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.His wolf wrestled inside him, hungry for a fight.But Ezekiel kept a tight rein on his beast,refusing to give in to his baser needs.He would learn to share Yvonne if it was the last thing he did.Itwasn t going to be easy though, especially wanting her the way he did.Jealousy was an ugly cross to bear, but it was a whole lot easier than never having her at all.Withouta doubt, he knew for Yvonne it would have to be both of them or neither of them and that was not a choicehe could live with.Glancing away, Ezekiel stumbled over something to say.He wasn t big on apologies.He knew thecorrect thing to do was to say sorry and then shake the other man s hand or something equally congenial,but his beast wasn t quite that magnanimous and he was a bit of jerk.So instead he gestured with his headtoward the door. Beer? Sure.Without another word, the two men walked up the steps and into the house.Ezekiel didn t bother tolock his door when he was out.He dared anyone to try and rob him.Dared.After entering the kitchen, Ezekiel headed to the refrigerator and grabbed a couple of beers.Hehanded a cold bottle to Daniel before popping the top of his own and settling himself at the kitchen table.Ezekiel played with the label on his bottle as he tried to come up with something to say to ease the riftbetween him and his best friend.Before he had the chance to mutter some nonsensical comment Danielspoke. Feeling pretty stupid, huh?www.samhainpublishing.com 61 Lena MatthewsStartled, Ezekiel looked up and into the laughing eyes of his friend.A wry grin parted Ezekiel s lips. Maybe. Good. Daniel smiled.He opened his beer and took a long drink before speaking again. For amoment there I thought I was the only one who wasn t handling this sharing thing very well. You too? Ezekiel was begrudgingly pleased to hear his friend s confession. Oh yeah.When you told me about your wake-up call I became jealous as hell.Ezekiel didn t blame him.It was a feeling he knew well. Think we re going to be able to make thiswork? I don t think we have a choice. Daniel shot him a sly look. Unless you re willing to back off. Over your dead body.Daniel cocked an eyebrow. I don t think the saying goes exactly like that. I know. I was afraid of that. Daniel let out a heavy sigh. What are we going to do about this? I think&  Ezekiel hesitated before continuing.He didn t believe he was about to make thesuggestion that he was. We re going to have to do something neither of us wants to do. No& don t say it. I have to. Ezekiel took a deep breath. I think we re going to have to talk about our& feelings.Daniel winced. God, why did you say it? Trust me, it goes against everything I believe.It breaks so many man rules, not to mention wolf ones,but we have to do what we have to do. This is going to be painful. It ll be a whole lot less painful than losing her. True, Daniel hedged.Ezekiel could see this was just as awkward for his friend as it was for him. Do you, uhh, want to go first?Hell, he didn t even want to go last, but something had to be done. Let s start with a few simplequestions.Tell me what happened at the bakery. Ugh. Yvonne groaned as she shifted in her seat once again.She tried to find a more comfortableposition for what had to be the hundredth time but, just as before, the sit dance provided no comfort.Shewas antsy, irritated and horny as hell.This was all their faults.If it weren t for the demonic duo, Yvonne knew she wouldn t be all out ofsorts.It didn t help that the scent of sex, well almost sex, still lingered in the room like a heavy perfume.The heady aroma made it impossible for her to concentrate on the accounts she was working on.Thecolumns of numbers were all blending as her mind wandered to the two men who d apparently made ittheir life s purpose to slowly drive her insane.62 www.samhainpublishing.com The Better to Eat You WithYvonne didn t know which she wanted to do most, kill them or fuck them stupid.Before she coulddecide which one to choose, the phone rang.Grateful for the interruption, she picked up the receiver. Thank you for calling Rousel s Bakery, how may I help you? Hey, baby. Mom. Yvonne smiled, as she normally did when she heard her mother Shirley s voice on the otherend. How are you? Not as good as you are, I hear. Uggh. Yvonne closed her eyes and groaned. You heard about that. Please. Her mother s voice was filled with amusement. My cell blew up the second theannouncement was made, but it wasn t until I checked my Twitter feed today that I heard your little duo isreally going to be a trio. Shut.Up. Yvonne opened her eyes and sat back in her chair.So much for keeping things on thedown low. No can do. Her mother chuckled. Your love life, my dear, is causing gridlock on the informationsuperhighway.And to think I missed it all. First, no one calls it the information superhighway anymore.And second, be thankful you re out oftown. Oh, honey, I m home. Mom, tell me you didn t cut your vacation short. Shirley had planned her girls-only vacation withher sister and Yvonne s aunt over a year ago and she wasn t due home for a few more days. Of course I did.You didn t think I was going to miss my own daughter s wedding. Wedding! Mom, no one is talking wedding just yet. Although it had been implied heavily. Honey, everyone is talking wedding. I m not, she grumbled.Damn wagging tongues. Right now, I m not sure if I want to talk to eitherof them again, let alone go along with them and this crazy plan. Uh-huh.Why don t you come by and break bread with your mother and tell me all about it. Mom, I m at work. I know, Shirley replied dryly. That s where I called you.I ve already begun to prepare a light latelunch.It ll be ready by the time you get here. It s my turn to close.Robin s been here since eleven. I m sure she could use a little overtime.See you in a bit.Love you.Before Yvonne could utter another word, her mother hung up.Irritated, Yvonne did likewise. Is thereanyone who doesn t boss me around? she muttered, as she crossed her arms over her breasts and leanedback in her chair.www.samhainpublishing.com 63 Lena MatthewsShe shouldn t go [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]