, Chris ordered. Let me get thosewafflestompers off.Sarah did and lifted her leg for him to start on her left boot.Heunlaced her boots and slipped them off, never bothering to pull hispants back up.Her gaze flicked down to the rigid cock between hislegs, hidden behind his ugly boxers, and she quickly looked away.Dear God.He was huge.That thing would never fit in anything ofhers.She then glanced over at Barrett and almost swallowed hertongue.He d already removed everything but his socks and hat, andhad his rigid cock in his hand.As he stroked it slowly, his smolderinggaze never left her face. 76 Eve Adams See anything you like? Barrett wiggled his brow. Most definitely, she purred, wiggling her brow in return.Chris brought her attention back to him as he slid her jeans all theway off.He left the granny panties on, and she looked down at themand giggled.He kicked his boots off and sent the jeans and boxers with them.He then pulled off his hat, removed his shirt, and replaced the hat.Holy and shit.She d never seen anything so damn erotic and sexyin her entire life two cowboys in nothing but a hat and socks.Shelost her smile and stared at them, licking her lips and fighting the urgeto lose all control, jump into one of their arms, and attack.She didn t have to.Barrett stepped to her and pulled her into his arms, crashing hislips to hers and devouring her.He swept his tongue across her lipsand opened her mouth, nudging her tongue with his and pulling her intighter.Sarah gave as good as she received.She d never had anyone kissher like this, like he was a dying man and she was his last meal.Itmade her shake with need, with uncontrollable desire.Chris moved behind her and buried his face into her neck, nippingand teasing her flesh with his teeth.He reached around and dipped hishand down beneath the elastic of her panties.She rocked her hipsforward to grant him better access.He chuckled against her ear, his breath hot and wet. That s mygirl.So hot, so wet.She reached up and weaved her fingers into the coarse hairs onBarrett s hard chest, loving the way they tickled against her hands andbreasts.Her core tingled, and if her clit didn t get some sort ofattention soon, she d die, the need for her to quench that orgasmicthirst so stark, so vivid, that it actually hurt.He rocked his hips and pushed his erection up against her tummyas Chris moved his hand around to her back and caressed her skin,running his fingers up and down her spine.She shuddered and rolled Trio 77her hips in return to create the friction she so frantically craved.Lifting her into his arms, Barrett then pulled a breast into his mouth asshe wrapped her legs around him.Chris moved in closer behind her,and she sat perfectly sandwiched between cowboy Gods.The way Barrett flicked his tongue against her sensitive flesh hadher crying out from the carnal pleasure.Chris reached around andpinched the other nipple, and she cried out again. Your body is so sweet and hot, Barrett whispered against herflesh, warming her with both his words and touch.Carrying her to theroller cart Chris pulled out next to the fridge, Barrett set her down,and she jerked up straight from the coolness of the metal against hersensitive flesh. Cold, she explained when they both spiked their brows inunison. Let me fix that. Barrett pulled her panties off and tossed them,where they landed Sarah didn t know nor did she care.His finger hadalready started to burrow between the moist lips of her pussy.Shegrabbed on to the cart behind her when he slowly eased inside,exploring the recesses of her cunt, his gaze never leaving her face. Is that better? It s getting there. How about this. Chris stepped up next to her and rested the crestof his penis near her lips. Would this warm you up, sucking on mycock?She licked her lips when she spotted a glistening drop of pre-cumoozing out of the end. Let s find out.He grinned and took a step toward her, sinking his flesh betweenher lips.She rolled her tongue along the underside and sucked him in,moaning at how good he tasted.Barrett removed his finger and replaced it with two. You likethat, don t you, baby? You like it when I fuck your pussy with myfingers.If they wanted to talk dirty, two could play at that game.Or, in 78 Eve Adamsthis case, three. I d rather you use your cock to fuck my pussy, she moaned andpulled Chris s rigid cock back into her mouth.Barrett flicked the padof his thumb across her clit. Oh, yeah.His gaze now black, clouded with insatiable hunger, Barrettreached down and pulled off his boxers.Sarah tried not to stare, butdamn, he deserved to be stared at. You like what you see? Is that for me? She licked her lips and then glanced over atChris s glistening dick.She had to admit, they had pretty incrediblefamily similarities. And only for you, baby. That makes two of us, Chris groaned and pumped his hips tomove his cock in and out of her mouth. Jesus, Sarah.Your mouth isso fucking hot, baby.Suck me, just like that.Ah, yeah.I ve never feltanything like it.Her heart skipped a few painful beats when he said that.She knewit was all part of the role they played, but she couldn t help but hopehe really meant them. Then fuck me before I decide to take my attention elsewhere [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]