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."The short version, if youplease, Doctor.""The Indians of the Caribbean Sea had a legend of a mysterious island ofpower somewhere north ofCuba in the Bahamas Chain.Have you ever been totheBahamas , Captain?""No, they are a bit away from our usual routes," said William."Pity," saidDee."This island is usually called Bimini.The Indian legendssay that only the pure of heart could find the islands.It seems that somecould find it while other could not even though they sailed the same waters.Most Europeans did not believe Bimini existed but one Juan Ponce de Leon didtake the legends seriously.He became convinced that the island was the siteof the fabled fountain of youth.Why that in particular, I cannot fathom, asthe legends speak of many wonders, eternal youth being but one."Deerefreshed his voice, from a mug."DeLeon was given permission by Charles V ofSpain to mount a search in "Deeconsulted his notes." March, 1513.He sailed the waters with Indian guidesand found precisely nothing.He did, however, bump intoFlorida and plant acolony there.St.Augustine , I think it was called.DeLeon tried again in1521, with exactly the same result except that this time he ran foul of theFloridan Indians who drove him off.As far as I know, no European has everfound Bimini and the Indians who knewits location are long gone.There thestory ends.""So why your interest, Doctor?" asked Walsingham.He had waited patientlythroughDee 's lecture.The doctor could be irritating but he was the foremostscholar of the secret and hidden sciences inEngland."Isabella's journal, Sir Francis.She claims to have visited Bimini.Herwritings are difficult to comprehend.They were written in code, ofcourse,"Dee said."No doubt that gave you few difficulties, Doctor," said Walsingham."It presented a pretty problem, Sir Francis."But, as you know, any code canbe cracked, given enough time.The problem with the journal is not the codebut the guarded and mysterious references within.It can only be understood byone steeped in the secret sciences.The average sort of turnip eater wouldhave no hope of comprehending her writings.""So what are your conclusions then,Dee ? And why am I listening to this?""I anticipate that you have not seen the end of Isabella, Sir Francis.Shewas the real power behind the coup.Oxford would have been king only in nameand I suspect that the Spanish do not control her either.She has vaultingambition and a desire for power.Most witches are sad old women who gullsimple villagers out of parsnips.I believe the Lady Isabella to be the realthing.From the references in her journal, she has developed a deep antipathyto you and your niece.I doubt that events inEssex have altered that opinionand I do not think that she is the sort of person who turns the other cheek."Page 224 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.html"Well, no doubt we will deal with her should she ever return to theseshores," said Walsingham, rising."Thank you for your warning.""Sit, please, Sir Francis.There is more."Dee made a seating movement withhis hand."Isabella's power comes from Bimini.I suspect she is far older thanshe looks, if I have determined certain astrological charts in her journalcorrectly.""You think she has found the fountain of youth, Doctor?" asked Simon."Oh, I think she has found more than that, Master Tunstall.I think she hasfound a source of great power.This little trinket,"Dee pointed to the seadiamond mirror, "is but a pale reflection of what lies in Bimini.Tell me, SirFrancis.Do you know where Isabella went when she leftLondon ?""At the Low Countries, she joined a Spanish vessel carrying a unit of Italianmercenaries bound for theAmericas ," said Walsingham."I was afraid of that.The Secret Service must stop her, Sir Francis, beforeshe replenishes her power at Bimini.""You present me with a pretty problem, Doctor.My arm is long but.theAmericas !"Deegestured at William."You have a race-built galleon and crew.Why notovertake her?""Hold, Doctor.It's a big ocean out there.One ship cannot intercept anotherat sea," said William."Can it not, Captain? Well, mayhap one can't normally but it all depends whatyou use to search."Dee looked at Lucy, meaningfully."Send Lucy?To theAmericas ?Think you that I am demented?" Walsingham wasoutraged."I agree with Sir Francis.It would be madness to risk her on such aventure," said William.Lucy opened her mouth to protest butDee forestalled her."Isabella must be taken and her source of power at Bimini destroyed.WithoutLady Dennys, you will find neither."Dee walked to a shelf and pulled downtheSecretum Secrotorum."Aristotle places the fountain of youth on an islandfound beyond thePillars of Hercules.The philosopher claims that most whoseek the island will fail to find it unless they can see into Hades, for theisland spends but little time in our world.""It's a portal," said Lucy, excitedly."The whole island is a portal and itmoves in and out of the Other World.That's why de Leon couldn't find it.""That is my conclusion," saidDee."Methinks Bimini must have a massivesource of power to move a whole island.Enough, perhaps, to speed Lilithhome.""I see," said Walsingham."We stop Isabella and Lilith destroys her source ofpower at Bimini by leaving Lucy.I like this solution.It deals with so manyissues.""Will Lilith agree, Lucy?" asked Walsingham.Page 225 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.html"Lilith is my friend.She will do what I ask," said Lucy, neutrally.Deepulled over Mercator's globe."If Bimini is between theBahamas andFloridathen it must be about here, Captain."William studied the globe and traced a route south to the latitude line andthen west across the ocean."How much start does Isabella have?""A little over two weeks, Captain," said Walsingham."Two weeks! And it will take us half a week to prepare the ship for atransoceanic voyage and then warp her out of theThames.TheSwallow is fasterthan any Spanish ship, Sir Francis, but be reasonable man.She will havenearly three weeks lead on us.It's not possible to overtake her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]