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.The sorcerer is the mover in circles,the Circular, and the magic circle girdles the hidden field of his creativeendeavour.He encircles and ensorcels all things, as the original church,kirk or circle embraced the entire creation in manifestation.By developing ideas suggested by meditation on one's inmostnature, by becoming obsessed by them, one weaves the fabric of theinterior universe.Nothing may assail it, for it is the Palace of Truth.The process should not be mistaken for Gamaliel 43mysticism, since that has an object (union with God), whereas the interioruniverse is autotelic.One has to be strong, for obsession is a terrible thing.The worldtoday is obsessed by ideas of money, power, quantity.Individualsdevoted to these materializations of energy are magically impotent andfilled with misery.Obsessed by these ideas, man lives in the self-generated hell of the external universe.To contemplate the confusion of the external world is therefore fatal.People die when their obsessions prove worthless, and their death is arevulsion.But the sorcerer, the circular and returner, is the one whoreturns to his source, which is the true magic circle that embraces theinterior universe.Because of our peculiar physical equipment it is possible to generatethe obsessive twins which reveal the inner world.Herein lies thesignificance of the twin gods, Set and Horus.Set destroyed the illusoryouter world, the Body of Osiris; Horus revealed the true inner world, theSpirit of Osiris established for Eternity.But Cosmos is only apparentlydual, as are the ideas of Spirit and Matter, the primal twins.Thesorcerer imbues them with life, his own life, and he infuses them withthe vitality of the Self.He then realises that all selves are identical, andthat Matter is the substance wherewith the Self builds as many worlds orideas as it pleases.These occult processes are the means of resolving Chaos without, andof achieving Cosmos within.The object always mirrors its Subject.November 24I slept badly, with vivid and unpleasant dreams.After a frugalmeal I robed myself in the blue robe which has not been worn since.[The sentence ends thus abruptly.Ed.]I have evolved a new magical posture.I lie spreadeagled on the bedwithin the circle of ice, my head lolling over the side, my legs flexedagainst the wall at the side.The blue robe veils me like shimmering water,and I visualise the scarlet tongue of 44 Gamalielthe Fire Snake as it swells within the descending triangleformed by my legs and the wall.I maintained this posture for hours, jerking myself awake when sleepthreatened to intervene.I heard harsh metallic voices, raucous jangles asof cabs on cobbles, hissings as of gas-jets, the noise of doors opening andclosing.Scenes of my early life whirled past my inner gaze.Eachincident, crystal clear and precisely delineated, floated by: slowly at first,then swept along by a magnetic current which followed the ring of theice-zone encircling the bed.Faces appeared and disappeared, monstrousforms, twisted figures, distorted images of dreaming- and waking-lifeinextricably fused.Then the image of a vast black ass loomed over me and seemed todescend from the ceiling and pass into my being.I felt enormouslystrong; my legs beat against the wall in a mad tattoo which brought downupon the bed ribbons of paper adhering to chunks of plaster.A longtentacle moved up and down inside me and - within the triangle - I sawthe scarlet snake swell up, dash back its hood and fix me with a venomousglance.A tongue of black fire licked up the sacrament as it jetted fromme.I writhed in a sea of forgetfulness; my breasts swelled, their moundsfilled the entire room - fire-tipped ice-peaks of smooth cold snowspurting globules of blood.I floated to the centre of a vast desert where a dark crater spatfumes, sulphurous, blinding.The ass which I had absorbed,materialised beside me, braying loudly.Then it reared upon me, itsreeking breath hot upon my cheeks.It swung against me its supplemember, and the pink nudity of it stood out obscenely against the blackhirsute belly.Again and again I tried to fill my being with thesuperhuman force it offered.Again and again I was denied, chained byshackles of inner resistance.And then, as if distilled from clouds of lurid heat and glaucous haze,a woman's body hung before me in midheaven, frozen for an instant inperfect stillness.Then her hair moved, stirred by a breeze.Her breastswere high, small and rounded, Gamaliel 45her waist slim and white, her hips heavy.She was a goddess.But Iloathed her, and as I fell upon her with my teeth and nails, shedisappeared, leaving behind her a gale of laughter.Then she returnedand changed her form.She took between her breasts the head of the ass,and with her jewelled fingers grasped its pizzle.A savage neighing brokeupon the air, thick with the incense of fungi burning in the Sefekh-darkness.As I raised myself again to strike, she pulled the beast down toher.Writhing in flames and smoke, ensheathed, trapped by her deadlyneed, the glowing member burst in showers of gold and black.Deep caverns of the nether world gaped open for the first time since theancient temples were profaned.Then the images reversed, and she - theGoddess - rode that qliphoth-beast whose lust for life outlasts the death ofall: Gamaliel, They call you!I have adored your sacred emblem! I have surprised you in thespawning of the sunset; in the dread call of the night-bird shrieking fromthe tomb to take fresh life in vampire-sweeping silence.In goblets whereyour wine has flowed I reside to drink your venom, lest one dart escape tolie unfertilised.I, your vampire-catamite, your true abomination maskedas woman, writhing in the blackness of soul, wallowing in the gulfs ofGomorrah's ghastly greatness.I, of Babylon, and formerly of Khem, riseup and greet you - Lord of Hell, Gamaliel! Beasts and fishes, demons andhumans, have received your mark in secret places.Blood red, the flowersof girls fill your festal vessels; your platters run with honey seethed indew.You have stirred my cup and left a brew of bitter evil; one sip ispotent to taint the world with plague and madness.I, your spotless priestess, have submitted to abominations in yourName [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]