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.Or, if none of you hadplanned on that particular vass’lt.”Cayse shook his head.“.then with Ritsiniti.”Cayse passed the tea tray to Yian and waited until the aide had turned to leavethe garden.“The spins on the scroll are inconclusive.I think you're rightotherwise for all the good it does us.We have a simple parable and a story that's anything but simple, both together in the same scroll.And none of it matcheswhat is happening here.”Laurel Hickeywww.2morrow.bc.caEye of the Ocean – Book 1: Ji’Jin StationShe didn't agree but only from a sense of fit when she read either one.“Andthe blank scrolls?”“Commander Oimit says the effect is the same as what the Overpriest found inthe rooms that in Cassa's reality had been occupied by her San.”One advantage of Temple Net access.“The Phoenix herself then,” Mullaki said,disturbed enough to indulge in repeating the obvious.Again she looked formemories of her role in the woman's Initiation and was relieved not to find them.Cayse's eyes turned to look at Clanny.Her tass'alt was kneeling next toUlanda, brushing a loosened strand of hair off her face.“It would be best if you had him back off.”“Why? She's not conscious.”His tired blue eyes flashed then were just tired as quickly.“Suit yourself.”Stiffly, he got to his feet, stretched and started walking.Would he end up with Ulanda as Clanny had, Mullaki wondered.Poss a'ltic stirred, eyes focusing on her.“Did you mean for the vass'lt to beLord Ritsiniti?”The Net was blocked, at least the level she wanted.Tea, she'd had enough of.And marveling that the Net even recognized her at all had very quickly worn off.“Is it Anga's conclusion that I had?”“Yes.In some fashion or other, all of the people who keep Temple ritualize therelationship between vass'lt and Priest, and create a mythology to explain it.But the Poultat take it further than most by using siblings of the opposite sex.We're aware of the close tie between Ritsiniti and Ulanda, besides the freeborn Zimmer coda concerning their relationship.All the major changes in the pulls have been focused on you, this might be as well.”“And Anga's selection of me?”The Empress smiled, but her words were as cold.“Involving you was mydecision, not his.I'd dreamed of you.”“Then you have your answer, if you'd only try thinking.This is your Empire,you made the changes that made it what it is.”“I dreamed about that too.” Poss a'ltic's eyes went to Clanny with a proprietary look in them.The tass'alt looked up as though sensing her attention.He hadignored her as much as he could past the polite exchanges necessary.Being close to her visibly bothered him.A'in touched Poss a'ltic's arm to distract her then ran his fingers to separatethe braid ends, dark sparks slowly rolling off the ends.A sign passed from him to Clanny.“Don't talk about dreams,” A'in said, speaking to Poss a'ltic.She shook herhead and looked away, ignoring him when he continued.“I feel like I'm about towake up and find that I was one.”Laurel Hickeywww.2morrow.bc.caEye of the Ocean – Book 1: Ji’Jin StationCayse laughed from where he was by the water.“You'd wake in a fish boat,tangled in a net most likely.Isn't that what you want?”His already dark face darkened more.“It's what our father was and hadwanted.And if our mother hadn't taken us to Palace, it's what we would havebeen.”“Cayse, A’in.Leave it,” Poss a'ltic said.“This isn't the time or place.”He didn't.“And Lord Ritsiniti? What were we seeing in the spiral? How manypossibilities does infinity contain? Enough so that he lived to become what wefirst saw?”Mullaki wasn't listening.“A boat?”A wooden boat, the white paint flaking off.She remembered that much.Andmore now.different than originally, or was the memory more complete?Sunlight on the water's surface, the movement of a large fish in the depthshowing in a flash of filtered light reflecting off scales.And her hands, strong and sure, touching oars shaped to being handled by her.White handles, worn smoothand with the feel of leather to the wood.She could feel the texture of the grain against her palms, smell the salt in the cold air and the scent of sun warmedwood.Then the weight of the water against the broad wooden blade with the first stroke of the oars.A few steps brought her to Clanny and Ulanda.She knelt.“Did you have timeto see the change in him?” she asked.The girl didn't respond.A trail of spit ran from the side of her mouth, sand had stuck to her skin.Her breath was deep andslow but her eyes moved rapidly under the bruised looking lids.More sand and a sudden closeness to the already stale air.Anga had arrived.“She didn't see anything.And if she did, it won't matter in a few minutes.”Mullaki sat back on her heels and looked at him.“You weren't in the spiral with her, loom-master.”“Wasn't I?”“No you weren't.You're too ambitious, Anga.A binding [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]