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.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlstrongheart can stand.Sit down.Here is one dose.Pull the cover, stick the capsuleup onenostril, squeeze the ejector, and sniff.If you can leave this other dosesitting here on thedesk you will live, and thus pass the test.If you can't, you die."Samms sat, and pulled, and squeezed, and sniffed.His forearms hit the desk with a thud.His hands clenched themselves intofists,the tight-stretched tendons standing boldly out.His face turned white.Hiseyes jammedthemselves shut; his jaw-muscles sprang into bands and lumps as they clampedhis teethhard together.Every voluntary muscle in his body went into a rigor as extremeas that ofdeath itself.His heart pounded; his breathing became stertorous.This was the dreadful "muscle-lock" so uniquely characteristic ofthionite; thefrenzied immobility of the ultimately passionate satisfaction of every desire.The Galactic Patrol became for him an actuality; a force for goodpervading all theworlds of all the galaxies of all the universes of all existing space-timecontinual.He knewwhat the Lens was, and why.He understood time and space.He knew the absolutebeginning and the ultimate end.He also saw things and did things over which it is best to draw a kindlyveil, forevery desire-mental or physical, open or sternly suppressed, noble orbase-that VirgilSamms had ever had was being completely satisfied.EVERY DESIRE.As Samms sat there, straining motionlessly upon the verge of deaththrough sheerecstasy, a door opened and Senator Morgan entered the room.Herkimer started,almostimperceptibly, as he turned-had there been, or not, aninstantaneously-suppressed flashof guilt in those now completely clear and frank brown eyes?"Hi, Chief; come in and sit down.Glad to see you-this is not exactly myidea offun.""No? When did you stop being a sadist?" The senator sat down beside hisminion's desk, the fingertips of his left hand began soundlessly to drum."Youwouldn'thave, by any chance, been considering the idea of.?" He pausedsignificantly."What an idea." Herkimer's act-if it was an act-was flawless."He's toogood aman to waste.""I know it, but you didn't act as though you did.I've never seen youcome out sucha poor second in an interview.and it wasn't because you didn't know tostart with justwhat kind of a tiger he was-tbat's why he was selected for this job.And itwould havebeen so easy to give him just a wee bit more.""That's preposterous, Chief, and you know it.""Do I? However, it couldn't have been jealousy, because he isn't beingconsideredfor your job.He won't be over you, and there's plenty of room for everybody.What wasPage 87 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlthe matter? Your bloodthirstiness wouldn't have taken you that far, underthesecircumstances.Come clean, Herkimer.""Okay-I hate the whole damned family!" Herkimer burst out, viciously."I see.That adds up." Morgan's face cleared, his fingers becamemotionless."You can't make the Samms wench and aren't in position to skin her alive, soyou getallergic to all her relatives.That adds up, but let me tell you something."His quiet, levelvoice carried more of menace than most men's loudest threats."Keep your lovelife outof business and keep that sadistic streak under control.Don't let anythinglike thishappen again.""I won't, Chief.I got off the beam-but he made me so damn mad!""Certainly.That's exactly what he was trying to do.Elementary.If hecould makeyou look small it would make him look big, and he just about did.But watchnow, he'scoming to."Samms' muscles relaxed.He opened his eyes groggily; then, as a wave ofhumiliated realization swept over his consciousness, he closed them again andshuddered.He had always thought himself pretty much of a man; how could hepossiblyhave descended to such nauseous depths of depravity, of turpitude, of sheermoraldegradation? And yet every cell of his being was shrieking its demand formore; his mindand his substance alike were permeated by an overmastering craving toexperienceagain the ultimate thrills which they had so tremendously, so outrageouslyenjoyed.There was another good jolt lying right there on the desk in front ofhim, eventhough thionite-sniffers always saw to it that no more of the drug could beobtainedwithout considerable physical exertion; which exertion would bring them totheir senses.Ifhe took that jolt it would kill him.What of it? What was death? What good waslife,except to enjoy such thrills as he had just had and was about to have again?Andbesides, thionite couldn't kill him.He was a super-man; he had just provedit!He straightened up and reached for the capsule; and that effort, small asit was,was enough to bring First Lensman Virgil Samms back under control.Thecraving,however, did not decrease.Rather, it increased.Months were to pass before he could think of thionite, or even of thecolor purple,without a spasmodic catching of the breath and a tightening of every muscle.Years wereto pass before he could forget, even partially, the theretofore unsuspecteddwellers inthe dark recesses of his own mind.Nevertheless, from the store of whatever itwas thatmade him what be was, Virgil Samms drew strength.Thumb and forefinger touchedthePage 88 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlcapsule, but instead of picking it up, he pushed it across the desk towardHerkimer."Put it away, bub.One whiff of that stuff will last me for life." Hestaredunfathomably at the secretary, then turned to Morgan and nodded."After all,he did notsay that he ever passed this or any other test.He just didn't contradict mewhen I saidit."With a visible effort Herkimer remained silent, but Morgan did not."You talk too much, Olmstead.Can you stand up yet?"Gripping the desk with both hands, Samms heaved himself to his feet.Theroomwas spinning and gyrating; every individual thing in it was moving in adifferent andimpossible orbit; his already splintered skull threatened more and moreviolently toemulate a fragmentation bomb; black and white spots and vari-colored flashesfilled hiscone of vision.He wrenched one hand free, then the other-and collapsed backinto thechair."Not yet-quite," he admitted, through stiff lips.Although he was careful not to show it, Morgan was amazed-not that theman hadcollapsed, but that he had been able so soon to lift himself even an inch [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]