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.He was just going to have to be careful and keep his thoughts in check, andhe definitely had to stop acting like he had something to hide.Feeling like a fool, he reached over and gripped Adam s hand again, trying toshow that he was still okay with this.Adam gripped his hand back, a look of reliefpassing over his face, but his eyes held more than a hint of steely determinationthat Luke had spotted once before, and Luke had a funny feeling that Adamwouldn t have easily let him walk away. Those first images you got, what did you see? he asked now, determined tomake this work, to do what he could for Adam, to at least stop fucking worryingabout what other people thought of him.Yeah, like that was going to happen.Adam shrugged one shoulder and turned his head to the side. I don t reallyremember, he said.Luke was beginning to identify the movement.Adam was upset oversomething.And he was also lying.No blind man getting an image like that would belikely to forget what he d seen. What did you see, Adam? he asked again, worriednow that Adam had seen a glimpse of the fire.Adam turned back to face him. I can t live up to your expectations, Luke.I mnot as good as you think I am. Expectations? I m not expecting anything from you.What expectations?What was Adam going on about?Adam bit his bottom lip, then sighed. You sent me a lot of images, but of themall, four things stood out.They were the most graphic, the most detailed. And?Adam hesitated, then seemed to come to a decision. You sent me an image of ayellow car, a green field, and a red sunset.The last& the last was of you and me,making love. And what s wrong with that? You put angel wings on my back, Adam said, his voice not quite even. Oh. Luke didn t remember, but it kind of seemed an odd thing to do. Is that how you see me? Adam asked, a faint frown between his eyes. As an angel? Luke grinned and had to stop the urge to laugh out loud. No, Ido not see you as an angel.A horny devil, more like. He d never known anyone tohave an appetite for sex the way Adam did. Then why the hell give me wings? I don t remember doing it, but I suppose it was because I d been fantasizingabout you for days.You were kind of off-limits.I never in a million years thought I dever have a chance to be with you. Why not? Adam s frown deepened. 72 Penny BrandonLuke stared at him, not quite sure what to say.He d never opened up toanyone the way he d already done with Adam, but maybe Adam deserved to knowthe truth, or at least some of it. Because I knew I wasn t good enough for you. Not good enough! Are you serious? Where on earth would you get an absurdidea like that? Adam s fingers had tightened on Luke s, and his mouth had turnedinto an angry line. Come on, Adam, you ve done so much with your life.You earned a degree,have a job.I ve done nothing, got nothing. Luke knew he sounded pathetic, but hewas honest with himself; he knew his life didn t amount to much. You re a mechanic.That took years of training, dedication.You can t sayyou ve done nothing. I m not fully qualified.I didn t finish my apprenticeship. That doesn t mean you re not going to.You just need to find someone who willtake you on. With a criminal record?The sentence hung between them, and though Luke had tried not to soundbitter, he knew Adam could easily detect it in his tone.He tried to pull his hand freeof Adam s grip, but Adam wouldn t let go. You have to believe in yourself, Luke, because no one else will if you don t. What have I got to believe in that s good? God, this conversation was goingdown well! Stop putting yourself down, Luke.Look what you re doing for me. But that s not much, is it? Not much? Luke, you re giving me the chance to see things I ve never seenbefore.You re allowing me to touch you, talk to you, make love to you, and believeme, from a blind virgin s perspective, that s a lot. I guess so.Adam twisted his fingers in Luke s. Luke, you re going to change my life,make it richer, fuller, fun.Is that not enough, or don t I matter? Fuck, of course you do!Adam smiled, his eyes lighting up. Well, then.Luke couldn t help but smile back it was difficult not to when around Adam. You re a nice person, Adam.You know that?Adam pulled on his hand. Can anyone see us?Luke glanced around. No, why? Lean over here and kiss me.The half request, half command started Luke s stomach rolling.God, Adamwas sexy when he looked like that, in control and knowing what he wanted.Unableto deny him and wanting a kiss for himself, he leaned over the table and cuppedAdam s cheek.He didn t linger, because there was a good possibility someone could Blind Passion 73walk by and see them, but he still opened his mouth and joined his tongue withAdam s before moving away. Feel better now? Adam asked. Yeah.Thanks. And for the record, I fantasized about you from the first moment we met.I dnever been attracted to anyone before, and it really took every ounce of self-controlnot to pounce on you every time you walked through the door.Luke couldn t help it.Adam s words evoked an image of him being set upon,Adam s big golden body pinning him to the floor and thrusting into him, slowly atfirst, then faster until he shattered in an orgasm so powerful it blew his mind.Adam s fingers tightening painfully on his drew Luke s attention back to theman he was fantasizing about.Adam looked shocked, but there was a rigid set tohis body that could only mean one thing Adam was turned on.Luke grinned anddidn t apologize.If Adam wanted to start putting scenarios in his head, it wasn t hisfault if Adam got them back in graphic detail. You re cruel, Adam told him. You started it, Luke defended. I meant for bringing me here.I could have you in my bed right now, doingthat to you.Luke shivered as his previous vision morphed from the floor to a bed.Adamlaughed and released his hand. If you keep that up, neither of us are going to make it through lunch.It was a good thing Adam had let go of his hand, because right then heimagined them on the table, Adam on his back and Luke riding him.Oh, God, hewas turning into a sex maniac.Trying to focus his thoughts on something else, hewas surprised when Adam pressed a leg against his. If you keep that up, we re not going to make it through the next couple ofminutes, Luke warned him, though he pressed back up against Adam s leg, slidinghis own between Adam s thighs.Adam chuckled, and Luke grinned, completely relaxing as the empathy they dlost earlier returned in full force. I like you like this, he said impulsively. Like what? Happy.Adam s smile was full and bright.It made Luke s heart squeeze, and at thatmoment, Luke wished he could make Adam happy all the time.But there was noway to do that.No way at all.Luke picked up his drink just as the buzzer went off to announce their lunchwas ready.He d almost forgotten about it.At Adam s quizzical frown, Luke stoodup. 74 Penny Brandon Our food is ready.I ll go and get it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]