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.Poster child for why you should always wear ajohnny.They ain't even bothered I'm back, all they're bothered with's how much moneyand fame they're getting out the fucking Sun for giving them interviews about what it'slike having their precious baby home.I was like yeah, right, like I'm telling anybody I'mhappy I'm home and they went off on one about how much of a fucking selfish cunt I am.I mean, don't mind me, ain't like I've been kidnapped or nothing-""Well, actually.""Shut up, shut up, I know I weren't really, that ain't the point, is it? They don'tknow, that ain't even the fucking point, they think I was and they still don't fucking care.Iain't surprised, they never cared, they always hated me.Bet they were glad I was gone, they thought I was dead and they were getting famous off it and they fucking loved it,and then I went and fucked that all up and it weren't no happy-to-see-you're-alive ornothing, they're just like, well, yeah, we ain't got our five million back yet but smallchange, eh? We've still got fifteen million, five's worth it for getting in the papers and onfucking Richard and Judy again, and, oh, yeah, by the way, you're a selfish fucking littleprick and you better play along for the papers or else.""Or else what?""Come on.My dad's a fucking East End thug, what do you think? When hethrows a punch you know about it.You think noses grow this shape on their own? Heain't even got a drink problem or nothing, he's just a bastard all of his own volition, andmy mum ain't no better, nasty fucking cow.Only reason they ain't divorced yet's costhey're both fucking terrified the other one's gonna get a better deal on all the money, Ibet.""Will you calm down?"Valentine's thrumming like a plucked guitar string when Lindsay reaches for him.He takes the bottle and carton out of the kid's hands and puts them on the coffee table,and holds him by the arms to stop him pacing about."Why would they pay up in the first place, if they hate you so much? They nevereven went to the police or anything, they did exactly what we told them.""Yeah, cos they knew it'd be a well good story! The police might've helped get meback, they never wanted that.""But-""Shut up.I hate them.Fuck the plan, it's a fucking stupid idea.I ain't going back.Why ain't you kissed me yet, do you hate me an' all?"Lindsay doesn't get a chance to answer  he opens his mouth to speak and findsan extra tongue in it, the kid's already launched himself at him, so he doesn't bothertrying, he just wraps his arms around Valentine's skinny body and tries to hold himtightly enough to stop him shaking.It works, just about, but then the kid's mutteringsomething about needing more vodka, so he lets him free and goes to sit on the sofa, justwatching him drink."You look like a girl today," he says."You think?" Valentine laughs a bit, but he doesn't sound amused.He puts thevodka and juice back down."S'pose I do.I amp it up when I'm round my dad, it fuckshim off something rotten.Anything I can do to make him miserable, you know? Fuckingcunt.I'll get changed if you want.""No, it's okay.Just."The kid's close enough for Lindsay to be able to slip a couple of fingers through abeltloop and pull him to stand between his legs.He smiles when Lindsay starts workingon his jeans button, and just stands there submissively, letting him at it, stroking the backof his head like a cat."Just get rid of it, yeah?""Yes.I mean, wear what you like, I really don't care, but I'd like it best right nowif you weren't wearing anything."It doesn't quite get to that stage.Valentine loses his jeans and boots and races tothe downstairs bathroom in record time to fetch lube, then Lindsay's trousers are roundhis ankles, there's some cursory preparation, and Valentine's batting his hands away and sliding down on his cock, making pathetic whingey little, "Ow, ow, ow," noises becausehe's too impatient to take his time.He rests there for a minute, fingers cramped inLindsay's shirt, and begins to move.It's all sloppy kisses and erratic, delicious thrusting,until suddenly: "Let's kill them," Valentine says.He's whispering like it's a secret on a crowded train, like it's not just the two ofthem.Lindsay wants to say you're crazy or you're joking, but whether the kid's crazy ornot it's clear he isn't joking."Don't stop," he says.He means don't stop moving, but he lets the kid run hismouth off at the same time, just as long as it doesn't interfere with the shift of his hips, hisfingers pulling the back of Lindsay's hair, the wet slide of heat on his bare cock."I was thinking it all the way driving here, I never even put music on, I worked itall out." Lindsay puts his hands on the kid's waist and he takes the guidance withoutseeming to realise, rocking against Lindsay to the pace he sets.Lindsay drops his head back against the sofa cushion, he needs to breathe, butValentine just leans in with him, pushing his face into his neck for snuffly kisses, bitingand licking and punctuating what he's saying with tiny humming gasps."You've got a branch in London, yeah?""What? Christ, keep going, that's  fuck.""Your company's got a branch in London.So what we do, we kill my parents,then their house is mine, right? I'll come to you to sell it off.That's how we meet, me andyou.Strangers doing business, we ain't never met before, and  you can get involved anytime you like, you know," he says, winding a couple of fingers in Lindsay's hair andtugging like an admonition."Ow.I'm involved!" He pinches him at the hips to demonstrate."Bit difficult,you're kind of in charge here, but please believe you've got my attention.""I mean in the plan.""What? Jesus.I can't think.Can we plan after?""We're planning now." He bumps his nose against Lindsay's, laughs a little bit,angles differently to kiss him.It's forceful, clicking teeth and lots of tongue.Lindsaymakes a noise he hopes isn't a whimper.As a sort of payback he grabs Valentine by thechin and forces him away, and covers his mouth until he gets the message and beginslicking his palm in long, wet swipes."Okay," he says, as he wraps his slick fingers around the kid's cock and begins tostroke him."Continue."Valentine braces himself against the back of the sofa and raises up and sinks backdown, slow and deliberate."My dad used to belt me when I acted up, right, til I told him I get off on it just tosee if he'd get freaked out and pack it in, cos that's like almost-rape or something, innit? Ifyou make it about sex.So then he broke my nose instead.That was the first time he did it,think I was fourteen.And, here, look." He unwinds his hand from Lindsay's hair andholds it up in front of his face.His forefinger bends outwards slightly from the middleknuckle [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]