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. Yes, and unless you would like the clamps back on, I suggestyou sit down and eat your dinner, Kurt said pleasantly& toopleasantly. But I thought, you&  Tina knew somewhere inside that sheshould shut up and sit down, but couldn t get her brain to cooperate. Club de Fleurs 5: Tina's Twins 109 Fine, whatever, Tina finally said as she stomped her way to thetable.Kevin had an amused look on his face and nodded to Kurt.Kurt simply stood up, walked over to Tina, and held out his hand.When she sat with her arms crossed over her breast and pouted, hecleared his throat and looked at his hand.Tina sat for a minute, then looked up and rolling her eyes, took hishand.Kurt led her back to where he had been sitting and Kevin left theroom, heading up the stairs.Kurt sat down and pulled her onto his lap.He bent down and tookone nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking the poor little nub. Oh, baby, I wish you hadn t decided to be mouthy tonight, you knowwhat I have to do. But& I& yes, Sir, Tina said, sniffling.Her mouth got her bodyin so much trouble.Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a pair of nipple clamps andbent his head back to her breast.Kevin had returned from upstairs andknelt down and took the other breast in his mouth.When they had hernipples hard and distended, they each took a clip and applied them. Wait a minute, you had clamps in your pocket? What s up withthat shit? Oh why couldn t she learn to shut up? She was going to beso sorry. Yes, baby, I had clamps, I knew my baby wouldn t behave forlong and you have proven me right.Now, the clamps are not as tightas last night, but probably feel worse because you re so tender today.Be good and we ll take them off after dinner, be mouthy and they llstay on longer, Kurt told her before he took her mouth in a scorchingkiss.Kurt let her mouth go and suddenly flipped her over so that shewas lying face down across his lap. Now wait a minute, aren t the clamps enough? I don t need aspanking too.Come on be fair. Oh she was so going to get it now. 110 Rose NickolShe knew better than to say anything besides thank you, why the helldid she keep opening her mouth? Oh, angel, all we were going to do was put a plug in you, butnow I think you ll get ten and the clamps will stay on until we decideto take them off, Kevin told her as he rubbed her ass. Hey, man we need to get on with this, if we re going to eatbefore it gets cold.I didn t plan on all this before dinner, Kurt saidwith an emphasis on the word before. Five each? Kevin asked. Sounds good, man. And Kurt laid one on her.She reared up with a screech, but quickly lay back down.She hadbrought this on herself.Each man gave her five hard smacks, thenKevin lubed up the plug and inserted it.Flipping her back over, Kurtstood her up, and they all quickly washed their hands at the kitchensink before sitting back down to eat.Tina went back to her original stair, but before she could sit down,Kurt pulled her back into his lap. You ll eat with me tonight.I ll feedyou. But& yes, Sir. There really wasn t any point arguing.It wouldjust get her in more trouble, and she had a feeling that she was in deepenough as it was.Dinner was more fun than Tina thought it was going to be.BothKurt and Kevin took turns feeding her and they purposely droppedthings so that they could eat them off her body.By the end of themeal she was more aroused than she ever had been in her life.Shedidn t even notice the clamps and the plug anymore.Kurt carried her out to the hot tub, leaving Kevin to clean up. Ishould help him, she protested, and got smacked on the pussy for hertroubles. Quiet, unless one of us gives you permission to talk.We weregoing to have fun, but now we have to have a little punishment foryour behavior in the shower first. He told her seriously. Club de Fleurs 5: Tina's Twins 111Tina pouted, but wisely kept her thoughts to herself.She d beenmouthy enough for the time being.She knew she was going to pay.Kurt crawled in the hot tub and took her in with him.Sittingdown, he sat her between his legs and lifted both of her knees over histhighs.Reaching between her spread legs, he drifted one fingerthrough her slit, rimming the plug and dipping inside her pussy. Oh&.please, she moaned.Leaning down he bit her earlobe and said,  Don t come.You arenot allowed to come. Then he pushed his finger in further, moving itround in a circle.Wrapping one arm around her waist, he kept moving his otherhand through her folds, barely applying enough pressure, so that shekept pushing herself into him.Kurt slowly kept playing, trailing his fingers up and down her slitand rubbing her clit.Tina s pelvis was jerking up and down and she was making thecutest little sounds.Tina wasn t aware when, but sometime Kevin had joined themand he was sitting in front of her and had pulled her legs over his,reclining her back further against Kurt.Kurt moved his hand and Kevin took his place, holding her openwith one hand and using the other to trail his fingers up and down herslit.Tina was moaning and writhing and begging,  oh please, please,let me come, please I can t hold it much longer, please, I ll be good. Yes, baby, you say that now, because you want to come.But justlast night you were in a position similar to this and saying the samethings, then today the minute we left you alone, you took care ofyourself with no regard for us.How do you think that made us feel?Kurt said in her ear as he cupped her breasts, squeezing them androlling them in his fingers.Tina was so close, she just moaned and thrust her pelvis faster. Please, please, I ll be good [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]