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.His other hand tweaked at his nipple as he spread themoisture from the tip of his cock around.His body was begging for release, desperate for it.His eyes beganto slowly close as his body began to burn.Yasuko saw it then.He sawChristian standing in a shadowed corner.His eyes were glowing redas he studied Yasuko.His hand began to move away, ashamed that he had been caughtpleasuring himself. Don t stop, little doe. He stepped forward, his eyes locked ontoYasuko s.They looked heated and possessive as Christian came tostand over Yasuko s bed, watching him fixedly. Pleasure yourself.Yasuko s hand began to move again, nervous that he was beingwatched.The prince didn t make a move toward him, but his eyeslowered to Yasuko s hand.Yasuko groaned when he fisted his cock,slowly stroking it as he watched Christian watch him.The sheet slowly lowered, unseeing hands gently pulling it awayfor the prince to feast his eyes on what Yasuko was doing.He couldfeel his cheeks burning red hot, but Yasuko couldn t stop.The need to give the prince what he wanted fueled his efforts ashis hand stroked his cock harder, red eyes transfixed on hisministrations.Yasuko s hips left the bed when Christian s fangs grewlonger, his eyes glowing darker.Yasuko s fingers pinched his nipple as his hips fucked the air, hiscock pulsing in his hand.He wanted relief, needed it desperately.As intently as Christian was watching him, Yasuko couldn t findshame in what he was doing.All he wanted was relief.Deep down, inhis heart, he knew he was looking for release from more than just hisquickly building orgasm.He wanted release from the life he was in. Christian s Menace 47Freedom was what he was chasing as he stared at those glowingred eyes.Freedom to be with who he wanted to be with.Not becausehe was being forced, but because he had chosen to lie with them. You have that freedom, Yasuko.I offer it to you, Christian saidas he knelt at the side of Yasuko s bed. I give you that choice.Yasuko softly cried out, his seed hitting his belly as his orgasmtook over, making his back arch from the bed.Christian leanedforward, Yasuko s eyes following him as he gasped for breath, andwatched Christian sink his fangs into Yasuko s upper thigh.His orgasm hit him again, only this time it was stronger, rackinghis body as the prince drank from him.His legs spread wider, hishand had a death grip on his straining cock as Christian curled hisfingers around Yasuko s thigh.His head swam, his mind raced, and his heart beat out of controlas the prince took what he needed.Those soft lips on his skin weredriving him mad.Yasuko moaned when he felt the sharp blades leavehis body and felt the prince s tongue gliding over the wound.Christian slid into Yasuko s bed, stretching out next to him as hetook Yasuko s mouth in a demanding kiss.It had ownership writtenall over it.Yasuko opened his mouth as Christian s tongue plunged in,sharing the taste of his own blood as he whimpered, desperate toclimb into Christian s arms, to be encased with those strong biceps.He had to have fallen asleep because this could only be a dream.None of this could be real.If it were, then Yasuko had a chance withthe prince.Christian pulled back, his hands pushing the hair from Yasuko seyes. This is very real, my love.Yasuko s body shivered at the strong tone of Christian s words. Idon t want to be here.Take me with you. What about Minsheng? Would you leave without telling him,asking him to come with us? Christian asked as his hand settled onYasuko s chest.It was warm and strong.Yasuko wanted to wrap hiswhole body in that strength. 48 Lynn HagenYasuko s heart hurt when he thought of the man he loved.Minsheng meant everything to him, and he would do anything for hisfriend.The attraction he had for the prince confused him.How couldhe want two men at the same time? How could he want the love oftwo men to wrap him in a cocoon? I want him with us. Yasuko confessed to Christian s chest.Would telling the prince his deepest desires make him seem greedy,whorish? Never. Christian placed his palm on Yasuko s face, running histongue over Yasuko s bottom lip.This time the kiss was slow, soft,nothing demanding, but still mind-numbing.His toes curled asChristian shifted around, hovering slightly over Yasuko.He needed to feel skin.Yasuko felt as though he would die if hedidn t feel the prince s skin under his palm.His fingers reached upand began to unbutton Christian s silk shirt.They shook so badly thathis fingers were fumbling.The prince didn t smack his hand awayand insist that he do it.No, Christian stayed still, looking at him withsuch love in his eyes that Yasuko had to look away.He concentrated on his task, focusing on the small buttonsattached to the silk shirt [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]