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. How do you know? I don t know, just& I ve never heard of it. Doesn t mean it isn t done.C mon, make a wish.Let me know when you ve gotit.She thought for a second about what she should wish for, what she might want tocome true in the next year, and the only thing she could come up with was the manstanding behind her, waiting to spank her.Him, and a chance to be with him for her next birthday was all she wanted. I vegot it. Will I like it if it comes true?89 Lissa Matthews Yes. Will it make you happy if it comes true? Oh yes. Good.Then let s get to work on fulfilling it.Spankings first& Ready?Mandi nodded.When the first slap fell against her ass, the heat in her bellyunfurled and spiraled down between her legs&Oh fuck yeah, the best birthday present.Ever.90 About the AuthorLissa is a full-time and multi-published author living in North Carolina.For moreinformation and news, visit her website or email her.She loves to hear from fans.Lissa welcomes comments from readers.You can find her website and emailaddress on her author bio page at www.ellorascave.com.Tell Us What You ThinkWe appreciate hearing reader opinions about our books.You can email us atComments@EllorasCave.com. Also by Lissa MatthewsCarnal EcstasySimple NeedThe Demon is an AngelThe Swing Discover for yourself why readers can t get enough of the multiple award-winningpublisher Ellora s Cave.Whether you prefer ebooks or paperbacks, be sure to visit ECon the web at www.ellorascave.com for an erotic reading experience that will leave youbreathless.www.ellorascave.com [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]



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