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.And at the end of the year youfound out if you'd made money or not.Hell, you could "day trade" on the commodity market.Going "long" on wheat,selling "short" on sow-belly (bacon).But it was always, truly, about goinglong.It was reading the crystal ball.By December all the money was countedand all the bills were paid or you'd lost the bet.You'd gotten the wronganswer from the crystal ball.My dad was the fucking prophet Elijah, every single year.Which was why westayed in business.Hell, I always wondered why he didn't just give up farmingand trade in commodities.He would have made a killing.I wasn't a prophet but you only had to be reasonably keyed in to see where wewere heading.You only had to have the sort of head that could put five or tenvariables, not complicated ones, together, plug in the known constants and getan answer.The "model" in my head said that we were looking at a famine in 2020 and 2021.Could be marginal, looked to be major.But there simply wasn't going to beenough food for all our remaining mouths.And the winter was going to beanother killer.And the internal ESM models said the same about both production and weather.Then I'd look at what the USDA and the Met office was saying and shake myhead.That, by the way, was one of the variables.The fact that the people whoshould have been making accurate predictions were making predictions basedpurely on politics and fantasy.Commodity markets were back up by spring of 2020.USDA was saying one thing.Independent research firms were saying the exact opposite.(Army data wassecret but leaked.) Trading was all over the board.Long on wheat? Short onwheat? Hell, was there going to be any wheat?Generally, the trading was very "stagnant." Which meant less money availablefor supplies.But just about anyone who got into the commodities market in2020 got their balls handed to them.It was supposed to be pre-planting.Met office was saying temps were going tobe coming up, fast.USDA was predicting soil temperatures that were on with2018 or earlier.Like they were totally ignoring the fact that we wereentering an ice age.But it was so clear, by then, that all but the most "government uber alles"tofu-heads were tuning them out.They'd constantly predicted bettertemperature regimes.Because of "global warming." Which everyone was startingto realize was so much bunk.They'd stood in food lines in below zero,Farenheit, temperatures.They knew it wasn't getting warmer.Not that year, byGod.And the Bitch was starting to campaign for office.She still had supporters.Some.The core of the news media, for sure.The "limousine liberals" who hadmanaged to sail through the Plague and the Chill because, of course they gotimmunized and of course they got paid and had access to all their usual foods.But even that was starting to crumble.Her opponents were beating her with a stick every time they got a second ofairtime.Polls showed her numbers to be in the low twenties.And going down.So then she started.reacting.Chapter TwoWe Are TOO Going to Have an Election!In March of 2020 the Bitch "nationalized" a major radio network.It had alwaysbeen fairly right wing.It broadcast not only on local stations but onsatellite.And it had hung in there, barely, through the whole Plague and thedepression that followed.Lots of marginal stations just shut down, but it wasstill hanging in there.Then it was announced, on all the stations, that they had been seized by thefederal government for "violation of Fair Use laws." Essentially, theirPage 204 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlcommentators had been saying Bad Things about the Bitch and thus she shut themdown.The FCC was ordered to ensure "Fair Use" of airtime in all radio and broadcastTV stations.Short of simply turning off all the radio stations, she couldn't get rid ofevery person working for the company.And most of the "talent" were notexactly Friends of Warrick.But they knew the score.Toe the Party Line or toethe soup line.But, hell, they were experts in playing with words.I got sent an MP3 in ane-mail from a guy who was still on his talk show down in Georgia.Very rightwing.But he was "toeing the party line." The opening:"We have another pronouncement of better things for tomorrow from our gloriousleader President Warrick!" All in a tone of utter sincerity.Subtle propaganda works for Americans.It was the stock in trade of the MSM.Over the top propaganda they spot in a heartbeat.And laugh their asses off.But they weren't being "unfair." They were giving Warrick almost all theirairtime.And when they spoke of her opponents it was."Today, the evil Senator from Tennessee, Fred Carson, who has the audacity tothink he can best our glorious leader in November, suggested to a paltry groupof scum-sucking supporters that perhaps some of her actions were uncalled foror perhaps wrongly judged.How dare he! The evil of the man suggesting thatthe vaccine distribution was, and I quote as the words cause bile in my mouth,'less than optimal.' He should be shot and then hanged and then torn to piecesfor suggesting our glorious leader is not perfect in every way!"Yeah, they were "fair." Don't you think?(Actually, there were people who complained about the presentation ofWarrick's opponents as being "unfair" and "destructive." Some people justcannot get a joke.)But we were getting into normal planting time in Minnesota.And snow wasbarely melting in Virginia.USDA estimates of "optimum soil temperatureregimes" for various foods passed and were updated, passed and were updated.Based on those estimates, the tofu-eaters following the directions on thepacket (that packet being the pamphlets they'd gotten from the county agentswho were passing them from USDA headquarters) had laid in seeds, whereavailable, for planting that were designed for a normal season.It wasn't a normal season [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]