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."Y-You won't do anything to Ken.will you?" The big, handsome man smiled."Like I said much earlier.Doll, that depends on you.I'm a great believerin an eye for an eye.and that husband of yours deserves to have both of his plucked out! But.if youcooperate, I'll show mercy.""A-And.and if I don't?" Jean ventured courageously."Then.you both lose all the way around," he replied, his eyes narrowing lecherously."I'll fuck the shitout of you anyway.and Mr.Ken Wilson will go to the galleys! It's your choice, Baby.like I alsosaid before.""Oh.oh please.and will you stop using those horrible, filthy four-letter words!" she whimpered,trembling once more.Dear God, she just couldn't.couldn't submit her body to him.! Suddenly, shetilted the glass to her lips and drained it, holding to the back of the sofa, then abruptly tried to gain herfeet once more.His arm went over her, not touching her, but barring her way.Slowly, she lowered hertrembling hand to the exposed nylon-encased flesh of her thigh and his larger one came down to cover it.Her heart bolted at his unabashed aggression, seeming to surge upward right into her throat.She gapedat him breathlessly, then squirmed backwards, working herself into the corner of the seat.He smiled, notunhandsomely, but those lecherous lights were dancing in his flinty eyes to frighten her."You're a very luscious and desirable little girl, Jean baby," he spoke softly."I'm just sorry I had to bethe one to show you that tape, but you would've found out sooner or later, anyway.Those episodesalways come to light.though, maybe you ought to thank me for letting you know what kind of anadulterous punk you're married to before it's too late," he went on, his hot hand caressing her owntenderly."No.no, Ken's not an adulterous punk!" she snapped in his defense, the full impact of the salacioussequence of scenes coming back to her."I don't know how it came to happen, but I'm sure it wasn'tmy husband's fault.He loves me too much! I'm certain of that!""Well.I'll say you're loyal, anyway, little girl," Max said, his own drinks warming him into a mellowmood that made him momentarily feel as charming as he did lecherous.Nevertheless, the latter emotion,as always, predominated, and he smiled while the licentious gleam flamed brighter in his eyes."A helpless tremor rippled through Jean as she felt his hand move brazenly to the bowl of her tense belly,smoothing suggestively before slipping around her waist while he inched closer to her, until his big,handsome face was mere inches from her own.But what amazed her more was that the touch of hishand and its generating warmth through the material of her maid-uniform sent a strange, unwanted thrillspiraling upward along her spine.She fought it; she couldn't ignore the fact that she was definitely amarried girl.and even though Ken, for whatever reasons, had violated their vows, she had nointentions of doing the same; but she still loved her darling husband and would stand beside him,regardless of anything he had done!"Stop.! Please.oh please stop!" she insisted emphatically, writhing from his grasp and gaining herfeet unsteadily."No matter what has happened, I-I can't be a part of what you want! Please, I beg ofyou, let me go downstairs.?"Max arose beside her, his features set in a determined expression."You make it difficult, Jean baby.but only for yourself and that gook you're married to! I told you how it was going to be.willingly, orunwillingly.but fuck all the way! It's going to happen, chick, but how is still your choice!"Jean stiffened as if she'd been submerged in ice-water, the shocking fact that there was no escape finallyreaching her! Her lovely little mouth fell loosely open and her striking eyes widened in utter disbelief,again his blatant use of the evil word knifing into her as she at last began to sense the measure of her helplessness against him.She sensed his hands slipping around her waist again and the strength of hispowerful arms slowly but surely drawing her tight against him, those same hands moving blatantly downto encompass the round, full spheres of her buttocks.She felt the blood rushing to her face in the shameof his coarse hands moving intimately over her tensed, fear-cringing body."S-Stop! Oh God, stop it!" she pleaded desperately.He hardly heard her as he ran his big hands over her lecherously, holding her within the imprisonment ofhis massive arms."There's no escape, Baby," he hissed down into her face."I'm going to claim thisproud little ass of yours.but I promise you one thing.you'll cum like a Roman fountain!"She could only gape across the inches upward into his face as his teasing hands massaged and strokedher soft, sensuous young buttocks, pressing her tighter against the terrible rising bulge at his loins, whilehis words and promise taunted her brain in unavoidable desire.Feebly, she struggled in his arms, as if to satisfy her own conscience, but in actuality she was helplessagainst his great strength, and slowly he lowered his head until his lips completely engulfed her soft, moistmouth, his hot tongue worming wetly beyond her teeth into the vainly resisting cavern beyond.He heldher close, his large, hotly massaging hands ever-moving as they pressed into the round cheeks of her lushyoung buttocks to force her pelvis tighter against him, his height placing the throbbing bulge of his penishard against the soft giving flesh of her belly, and an ungovernable tremor rippled over her.God! Something unfathomable was happening inside her! She was actually experimenting little tremuloussensations of unwanted excitement to counteract those of shame and repulsion at his forced assault onher body, and although she offered limited spasmodic resistance, her mouth opened willingly to thepillage of his lewdly working tongue, and she relaxed against him as he drew her back down onto thecouch, his large right hand completely engulfing her full, erectly throbbing breast, sending furtherelectric-like tingle soaring licentiously through her!"Oohhh.ooahhh!" she groaned, flustered, and he smiled arrogantly above her."Can't help yourself can you, Baby?" he taunted lewdly, his hands roving over her exploringly."It's theabsinthe [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]