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.Somewhere in front of Noah, Aria Marrow s son, Paris,knelt by his mother s now-still body, and Noah realized thatunfortunately, Tyrell s death had killed her as well.One more casualty in the war he himself had started.If only he dbeen able to find another way.If only he d had enough courage to tryto rescue his father.But he hadn t, and now, those screams, Daire spain, and Paris s loss would haunt him for all time.How would heeven be able to face Rhys after this? Fuck, just the thought made him 72 Scarlet Hyacinthsick to his stomach.He had torn apart so many things.The last thinghe wanted was to do the same to the incubus.Alas, this time around, Noah s hands were tied, and he had nochoice but to follow the path he d already picked for himself.Hispunishment already awaited him.He only hoped he would not draganyone else down with him.* * * *As Noah opened his eyes, he looked at Rhys, waiting to see theincubus s reaction.Much to his dismay, tears were flowing freelydown Rhys s cheeks, his gaze filled with heartbreak, love, andcompassion. Why? Why did you keep this from me? I just wanted to protect you, baby, Noah replied.He didn t wantRhys to hate him, but receiving Rhys s pity was almost as bad.Howcould Noah hope to be a good mate for Rhys when he couldn t evenprotect his lover from his own dark nature?  You deserve better. I already have what I wanted most in the world. Rhys wiped hiseyes and smiled slightly. But you know, the two of us are quite apair.I wanted to shelter you from seeing my demon side.I thoughtyou would be disgusted by it, by my hunger. Never! Noah replied impassionedly. I would never holdsomething like that against you.It s just a part of you, and a beautifulone at that. If you think that, why don t you realize I feel the same way aboutyou? Rhys s fingers dug into Noah s arms, as if the incubus wastrying to make him see the truth by forcing it into his mind.Noah wasdistantly aware that in this place, he shouldn t be experiencingphysical pain, but this was as real as his bond with Rhys, as genuineas the emotions Noah had allowed himself to relive. Do you believe I m incapable of giving you the same courtesyyou ve given me? Rhys insisted. The Warlock Who Hungered for a Demon 73 Being a demon is not shameful, Rhys, Noah told his mate. Being a killer is. You re so stubborn. Rhys hugged Noah tightly. Look into myheart, Noah, and see yourself through my eyes.Then you will knowwho you are.Without giving Noah the chance to protest, Rhys pressed his lipsto Noah s.Noah felt a different presence there, Kieve urging him on,helping him grasp what he needed to in order to save himself.Noah instinctively resisted, but Rhys s presence shattered hisresolve.Following Rhys s urge, Noah forced himself to open hismind.It was hard since everything inside him screamed that he shouldkeep Rhys from the ugliness inside him.But Rhys would not bedenied.Surrounded in the cocoon of Kieve s magic, Noah felt Rhys sincubus abilities crack the shell that had protected his heart.At the same time, Rhys revealed his emotions, showingeverything he was and he felt to Noah.Noah had caught glimpses of itbefore, when they made love, when their bodies and minds becameone.But this was different.It was like he d been shown a treasurehe d deliberately blinded himself from.At a deep, subconscious level,he had refused to acknowledge the extent of Rhys s love for him, butnow& Now, everything was different.As Rhys s love washed over him, Noah saw himself once more inthe same memories that had haunted him.He understood themthrough a new perspective, through Rhys s mind.He could not fullyabandon his regret, but in Rhys s affection, he found forgiveness.Allof a sudden, a burst of bright light exploded within Noah, making awhirlpool of emotions swell within him, past, present, and futurecoming together to teach him a lesson he would never forget.When he came to, he realized they were back in the pixie grove.The clouds had vanished, but Noah didn t doubt that what he dexperienced was real.He felt cleansed, at last understanding his truemistakes.Yes, he hurt because he d been forced to kill his father, buthe couldn t turn back time to change that, in the same way that he 74 Scarlet Hyacinthcouldn t have modified Tyrell s personality and goals even if he hadtried.Yes, Paris had made the attempt with his mother, but it hadresulted in failure, which would have undoubtedly been the resultshould Noah have followed his example [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]