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.He decided he dmake some changes to his speech, and when he showed me, Isaid,  My God, Duke, if you say those things, you ll turn thosekids into a lynch mob. And Duke said,  I don t give a shit! andI thought, Well, I m not standing in his way. So on the night, there were kids in the audience who gave catcallsas Duke walked on stage.He just stood there and he just kind ofsubdued them into silence by his very presence.And he told themwhat he thought, and they gave him a rousing ovation.When I asked Wayne if he remembered what he d said at thatevent, he replied,  I think I can pretty much recall it.I said that auniversity should be a quiet place where people go to learn, not todestroy property that belongs to someone else.I told them thattheir teachers and professors are people they should treat withrespect.I said that getting an education is a privilege, not a right.Itold them,  We are not going to sit by and let you destroy our schoolsand our system. I told them that this was a great university and 21184_ch01.qxd 12/18/03 1:43 PM Page 272272 JOHN WAYNEthey owed it their best.Then I said,  Thank you very much. Well,there were a lot of people in that audience that obviously didn tfeel the same way those who were catcalling did, because I got astanding ovation. As I came off I said to Bob [Hope] who was waiting in the wings, I hope I haven t stole all your thunder, Bob. He said,  The next timeI tell you something s a bad idea, just ignore me. I said,  I alwaysdo, Bob. Anyway, Bob went out there and entertained the audience,and we raised a lot of money. But, you know? I hate to think of our endeavors going to helpstudents who, like me when I was a kid, couldn t afford to attendwithout a scholarship but then they turn out to be the ones who goout and burn the American flag.With John Wayne Westerns continuing to do well, it made senseto do another one, so he made The War Wagon in September 1966.Duke s friend and regular costar Bruce Cabot played a crookedmining contractor who owns an armor-plated war wagon trans-porting half a million dollars worth of gold.Wayne was a manwho wants revenge on Cabot for framing him for a crime he didn tcommit and for stealing his land.Kirk Douglas played agunfighter who teams up with Wayne to rob the war wagon of itsgold.Also in the cast was Robert Walker as a drunken explosivesexpert, Keenan Wynn as the wagon driver, and Howard Keel as anunlikely Indian.Kirk Douglas said of Wayne after his death,  I think he was anartist and a terrific human being.He handled his adversaries withdignity.He was unique. We didn t see eye to eye on a lot of things.I was always aDemocrat; he was a Republican.He liked to end each day byspending time with the crew and socializing.I only ever had dinnerwith him a few times.So we weren t really friends.But when heknew you were right for a part, he d come to you first.He calledme to say he was producing The War Wagon and wanted me to bein it. I had to admire Duke.I didn t realize just how much difficulty hehad with just the one lung until we made The War Wagon.We were 21184_ch01.qxd 12/18/03 1:43 PM Page 273THE VIETCONG SNIPER 273on a plane on our way to Durango, and Duke was having troublebreathing and had to use an oxygen mask. He had trouble breathing on location in Durango and often hadto use his oxygen mask.But he never let his physical problems getin the way of work.He was extremely professional.He d be the firston the set.He d be there looking over special effects and asking whatkind of dynamite they were using.He was interested in every aspectof filming. He was producing the film, and I d produced a lot of my films,and he butted into everything, and I ve done that too, but he beat meat it by a long shot.I mean, he d push directors around and he d say, You re putting the camera there? Jesus, put it here. Now this wasout in the countryside and whichever way you pointed the camerathere was beautiful scenery. Our director Burt Kennedy was very talented.But he was gentle.Wayne was not very gentle all the time, and he was not a verytalented director.And he gave Burt a lot of trouble.I tried to get Burtto stand up to him.I thought of how Otto Preminger had treated TomTryon [on In Harm s Way] where the director bullied the actor.Herewas an actor bullying the director, although Wayne was never asoffensive as Preminger.Burt Kennedy denied that Wayne had bullied him when we spokein 1979.He said,  Duke was producing the film and he feltresponsible for everything that ended up on the screen.I m sure hewould have preferred to have directed it as well because he knewwhat he wanted.But he d tried directing and that hadn t turnedout well for him.So he chose directors he could trust, which is whyhe chose Andy McLaglen a lot of times.I only did a few pictureswith Duke.The War Wagon was the first.I only did one other, TheTrain Robbers.I m not sure if it was me who didn t want to do toomany with him or he didn t want to do too many with me.Maybehe got his own way with Andy [McLaglen] more than he did me.But I wouldn t call him a bully. I would say that it seemed to me that Duke and Kirk respectedeach other but didn t really like each other.They d argue aboutpolitics, and they had such a great rivalry that it produced sparks onthe screen which I used to great effect.When they did the scene 21184_ch01 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]