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.Steven s breathing became ragged as Roman kissed himdown his neck and behind his ear. I want you, tiger. M me, too. Steven s head fell back, his chest rising and fallingquickly as Roman s warm lips descended to his collarbone.Steven sskin drew tight from Roman s scent overpowering his senses.His hands clung to the man s shirt, his fingers clenching andunclenching as Roman masterfully seduced him.When Roman pulledSteven closer, making their cocks touch, Steven forgot they were onsomeone s porch. Touch me, Roman, please.He panted as Roman reached between them with one hand and,with a flick of his wrist, Steven s jeans were unsnapped.Steven lickedhis lips, his throat going dry as Roman slowly lowered his zipper as ifhe were waiting for Steven to change his mind. I m& I m not going to stop you.Roman took Steven s lips in a crushing kiss as he pulled Steven scock free, his thumb gliding over the head of Steven s weeping shaft.Roman pressed a fingernail into the slit, making Steven cry out withpleasure.Roman groaned. Damn, tiger.Steven bit his bottom lip and whimpered, clenching his ass as hepushed his cock further into Roman s hand. Make me come,Roman.Roman whispered into the shell of his ear. With pleasure.I lltake care of all your needs, tiger.Steven gasped when Roman squeezed his cock and began a fast-paced stroke.He was burning up with desire.Every time he rockedforward, his cock pulsed in Roman s hand.Steven leaned in, rubbinghis forehead into Roman s shoulder as the foreman stroked him faster. I m& I m close, Steven warned.He nipped Roman s shirt,feeling the pressure in his balls build. Close is good.Now come for me, love. Roman rubbed thebundle of nerves under the head of Steven s cock just so, makingSteven cry out once again as his body exploded.He bit Roman s 60 Lynn Hagenshoulder as his body pulsed out his orgasm.He shuddered in Roman sarms, feeling Roman rubbing his back with his free hand while cooingin Steven s ear.His body slowly began to relax, his musclesuncoiling.Roman nipped his ear, kissing away the sting as his mouth finallyfound Steven s. Did that feel good? Mhmm. Steven nodded as he broke the kiss and buried his faceinto Roman s neck.Once his head cleared, Steven was fully aware ofwhere they were and what he had just done.He stiffened in Roman sarms, feeling like a wanton slut.Is that how Roman would look at himnow? Relax, tiger. Roman continued to kiss him down his neck. Relax.Steven slumped against his chest.He d worry about what Romanthought later, for now he would enjoy the sated buzz he was baskingin. Come upstairs with me. Roman nuzzled his face in the crook ofSteven s neck.He nodded, and then Roman stood, placing Steven onhis feet.Roman carefully readjusted Steven s clothing before taking hishand and guiding him into the house.The six brothers were sitting inthe living room either talking or watching television, but Steven couldsee them all trying to hide their smiles.He glanced at the living roomwindow and saw that, where he and Roman had been sitting, was veryvisible.Oh god, they had seen. Night, fellas. Chauncey snickered.Steven could feel a full-body blush heating his skin as Romannodded to his brothers, a smile tugging at his lips.Damn, he wasn tgoing to be sitting through breakfast quietly tomorrow.Chauncey andChance were going to tease him to no end.Steven glanced at thestairs, excitement and apprehension filling him at what Roman wastaking him up there to do. Steven s Journey 61Steven still couldn t believe someone like Roman wanted to bewith him.It was like walking in a dream up those creaking steps.Steven could feel his nerves getting the better of him the closerthey walked to Roman s room.This hot ass man was going to fuckhim.A powerful tremor shook his body at the thought. You all right, tiger? Roman asked as he opened his bedroomdoor.Steven was more than all right.His blood was pumping faster, hisheart was pounding in his ears, and his palms were starting to sweat.Yeah, he was all right. Yes. I won t force you to do anything.This is your choice, Romansaid as he closed the door behind them. You re not forcing me. Steven glanced around the room.Shouldhe get undressed or wait for Roman to make the first move? I m glad to hear that, tiger. Roman pressed his chest intoSteven s back.He could feel Roman s large cock pushing into hislower back.Steven had an urge to bend over and grab his ankles,letting Roman do whatever he pleased.Roman brushed Steven s hair aside, kissing his neck as he curledhis fingers under Steven s shirt [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]