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.Corel Draw Essentials 2CorelCorel Draw Essentials 2Corel325.00 PLN396.50 bruttoElementy dodatkowe w CorelDRAW Essentials+ Updated versions of Acrobat reader, QuickTime and Canto Cumulus LE (version 5)+ Official Guide PDFs+ QuickTour movie+ Windows XP optimization+ P4 optimization for bitmap resampling (PAINT o­nly)+ Enforced serial# entry+ Simplified save, export, import and open dialog (file I/O)+ Additional templates, new sample files Braki w stosunku do CorelDRAW 9.0- removal of all o­nline menu options (fonts o­nline, effects o­nline, etc)- removal of VBA (incl.editor & VBA Toolbar and type libraries)- tutorials replaced with new HTML based CorelTUTOR- Interactive transparency tool moved to Interactive tool fly-out in toolbar (along with Int.blend, contour, etc)- removal of 3Dmodel and FTP site scrapbook items- removed Overprinted objects view- removed direct access to fixed spot color palettes- Netscape and IE color palettes (replaced by WebSafe)- removal of AutoCAD, Visio, TTF and PFB file filters- removal of placeable PDF filter (INSO PDF import still included)- reduced PDF output capabilities (no job ticketing or OPI related options.), PDF for Prepress Style removed- reduced printing functionality - no separations or prepress options- color management - no separations printer selection available and limited ICC profiles included- remove network install options- prepress marks tool and other related options removed from print preview UI- compatibility tweaks and testing for Windows ME, 2000 & Windows XP- revised o­nline registration capabilities- removal of direct digital camera support (IXLA) - rely o­n TWAIN compliant interfaces o­nlyPRODUCENT: CorelWITRYNA PRODUCENTA: [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]