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.''Exactly.And telepathy is worse.Any attempt to introduce telepathictestimony, on almost any non-telephathic world, does more harm than good.So,beyond establishing the fact of guilt in your own mind-a fact alreadyself-evident, since such outrages can happen only when both courts and policeare corrupt from top to bottom-I fail to see what you hope to gain.''Wouldn't a Tomingan Lensman be interested?'Page 46 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.html'There are none.There never have been any.''Well, then, I'll take it up myself, with."Cloud stopped in mid-thought.With whom? He could talk to Phil Strong,certainly, but he wouldn't get anywhere.He knew, as well as Nadine did, thatthe Galactic Patrol would not interfere with purely local politics unlesssomething of inter-systemic scope was involved.The Galactic Council held, andprobably rightly, that any people got the kind of local government theydeserved.He certainly couldn't expect the Patrol to over-ride planetarysovereignty in regard to a thing that hadn't happened yet! ! He wrenched hismind away.'Having any trouble following her, Nadine?' he asked.'No.She's just leaving the fast-way now; going into his office.'Thus, through Nadine, Cloud accompanied Tommie into the office of the DistrictAttorney, saw her tender the spool of tape, heard her explain in stormylanguage what it was.'How did you get hold of it?' the D.A.demanded.'How do you suppose?' Tommie shot back.'Do we have to come down to City Halland take out a license to hang an ear onto such a stinking crumb, such anotorious mobster and general all-round heel as Number One is? Public EnemyNum-88ber One, it ought to be!''No, I wouldn't say that you would,' the politician soothed.He had beenthinking fast.Til run this tape as soon as I can take a minute alone in mychambers, and I promise you full and fast action.They've gone too far, thistime.Just what, specifically, do you want me to do?''I'm no lawyer, so I don't know who does what, but I want this ProtectiveAssociation junked and I want those murderers arrested.Today.''Some of these matters lie outside the province of this office, but I can andwill take initiatory steps.No one will be harmed, I assure you.'Apparently satisfied, Tommie left the D.A.'s office, but Nadine did not leavethe D.A.'s mind.This was what the Blaster was after!Sure enough, as soon as Tommie was out of sight, the official dashed into hisprivate office and called Number One.'One, they hung an ear on you last night!' he exclaimed, as soon as connectionwas made.'How come you didn't.''Horsefeathers!' the gangster snarled.'Who d'ya think you're kidding?''But they did! I've got a copy of it right here.''Play it!'The tape was played, and it was very clear that it was in no Tomingan's voice.'No, it wasn't an ear,' the D.A.admitted.'And I was blocked against spy-rays,' said Number One, 'so it must have been asnooper.A snooper with a voice.Manarkans are snoopers, but they can't talk.Most snoopers can't.except maybe Ordoviks.There were a couple of themaround last night.Can Ordoviks talk? And Chickladorians-are they snoopers?"'I don't know.''I don't know either, but I'll find out, and when I do I'll go gunning.'Tommie came back to Cloud's room and her serenity, skin-deep at best, vanishedcompletely as the new tape was played.'Condemn and blast that lying, slimy, two-faced, double-crossing snake!' sheroared.Til call out the.''You won't either-pipe down!' Cloud ordered, sharply.'Mob rule never settledanything.That's what you expected, isn't it?'89'Well.more or less, I suppose.yes.''QX We got something to work on now, but we need more, and we've got onlytoday to get it Who's the crookedest judge in town-the one most apt to be inon this kind of deal?''Trellis.High Judge Rose Trellis of the Enchanting.''Skip the embellishments.Take both of these tapes to Judge Trellis and insistPage 47 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlon seeing him at once.''It isn't a him-she's a her.''Her, then.Make it snappy.And don't blow up if she gives you the brush-off.We're after data.And on your way back, pick up that newspaper editor andbring him along.'909: Trouble on TomingaTommie left, accompanied mentally by Nadine, and reached the judge'santechamber; with Vesta taping in Middle-Plateau Tomingan everything thatoccurred.The approach was difficult, and Tommie's temper grew shorter andshorter.'Get out of my way!' she bellowed finally at the sergeant-at-arms barring herway to the judicial Presence, in a voice that rattled the windows and wasaudible above four blocks of city traffic.'Or shoot, if you want to getyourself and this building and half of Mingia blown clear up into thestratosphere! Jump! Before I take that blaster and shove it so far down yourthroat it'll hit day-before-yesterday's breakfast!'The guard did not have quite enough nerve to shoot and Tommie almost wrenchedthe door of the judge's inner office off its hinges as she went in.'What's this, pray? Get out! Sergeant-at [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]