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. I knew thatyou were working all those extras hours at the club to help your grandmother out,but I had no clue it had gotten that bad. Yeah, she was even talking about going to a nursing home.I couldn t let herdo that.My grandmother is way too independent to be in a place like that.Do youknow she still volunteers at the hospital at night? She s one spunky lady and I mgoing to help keep her that way. She s the only person I have since both of my parents are dead.I rememberhow much I hated leaving her in Kentucky when my family moved here to Texas.For close to a year, I thought this was the worst place in the world until I becamefriends with you.111  I know.I m a pretty damn good friend, Headley grinned. I have a way ofmaking people so comfortable. Okay, it s getting deep in here.I better leave, Fancy said as she made herway towards the door,  if you get anymore of these trashy magazines keep themfor me. I will have some more.Troy buys them for me, so I ll stay in bed and notmove around so much.He s more and more nervous as my due date gets closer.Iswear you would think he was the one pregnant and not me. Don t knock what you have.Some women would love to have a man aswonderful as Troy. Fancy waved good-bye to Headley and then left.112 Chapter ThirteenThe popping of the thunder through the house made Fancy snuggle deeperinto the covers.Lighting flashed outside in the sky as the rain pounded against thewindows.The storm had been going on for close to an hour and it wasn t showingany signs of letting up any time soon.She had hated thunderstorms since she was a little girl.They had alwaysterrified her for some reason and she never knew why.Back then her motherwould tell her to close her eyes and think of something or someone she loved andeverything would be okay.It worked back then, but it wasn t doing a thing for hernow.The rainstorms back in Kentucky were bad, but this storm tonight in Texaswas ten times worst.God, she would love to go and see if Maxwell would let her stay with himuntil it passed, but he would probably laugh at her and then tell her to get out ofthis room. I can handle this.I m strong.I don t need Maxwell s help. A second afterthe words left Fancy s mouth a loud crack roared outside her window.Jumpingout of the bed, she raced down the hallway and into Maxwell s room.113 She closed the door softly behind her and inched her way over to the bed.Her mouth went dry at the sight of Maxwell s bare chest dusted with fine blondhairs over a washed board stomach.The leg closet to her was bent at the knee and the other one was straight.His left arm was lying across his perfect abs while his right rested at his other side.If she wasn t so scared, Fancy would have thought twice about being in a bedroomwith a half naked man since she wasn t giving it a second though.She reached outand gave Maxwell s should a good shake. Maxwell, wake up, she whispered, shaking his shoulder.Maxwell moaned something in his sleep but other than that he didn t say aword or open his eyes. Maxwell, wake up please, Fancy shook him again only harder this timeand still nothing. Great, he s no help to me. Removing her hand, Fancy turned to leave, butgasped instead when she landed on the bed and found Maxwell wide-awakelooming over her prone body. Fancy, what in the hell are you doing in my bedroom this late at night? Hequestioned as his eyes raked over the parts of her body that were exposed. The storm, she answered, trying to breathe and not love how fantastic itfelt to have Maxwell above her.114  What about the storm? he asked and a second later a loud boom ofthunder rattled the house causing her body to flinch. Are you scared of thestorm? Yes. Do you want to stay in here with me until it s over? Can I?Cupping her chin in his hand, Maxwell leaned down running his tonguealong side of her mouth. You never have to ask if you can share my bed, beautiful.There s always a spot for you. Crawling off her, Maxwell stood at the side of thebed and then waved at the empty spot next to her. Go ahead and climb on in.Fancy flipped over and started to pull back the covers on the right side ofthe bed.She flinched when a hand came down and smacked her on the ass. Ouch& why did you do that? she asked rubbing her butt. Nice underwear, Maxwell grinned. I like the cherry on the left cheek.Very tempting, it makes a man want to take a bite out of you.Shit, she forgot about the high-cut boy shorts she usually wore to bed.Great, now she would never hear the end of this. Ummm& thank you, shewhispered, slipping underneath the covers pulling them up to her chin.115 Maxwell chuckled and shook his head at her before rejoining her in the bed. Come closer.We need to share our body heat.You never know if the storm willknock out the power.I would hate for you to wake up cold. Grabbing her by thearm, he pulled her against his warm, hairy chest. Uh& I m fine, Fancy wiggled trying to get back to her side, but Maxwellonly laughed and placed his hand on her stomach. Stop squirming unless you want to do something in this bed besides sleep.She stopped moving instantly and felt Maxwell laughing behind her. Goodnight, Fancy.I won t let the storm get you, Maxwell promised her before hestopped talking to her altogether.Fancy didn t know how long she lay there still hoping the rain would diedown, so she could sneak back to her room.But that never happened and sheeventually fell asleep with her back pressed against the front of Maxwell.116 Chapter FourteenI must have been out of my mind to let her stay in here with me.Maxwell lay next to Fancy with his hand wrapped around his throbbingcock [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]