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.Devlin slowly stood, meeting Trahern s gaze and then D.J. s, knowing they would take the news thehardest. You can stop searching.I know where he is.Lonzo hung up from talking to the police and joined the rest around Devlin s desk, looking evengrimmer.They knew the news wasn t going to be good. That crazy fool decided to play hero! He crossed the barrier to confront Barak s sister himself. Hehad no proof, but it was the only explanation that made sense.  So what do we do now? D.J.asked. We wait.And if he when he crosses back, we make sure he s safe and sound.Then we kick his assup and down the tunnels for being an idiot.I get first crack at him, then the rest of you can take turns.Trahern sheathed his sword. Sounds good to me.If there s anything left of him when we re done, weshould let Laurel have a crack at him for good measure. I want someone watching the barrier where he crossed twenty-four/seven.I ll take the first shift.Therest of you go catch some sleep. I ll go with you, Devlin, D.J.offered. When he crosses back, he may need help.Devlin didn t have the heart to deny D.J.the chance to stand watch for his friend. Fair enough.Trahern, set up a schedule of two-man rotations.The first one should relieve us in six hours. Will do.After leaving Laurel a message on their home phone, Devlin picked up his favorite sword and headedfor the tunnels.He was looking forward to throttling Cullen right after he welcomed him home.It was Cullen s turn to carry Shiri, but Lusahn knew she d have to relieve him soon.Although he dmade good progress in adjusting to the thinner air, he was breathing hard as they swiftly climbed thehillside. Let me take her.She held out her hands to the tired little girl, and Shiri immediately lunged for her.Cullen didn tprotest, a clear sign that he was feeling the effects of the climb. It s not much farther, she promised, directing her comment to include Bavi. Just over that rise isthe entrance to the caves.The promise of an end in sight brought a surge of energy to the boy s steps.Once they were inside andout of sight, she d find a hidden place for the children to rest while she and Cullen took turns standingguard.She paused to look back the way they d come.Had Larem worked his way free of his bonds? Please,gods, let him still be tied up and helpless.With the star already rising to cast its dim light over thelandscape, the neighbors would be stirring.Even if Larem was still tied up, he wouldn t be that wayfor long.And as soon as he got feeling back in his legs and arms, he d run straight for the Guild,screaming for every Sworn Guardian and Blade to join him in the hunt.She shivered.By the gods, what a tangled mess her life had become! Only days ago, she knew who her friends wereand who the enemy was.Now her friends wanted to kill her and her enemy had become her lover, hisworld her sanctuary.If they lived long enough to cross the barrier.Life in a new world the whole idea terrified her.She drew comfort from knowing that Barak hadmanaged to build a life there.Her feelings about her brother were still mixed.Barak had been her hero when she was growing up,making the pain of his desertion so much worse.Her reasons for hating him had been good ones, butnow she was going to need his help to redefine who and what she was.Instead of holding a positionof authority and honor, she and her children would be refugees with no roots, no identity.Her thoughts were as dark as her world had become.Was this what it had been like for Barak? Somuch darkness that even certain death had been welcome? He must have felt so alone.Shiri stirred in her arms, reminding Lusahn that she was not alone.She had this trusting little girl, hermuch more cautious older brother, and she had Cullen.She turned her head, needing a glimpse of hisface.When his dark eyes met hers, he smiled, and his warmth had its usual impact on her.There was strength in that face, and honor in his soul.This man alone, of all those she d ever met, made her feelcomplete.No matter where their path led them, they would walk it together.With renewed resolve,she marched up the hillside.Cullen stepped up beside Bavi.The young Kalith had been grimly silent since leaving Lusahn shouse.He had to be scared, but he was doing his best not to show it.Maybe talking would helpdistract him. Bavi, I am eager to show you my world.Bavi took several more steps before speaking. What is it like, this place where we go? He shiftedthe pack on his thin shoulders. The colors alone will amaze you.The people there wear whatever colors they want, and the humansthemselves have different colors of hair and skin.Bavi s eyes narrowed, clearly not buying Cullen s story. That cannot be. I swear it is true.The trees are tall and very green, there is a large body of water called Puget Soundon one side of my city, and there are mountains to the east and west.Bavi gave him an unconvincing nod, and Cullen wasn t sure how much he d understood.Aware thatLusahn was also listening intently, Cullen continued,  I have a house with big rooms and lots ofwindows to let in the light [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]