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.Rarest species in the galaxy has a natural resistance toTannara pheromones.That’s helpful,” Trev said, sarcasm lacing hiswords.Fear still pounded through his veins.“Is it always like that?”“That was actually quite mild,” Yanai said, straightening.Helooked infinitely calmer than Trev felt.“In a crowd, it can be much,much worse.” He shuddered, and Trev realized he had personalexperience in the arena.A quiet horror filled him at that.“Yanai…”“Don’t look at me like that, pet,” Yanai admonished, walking overto the kitchen and opening the refrigeration unit to take out twoglasses of water.“It is simply the reality of being a Tannara.” Hehanded one of the glasses to Trev.“Here.You must hydrate after thatrun.”“Are you okay?” Trev asked.There was an energy that clung toYanai that he just couldn’t place or explain.“I am fine, pet,” Yanai said, irritation creeping into his voice.“Interaction with people frustrates me.I want to be a male you canproudly walk down the street beside, not the cause of your harmbecause you smell like me.” He made a frustrated noise and turnedtoward the hallway that led to his bedroom.“I will be in the bathingunit should you need me.” He paused.“Don’t let Aldn near you again.I worry.”With that he disappeared down the hall, leaving Trev staring afterhim in question.Bound by Desire67Chapter SixYanai sulked.No, it wasn’t a very dignified thing to do, but hewas frustrated and annoyed and there was no appeasing or remedyingthe situation.Therefore, he was going to sit here in water up to hischin, and be angry with the world until he felt better about life.“Watch over him while I bathe,” he commanded his gray men.“Yes, lord.”“Is the Eoean well?”“Bruised but otherwise unharmed.A dunk in the ocean assistedhis reclamation of his facilities.”“Good.Make sure he keeps his distance from my pet.”“Noted, lord.”There was no justice to be had in this situation.If my scent causessuch a reaction when simply resting against my lover’s skin, how is heto have the semblance of normalcy he craves? That was the mostfrustrating facet of all.He’d promised his lover a social life.But hecouldn’t provide one, not so long as they were lovers.Yanai balledhis hands into fists, hating his beauty, hating his irresistible scent, andhating his appealing body.Those things that Trev loved so muchcaused them both aggravation and pain.A soft knock on the door made him raise his head as it came open.He was surprised to see Eric standing there.“Hey,” Eric mumbled,averting his gaze.He couldn’t see anything but the tops of Yanai’sshoulders, but still.It was uncomfortable.“Hello.What do you need, Eric?”The little human shifted from foot to foot.“I wanted to comecheck on you.Trev looked really sad when I asked.I thought I’d pop68Jana Downsdown here and see for myself while the gray men bandage up Aldn.I,uh, didn’t know this was a bathroom.”“I am well.” If he said it enough, perhaps he’d start believing it.“Okay.Well, I guess I’ll see you later.” Eric turned to leave.“Wait,” Yanai called.“I have a question for you.”Eric turned back around.“What?”“If you had a choice, would you prefer a life of freedom or a lifeconfined in a small area with a lover?”Eric shrugged.“I don’t know.I guess it would depend if the loverwas worth it.I mean, if I really loved him or something, then I couldtotally understand and maybe enjoy it.But it would be hard to make adecision like that.Are you sending me away?”“No,” Yanai reassured.“I have yet to make a decision where youare concerned.Have a little patience with me.You’ll have your roomhere for the duration.Ask the gray men for a vid-screen and a tutelageon the use of the technologies around here.”Eric nodded.“Okay.” He paused, shifted.“Can I just ask Trev?Those gray things scare the shit out of me.”Yanai chuckled.He remembered the first time he heard Trev usethat expression.He had more than a little alarmed at the possibility.“No problem.I’m sure he will help you.But do not fear the gray men.They are simply servants of a sort.” Though he supposed they weremore than just simple servants [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]