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.And I think I’ll be inTemple by this time tomorrow.And welcomed there.”A comment on their security? “Then you’re a fool.” He got to his feet, thenwent to the wall, and placed one hand on the green surface, his fingers touching the flowing crest of the silver bird.“You are whatever Cassa wants of you.” And Laurel Hickeywww.2morrow.bc.caEye of the Ocean – Book 1: Riwhat did he want -- with his life, not his death -- what did he want? Sex withCassa had been either entirely recreational or entirely desperate, not a gameeither way.And games, this woman knew entirely too many games.And sex with his wife? Something strained deep in him and released.And headmitted, looking back at Ulanda: “What I want of you.”When a part of him hoped it would, her look didn’t soften.“What you want ofme, you made clear last night.And this morning.”“And before that?”She didn’t answer.Her expression didn’t change.“My death was the point of your being here.As for the other.” He gazed ather a moment longer, wondering what it would take to get an honest responsefrom her, then returned to his tracing of the silver bird.What seemed like hours passed under his fingers in only seconds.But it wasn’this fingers, but wings unfolding.The wings first, then the silver traced neckstretched, lifting out from a green prison.A gossamer shadow, but light against dark, or everything else had reversed, light into dark then it was over.Where the phoenix shape had been, a plain green wall remained.And his arm was inside itto the elbow.“You speak of wanting,” he said, pulling his hand back, giving it a hard lookand flexing his fingers.“Do you think she cares for what you want?”She looked to Bolda but the weaver only looked back.She shook her head.“Good.I despaired of your sense.Your desires matter not at all, no more thanthey did in Temple.Cassa has accepted the Overpriest’s offering and that you’re not with Sarkalt now, means you’re supposed to be with me.” He held his handout.“Come here.”- 12 -Ulanda looked around her.She felt like she was standing in the center of anoverturned bowl.Surrounding them was translucent white stone veined with clearquartz, the whole glowing slightly, as though illuminated from behind.It madeher dizzy trying to see the floor and the ceiling; they looked all of a piece, without seams and without any energy pathways that she could reach.There was no Net,not even inactive nodes.“San, where is this?” she asked, staining to hear an echo that didn’t come,wanting to hear limits to the size of the space that her eyes couldn’t find.If she walked ten feet she might bump against white marble.Or ten miles.Laurel Hickeywww.2morrow.bc.caEye of the Ocean – Book 1: RiGarm was eating a bowl of soup, sitting on the rug Bolda had unrolled beforegoing back.“It’s still part of Palace, but places like this aren’t very accessible.Cassa dragged the portal into my room, then reconfigured it to.well, it used to end up near the Hall of the Seals of Office, that’s.in Second Horizon.StillSummer Run, I believe, but near Tranquil Depth and some down from this level.Isuspect the portal still does go there as one of the options when we leave.” Hefrowned, waving the spoon as though to point to where they might end up.“Muchof Second Horizon is deserted, the Hall of Seals area at least.Warded probably, but we.”“How did you get in?” she interrupted.A raised eyebrow, but he didn’t comment on her rudeness.“No wardingbarriers could keep her out, I don’t even remember passing any.The restrictions of Office, the endless petitions, the ceremonies, they made her restless.Even the Justice Court sessions bored her.We spent a fair bit of time wandering -- no one recognized her, there are no records of what she looked like, except High Council records.Her own people, the personal staff close enough to look for her.andher Security.well, most of the time they wouldn’t have known we were gone.And High Council, the other Overpriests and their people, not at all.”Another sip and he continued.“If you can visualize it, the Hall of the Seals of Office is simply a very long room perfectly plain and it looks empty, not unlike this does.Then, when you forget to look, suddenly all the Seals appear.It’s quite remarkable.The Seals themselves are energy patterns, portals which lead to theformal reception areas for each of the people in Empire.Or, each people thatexisted when it was last used.Many of the portals we looked at had drifted.Acouple of hundred perhaps, I lost count.“You went through all of them?”“No.” He looked amused.Either the soup or their successful entry into thisplace had tempered him.“Of course not.With most of them, she just traced theportal pattern and then went onto the next.There were thousands all together.”He seemed to enjoy the role of instructing her and she dared a more importantquestion.“Why are we here?”“Ulanda, portals like this can be used to bubble off areas, more than justwarding barriers do.And I’ve been given to understand that right now, we needmore.” He swallowed the last spoonful of soup and put the bowl aside.“Cassa issomething new, something Temple hasn’t the practice of understanding.TheUnity, the Empire, changes over time, from Nexus to Nexus, regardless of howthings are supposed to snap back to the original [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]