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. My nieces and nephews are possessed.I swore to you the last time you came home with me that I d never put you through that again.I can t resist grinning. Want me to wait around for you before I head over to the bar tonight?She bobs her head a little too enthusiastically. I m hoping it ll be sooner rather than later, butyou know how my folks are. Her brother honks his horn, and she rolls her eyes. Ugh, see you later.She waves her arm dramatically to Wyatt and Cal to signal that she s leaving, and I watch as herbrother s sports car speeds away.Heidi can complain all she wants about her family, but I knowbetter than anyone how much she adores them.Seeing them will be good for her.Since Wyatt and Cal have a few things to take care of with the Hazard Anthem guys, I stay in ourroom after we check-in.The moment that he leaves, promising me that he ll be back as soon aspossible, I adjust the thermostat back to a normal temperature.I don t plan to fall asleep when I liedown to watch a marathon of The Walking Dead, but it s pretty much inevitable.The sound of Wyattreturning to the room gets me up, and I flick my eyes to the clock by the bed to see that it s 8:37 PM.Yawning, I sit up and swing my legs off the side of the bed. Didn t realize it was so late. Ismooth a bunch of stray pieces of my short hair behind my ear. Do I have time to get ready?He nods. I ve been calling you, he says, sitting down in the armchair across the room. We goon in a little over an hour.I grab my phone from the nightstand and release a groan when I realize it s dead.Since it suseless, I throw it down on the bed. The battery in that thing sucks. If Wyatt s been trying to get intouch with me, chances are Heidi has, too.I rub my hand over my face in frustration. Hey, you don thappen to have Heidi s number saved to your phone, do you?He shakes his head but pulls out his cell, scrolling through his contacts. Nope, but Cal does.He s having drinks with Nate and Ben, but he ll answer. He presses the send button and tosses thephone to me.I reach up, catching it easily with my right hand. Be right back, he says, disappearinginto the bathroom.Just as Wyatt promised, Cal answers on the eighth ring.After he teases me about not knowing mybest friend s number, he promises to text it to me as soon as we hang up.A moment after I hit the endbutton, the message comes through. Impressive, Cal, I say, opening the text.It takes me approximately five seconds to figure out that the string of messages I m staring downat isn t from Cal, but even though I jab the home button quickly, the last three texts between Terra andWyatt have dug their way into my head.6:29 PM: You don t even want to know the room # in case you change your mind?6:48 PM: I won t, so lets not waste our time.I told you the other night that it was one time.Fucking drop it.7:01 PM: You know what? Go fuck yourself, Wyatt.I hear the bathroom door ease together and he s talking about Your Toxic Sequel s summer tour ashe rounds the corner.My face must say it all because the moment he looks at me, his words fadeaway, and the color drains from his naturally tan face.Struggling to keep my breath steady, I glance into his eyes.And I repeat the question I asked him a couple nights ago.The question that I mabsolutely certain he answered with a flat out lie. Did you screw Terra? CHAPTER SIXTEENHe lowers his dark blue eyes to the phone that s lying on the bed just as another text comesthrough.I know that this time, it s probably Cal messaging me with Heidi s number, but right nowthat s the furthest thing from my mind. Did you lie to me? I ask, coming to my feet.I take a tentative step toward him and then another,feeling my heart race faster and faster with each movement.Once my bare toes hit the toe of Wyatt sboot, I straighten my back. Did you fuck Terra?Drawing his eyebrows together, he pinches his bottom lip.I never let my gaze fall, even though Iwant to.At last he swallows hard, giving me a brisk nod. Yeah, I did.I feel like something collides into my chest, and I rub my forearm back and forth over the center,hoping it will lessen the pain.It doesn t. And you ve done it again since we came here? Since youand I ve been together like this.Sucking in his upper lip, he shakes his head vigorously. Absolutely not. Then why not just tell me when I asked? Why make it a big secret? Because you said her name My nostrils flare, and I hold up my hand. Like what? Like I wanted to choke her? Who gives adamn how I said her name.All I wanted is for you to tell me the truth, to be straight with me.I canhandle everything else, Wyatt. My shoulders begin to shake, and I drop my gaze to my bare feet. When? I ask. What? he asks, his deep voice breaking. When did you do it? Kylie, please. He holds out his hands, like he wants to touch me, but I shove them away.Iignore the dull pain in my ring finger as I wait for him to answer me.When I release a sob, heexhales. Why would you want to put yourself through that? Why does it even matter now?Of course he doesn t understand.Maybe he never will.I take a few steps backward. Because.You.Lied.He drags his hand over his face and releases a strangled noise from the back of his throat [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]