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.Theresa sat quietly while Alan told his story, letting him tell it athis own pace and not interrupting, her questions could wait.When hewas done she wrapped her arms around him and held him, notknowing what else to do. I m sorry I never told you this before.While I ve been with you,I haven t thought about Val or the baby much.You are the only thingon my mind these days.Thank you for listening. He leaned downand rested his forehead on hers, tears still in his eyes. Thank you for telling me.I know that must have been hard totalk about.I m so sorry you had to go through that.I know it stillmust hurt to talk or think about it, she told him and weaved one handin his hair at the back of his head, reaching up to touch his lips withhers. It felt good to tell you, I think it helped to get it off my chest.Pam was right, Val would be happy I found you.She would haveliked you.You are a totally different person than she was.I thinkshe s happy for us. He smiled at her and brushed her lips with his.Theresa relaxed back into his arms, content to let him hold her andjust lie there for a while.Alan was also content to just sit and hold Theresa, not ready tomove and he didn t really feel a need to talk more.The sat that way for a while, then Alan took Theresa to bed andmade gentle love to her, waking her several times during the night,not able to get enough of her. Club de Fleurs 3: Theresa 119Chapter Twenty-SevenTheresa worked at the Club the next three nights and while shewas there Alan tended bar, giving Craig the night off or working withhim.On her third night at work, the alarm company called Alan.Someone was trying to break into the house.Alan and Theresa rushed to the house only to find the cops therewith Joe.Taking Theresa by the hand, Alan led her up to the police car,where they already had Joe in custody. This is Ms.Gomez and this is her home, officer.Can you tell uswhat s going on? Alan spoke with the officers. We got notification from the alarm company that there was adisturbance here and we found this man trying to break in the house.He had gasoline and matches and we assume he was attempting tostart a fire, the officer explained. If the house burns, I get the insurance money, right? Joe lookedso pitiful that Theresa almost felt sorry for him, almost. No, Joe, everything is in my name.You don t get anything, shetold him quietly. I d be better off in jail, huh? Joe just sounded pathetic.Shaking her head, Theresa walked away, glad that Joe had beencaught before anything had happened.Maybe he could get the help heneeded now. 120 Rose NickolChapter Twenty-EightAlan had bought the ring while Theresa was shopping withRachel, but hadn t given it to her yet, wanting to make it special.Hedidn t want to give it to her on a night she was working.He planned a nice dinner and decided to take her out and give it toher on her next night off.He was getting impatient to see it on herfinger.Wednesday was Theresa s night off and Alan couldn t wait.Theyboth dressed up for dinner, him in a suit and Theresa in a short blackcocktail dress.Alan had made reservations and they were going downtown for a nice dinner.Lifting her up in the truck, he couldn t resist kissing her. I loveyou so much, he whispered into her hair, then closed the door andgot in the truck himself.He drove to the restaurant and escorted her in.Their table wasnear the back, in a quiet corner, and Alan ordered for both of them.They both enjoyed their meal and everything was going well.At the end of the meal, Alan pulled two boxes out of his jacket.One was a small ring box, and the other was longer, like a bracelet ornecklace.Handing her the long box first, he held her hands and said,  Thisis a collar.I want you to wear it and be my sub.If you agree we willhave a collaring ceremony at the Club, but I couldn t wait to give it toyou.Theresa, will you wear my collar as a symbol of my dominanceand your submission? he asked, gazing into her eyes. Yes Sir, I want that very much.I will be your sub if you will bemy master and teach me all I need to know, she answered with tears Club de Fleurs 3: Theresa 121in her eyes.She opened the box and inside was a thin chain of threegold strands braided together with a heart in the front.On the heartwas the word  Mine and the back said  Forever. It s beautiful, Sir, thank you.I ll treasure it always.Alan could have gotten Theresa a fancier collar, but he knew fromwhen they were looking online that she liked the plainer jewelry anddidn t want anything too ostentatious.He took the smaller box and taking a knee looked up into her face,opening the box, he presented it to her with the words,  Theresa, willyou marry me and be my wife? Will you live your life with me andhave my children? In return I pledge to be there for you always andfulfill all your needs.Please say yes.Theresa was overwhelmed.She and Alan had been talking aboutmarriage, but she hadn t expected the collar yet.She was still verynew in the lifestyle and had a lot to learn.With tears in her eyes, shelooked at him and answered,  Yes, I ll marry you and be your sub,Sir.Please be patient with me, I love you. Wrapping her arms aroundhim, she brushed his lips with hers, gently kissing him until he tookover.Alan ordered a bottle of champagne and dessert for them, and thenhe took Theresa home.They had a lot of plans to make and a future tolook forward to. 122 Rose NickolEpilogueSix months laterTheresa and Alan were very happy.They decided to put the houseup for sale and build something of their own.They wanted a place tomake their own memories and raise a family.The house held manygood memories but Theresa was afraid as long as she owned it Joewould be back.Time to get on with her life.Besides, it wouldn t belong before they needed more room [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]