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.The jerking motion at the end of the swing activates thesound device.You will also need a paper bag constructed of paper stiff enough to enable the bagto stand alone when opened and placed on a table.I acquired mine at a HallmarkCard Shop.It was a small coated paper shopping bag.I simply cut off the cordhandles and used it as is.Also needed is a small silver plated tray, engraved asoutlined in the description of the  effect above.My tray is approximately 7" indiameter and was purchased in a shop that sells articles suitable for engraving.Naturally, for a price they engrave any item in the store.In the event you cannot find a silver plated tray as described, a plastic or woodentray will suffice but will have to be prepared differently from the engraved tray.An8 1/2" x 11" piece of parchment-like paper rounds out the items required to performthis entertaining piece of mentalism.TO PREPAREUsing a label maker (or similar device and if none is available, use a piece of paper1/4" wide x 4 1/2" long).Fashion a prediction that reads,  Goblet no.2 does notcontain poison! Affix or glue this prediction to the side of the hammer directlyabove the three embossed battery images.Next, have the silver plated tray engravedon its upper surface as follows:  Congratulations Lucrezia, goblet number four doesnot contain poison! Finally, on the parchment-like paper, print the followingprediction:  Congratulations Lucrezia, goblet number six does not contain poison!In the event you cannot obtain the proper type of silver plated tray to have engraved,utilize any tray approximately 7" in diameter.Use a label maker or an adhesivebacked label suitably inscribed with the necessary prediction, and affix it to thebottom of the tray.Open the paper bag which measures, when fully opened, 8 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" tallx 4 1/2" at the sides.Place the quarter-folded parchment prediction in the bottomof the bag.Place the tray inside the bag on its edge with the prediction side facingaway from the audience s view.Place the hammer in the bag with the predictionside of the hammer facing away from the audience s view.Prior to your performance,have the bag on your table, with the proper non prediction side facing the audience.Just before you go on, switch the hammer s on-off switch at the base of the handleto  on.142 The Original Stunners!TO PERFORMFollow the description of the effect as outlined, selecting a lady from the audienceto assist you.Pretend to hypnotize her by having her close her eyes as you statethat when she opens her eyes, she will be the reincarnation of Lucrezia Borgia.Have her open her eyes as you snap your fingers.After describing the six invisiblegoblets (numbered one thru six for purposes of identification) and table, removethe tray from the paper bag.Your helper should be on one side of you and yourtable with the paper bag on it, on the other.Hold the tray in the hand furthermost from the lady so she cannot see the engraving.Naturally, if the prediction is glued to the bottom of the tray you only have to keepit hidden from the audience s view.Tell her that to speed things up, she s to call out odd or  even. If she chooses odd, pretend that you re picking up goblets one,three and five and are placing them on the tray.Take the hammer from the bagand deliver a well aimed blow at the position above the tray where the threeimaginary goblets have been placed.Stop your swing abruptly and the sound ofbreaking glass will be heard.Allow the audience a moment to react as they will besurprised to hear the sound.Now, pretend to dump the broken glass into the bag.Depending on which type of tray you use, make sure the audience doesn t see theprediction surface.Continue by stating that this leaves goblets two, four and six.Have the spectator freely select the next goblet to be destroyed.Repeat the actionof destroying the goblet selected by the spectator.Ask her to select one more gobletto be eliminated and do likewise.The freedom of the elimination process makes itvery fair in the eyes of the audience.If the spectator calls out,  even , the process is just as fair.State that she is now tomake her final choice. Which of the three even numbered goblets do you wish toselect? Number two, number four or number six? For example, she selects numberfour.Proceed to place imaginary goblets one, two and three on the tray and then destroy them.Place goblets number five and six and repeat the destruction.Ineither case, depending upon which of the three limited choice goblets the spectatorhas selected, you can produce the proper prediction to prove that the young lady(Lucrezia) does, in fact, possess psychic powers.For number two, hand her the hammer and have her read aloud the prediction onthe handle.As she does this, you dump the tray into the bag.When number four ischosen, hand her the tray and have her read aloud the prediction engraved oraffixed to the tray.In similar fashion, dump the hammer into the bag [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]