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.If you look within yourselfand about you, you will see how little creative thinking there is,how little understanding.Most so-called thinking is not original, itis merely repetitive, what Sankara, Buddha, Christ, Marx orsomebody else has said.Actually to put aside all authority, allbooks and try to find out for oneself what is true, requires a greatdeal of creative intelligence, does it not? Acceptance may merelybe the reaction of a conditioned mind; so is it not important, notonly to ask what is truth, what is God, but to explore the questiondirectly for oneself? And to do that, must not the mind be free fromall conditioning, Hindu Buddhist Christian, Communist, or anyother This requires a tremendous inward revolution, rebellionagainst everything, does it not? It demands revolt, not for revolt'ssake, but a revolt which sets the mind free to discover.When we talk about revolt, we generally mean revolt accordingto a certain formula, do we not? We revolt in order to bring aboutadjustment to a chosen pattern of thought, or to establish a particular type of society.What we call revolt is a process ofresistance, suppression.Now, can the mind revolt withoutaccepting any formula, the formula being a reaction, a conditionedresponse? Can it put all that aside and discover what is truth? It isonly such revolt that brings about creative thinking, creativeunderstanding, and that is what is essential now, not more leaders,spiritual or political.Each one of us must actually discover forhimself what is truth, and we cannot find out what is truth unlesswe are in total rebellion.You listen to all this, you shake yourheads in assent, but if you merely go home and carry on as beforeit will have no meaning.You see, sirs, unless we accept thechallenge of the new we are already dead; and the mind cannotunderstand the new if it is not free, if it is burdened with aparticular belief or formula.So, can the mind be in total revolution and not merely acceptand be satisfied with an economic revolution such as theCommunists offer? Can there be a total revolution in our thinking?It seems to me that our only salvation is to be a light untoourselves.A ship which is anchored cannot go out to sea, and amind which is tethered to any belief or ideology is incapable ofdiscovering what is truth.One must become conscious, aware thatone's mind is entrenched in certain forms of security, not onlyphysically but much more psychologically, that is caught inphrases, in beliefs, in ideas, in various manifestations of fear.Acceptance of a belief may give us great satisfaction, a sense ofsecurity, and in that security there is a certain power; but such amind obviously cannot find out what is truth.It may repeat whatSankara, Buddha or other ancient teachers have said, but that is not individual, creative discovery.Not to seek any form of psychological security, any form ofgratification, requires investigation, constant watchfulness to seehow the mind operates; and surely that is meditation, is it not?Meditation is not the practice of a formula, or the repetition ofcertain words, which is all silly, immature.Without knowing thewhole process of the mind, conscious as well as unconscious, anyform of meditation is really a hindrance, an escape, a childishactivity; it is a form of self-hypothesis.But to be aware of theprocess of thinking, to go into it carefully step by step with fullconsciousness and discover for oneself the ways of the self - that ismeditation.It is only through self-knowledge that the mind can befree to discover what is truth, what is God, what is death, what isthis thing that we call living.Do you understand, sirs? Why do we suffer, why do we obey,why is there this conflict within ourselves and in society? After all,living for most of us is suffering, it is a constant battle or theboredom of a routine.And is that life? The desire for fulfilmentwith its frustrations, the battle of ambition with its fear andruthlessness, this constant struggle within oneself and with one'sneighbour, the agony of relationship - is this living? Or have wecreated this appalling society because we do not understand whatliving is? So is it not important to find out the real significance ofall these things? And can the mind find out? What is the mind, themind that is capable of reason, logic? Reason and logic depend onmemory, memory being conditioned by past experience; and cansuch a mind discover what is truth? Or is the discovery of truthpossible only when the mind understands the whole process of experience, of memory, of knowledge, reason and logic, and bygoing beyond itself brings about a stillness in which reality can be?But it is impossible for a mind that is everlastingly caught in theacquisition of knowledge and experience to discover what is truth.All this raises an immense question: whether you are really anindividual, or merely a movement of the collective.Civilization,whether Hindu, Christian or Communist, is obviously the result ofthe collective will, and a mind which is absorbed in the collectivecan never find out what is truth.To be an individual the mind mustunderstand and be free of the collective, and only then is it capableof discovering the highest.This means really a total revolution,because the collective is tradition, belief, knowledge, experience,and the authority of the book.Unless we understand these problems fundamentally, merereformation becomes further misery.Have you not noticed thatpoliticians all over the world are trying to establish peace and yetpreparing for war? Every problem they touch brings otherproblems, and so it is in our own lives.There is a multitude ofproblems, a multitude of sorrows, and never a moment of deephappiness, of quietness, of full rejoicing.Happiness and enduringpeace cannot be brought about by any legislation, by anysuperficial reform.When the mind, being aware of itself andknowing its collective movement, is in total revolution against thecollective and is therefore discovering its own incorruptibility -only then is it able to discover what is truth, and this discovery isthe only solution to all our human problems [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]