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.Pussies.He stopped running and approached the man still standing there stunned.The guy stood there, staring at the fleeing men. They were vampires! Jersey nodded as he placed a hand on the guy s head, scrubbing his mind. Chapter ElevenEli stood on the front step of his parents home.It was Sunday.The nightwhen his parents were having the family dinner.He swallowed hard as he rangthe doorbell.Eli normally just walked right in, but having Jersey with himmade him think twice.His mother opened the door, smiling at him and Jersey as she waved ahand. Come in, boys. Eli preceded Jersey as he stepped into the house.Hecould hear his Aunt Elda laughing from the kitchen, along with his cousinMadeline and her husband Sam.He heard other voices as well and knew moreof his family was here. Everyone is in the kitchen as you can hear, his mom said as she grabbedJersey s arm and walked him to his doom.Eli wanted to grab his mate and run,but he knew that he had to face his family.Eli had been worried about coming here.He was a vampire now, so howwas he going to eat? Jersey explained to him that he could eat, but he wouldthrow it up later.Eli was so not looking forward to eating.He walked into the kitchen to a slew of family members.Eli smiled at thebabies that were running around, playing tag with each other as everyonestopped talking and looked up at the pair standing in the doorway. So it s true, Aunt Elda said as she walked around the island and assessedJersey. You went and got yourself a boyfriend.Eli could feel his face heat as he entwined his fingers with Jersey s.Hewasn t going to hide who he was any longer. It s true, Aunt Elda. His heartwas hammering in his chest as he faced his entire family.He had never felt sovulnerable in his life.Jersey surprised him by wrapping an arm around hisshoulder, pulling Eli close. Is that a problem? Jersey asked, narrowing his eyes at Elda.God, was Eli proud of his mate at that moment.He knew if his wholefamily turned their backs on him, he still had Jersey.It was the same feeling hegot when he finally came out to his parents the other night. Not at all. Aunt Elda smiled, slapping Jersey on his wide chest. He sfamily.We accept family any way they are, she finished and then glared overat Eli s father.Eli hadn t even noticed his dad standing off to the side talkingwith Uncle Bert.Their eyes locked, and then his dad looked away.It hurt like hell, but Elirefused to let it show.He was glad his aunt hadn t turned her back on him.Eliloved Elda dearly. Get in here so we can have a look at you, Aunt Elda said as she pulledJersey into the kitchen.Eli smiled as the women swarmed his mate, poking athis muscles and asking him a thousand and one questions.He stood in the doorway alone, unsure of what to do.The men were allstanding off to the side, eyeing him.Uncle Bert finally walked over and begantalking with him. So, what plans do the two of you have?Eli began to talk with Bert, using him as a lifeline as he remembered tohide his fangs.Jersey had taught him how to do that as well.The other men slowly made their way over, some curious, others notcaring that he was gay.His dad was the last to make his way to Eli.He didn t say much, but he moved even closer, standing next to Eli.As the newness died down, Eli became less anxious and more relaxed.Jersey had looked across the kitchen a few times smiling at Eli, even winkingat him.He couldn t believe how much he loved that large vampire.  Dinner is ready, his mom announced as everyone migrated toward thedining room.Eli took a seat next to Jersey as dinner got underway.The foodtasted like sand in his mouth, but Eli faked his enthusiasm and smiled at hismom, telling her how wonderful it tasted.Jersey didn t have a problem.He ateeverything on his plate and went back for seconds.The man was an eatingmachine.Something his mother raved over.As the evening winded down, his mother packed leftovers for him andJersey.His mate whooped at all the plastic bowls with lids that she piled into abag. You can t have this until you leave, his mom warned Jersey with asparkle of mischief in her eyes. But there are plenty of leftovers still in thekitchen if you want Jersey took off before his mother could finish her sentence.She laughed asshe turned toward Eli. That man sure can eat. You have no idea, he replied as he shook his head.Eli headed back toward the kitchen when his father stepped into his path. How have you been?It had only been a few days since he had seen his dad, so Eli knew Carlwas reaching for something to say. I m fine, Dad.How is everything going at work? The conversation wasawkward, but his dad was reaching out, and Eli was clinging as well.He knewthey had a long way to go before his dad fully accepted his choice, but he wastrying and that was the important thing.* * * *Christian s finger tapped on the table as he looked over the top ranking inhis coven.The uniting attempt hadn t worked as well as he had hoped.Therewere a few fights, some unwelcomed biting, and Shelby s disaster. He had to find a way to unite his people before the rogues completely tookover and he had to wake the higher counsel.That was something that Christianwould use as a very last resort.The higher counsel consisted of two ancient vampires, two vampires thatdidn t hold the compassion that Christian had.They would kill every singlerogue and then start on the underbelly of human society.They didn tdiscriminate when it came to cleansing the earth of the seedy and criminalbeings.That was one of the reasons Christian had put them into a deep sleep.Hisyounger twin brothers had gotten out of control when they were at their highestreign of power.Ceri and Rhys had nearly gone rogue killing off society s scum.He cleared his throat as he leaned forward, eyeing each vampire in theroom. My quest to unite our covens didn t go as planned.If we don t unite, therogues will overtake us [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]